5 PowerPoint Template Tips and Tricks

5 PowerPoint Template Tips and Tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to for most individuals that need to give a presentation for work, business, or study, and it comes with a great set of convenient tools such as templates that can make your life easier. 

However, using one of the most common templates without any additional changes can do you more harm than good when you’re creating a winning presentation and wanting to express your individuality. Here are a few template tips and tricks that can help create a more memorable slideshow. 

1. Go Beyond The Mundane 

Since PowerPoint itself has a limited number of built-in templates that are openly available to everyone, you need to look outside the box at new themes, new color combinations, and new design additions. 

Purchase slide decks from professional creative designers or from websites that sell authentic creative PowerPoint templates for different uses. You can even find slide decks that have been tailored to specific purposes such as business meetings, lectures, or sales presentations. 

To have an impressive, visually appealing template to work with, you’re going to need to take customization seriously. 

2. Shapes Are An Underrated Design Element

Shapes Are An Underrated Design Element

You may have been told that you need a lot of multimedia elements to make your presentation interesting but simply incorporating shapes sensibly can make a huge difference. Use shapes especially more elaborate ones like hexagons or octagons to illustrate new concepts and ideas as they pop into your presentation. 

Simply using shapes (that now PowerPoint has a great selection of) can upgrade your slide deck like nothing else. You can then go on to change colors within your shapes or even have designated colors and shapes for themes that may be recurring within your talk or presentation. 

3. Using Color For Reference & Effect

Presentations are about being bold and expressing your personal sense of style or of the brand you are referencing. If you are selling a new product idea or changing the branding or talking about a subject that has its own theme and style, there is no better way to make that a part of your presentation than by using specialized custom color PowerPoint templates

Opt for bright colors like blue or orange or even neon as long as they suit the theme and branding of what you are talking about. A larger, custom font can also speak volumes about your passion for any project. 

4. Infographics Make Templates Alluring 

Infographics Make Templates Alluring

Infographics whether they are 3D icons, doodles, little animations, illustrations, graphics, or even vectors all make it easier for the audience to understand your ideas. 

Visual stimuli are always more instantly effective than written text so never be afraid to add those elements wherever appropriate in your PowerPoint presentation. You can even make your whole slide simply feature the infographic and little else! 

5. Keep It Modern

Many slide decks that you can purchase online have year-specific templates so whether it is business, creative design, or any other field of work, you can buy templates that are trendy and modern. 

Using themes like space, neon colors, vintage design accents or any other theme can show you are keeping with the times and have a modern outlook to your presentation

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