Unique Infographic Template

Try These Easy Ways To Make a Unique Infographic Template

Unique Infographic Template

They’re everywhere. Infographics are popping up in blogs, ezines, and other digital publications these days. Everyone wants them to share their content, but many times it’s hard to get your hands on infographic templates that allow you to incorporate the information into an eye-catching graphic visual. If you can’t find what you need or don’t have the time to put one together, you can use some easy ways to make a unique infographic template.

What Are Infographics?

What Are Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They deliver valuable facts in an aesthetically appealing way that allows the viewer to learn something new without hunting for the info. Some of the most common types of infographics are what is known as “charts” or graphics that depict how something works, such as a pie chart that shows what people think about an issue versus another group’s thoughts on the same problem. Other common examples include diagrams, icons, maps, flow charts, mind maps, timelines, and organizational charts.

How To Make Your Own Infographic Template

Here are some easy ways to make your own free infographic template:

Start With an Infographic PowerPoint Template

The best way to create an infographic template is with the free Venngage free infographic maker ( free infographics ). There are hundreds of free templates already started, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Plus, there’s no need to do any complicated design work yourself. All you have to do is upload your data, and the free infographic maker will sort it out for you.

The free Venngage free infographic maker ( free infographics ) allows you to customize the template to fit the topic of your choice. Just click on “Style” under any free infographic template, then click on “Edit text” or “Edit images.” You can also click on “Add new text” or “Add new image” to add your own content.

Upload Data To An Infographic Template PowerPoint

The Venngage free infographic maker will sort out the data for you, but nothing stops you from uploading your own infographic template if you want a little more control. If you don’t want to use one of their pre-made templates, you can upload your own template instead.

Add A Custom Infographics Sample

You can upload your own infographic template, or you can use one of the pre-made templates that Venngage gives you for free. There’s no limit to the number of free infographics you can create – keep in mind that there is a watermark on all free infographics. There are also premium templates that you can buy using credits.

For example, Venngage offers several pre-made infographic templates on their website, ranging from wedding planning checklists to hotel review scorecards. You can download as many as you want for free, then customize them to fit the topic of your choice.

Use Google Images As Inspiration For Your Infographic Template

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to create a unique infographic template, try looking at what others have already made. You can do this easily with Google Images ( google.com/imghp ). Just type in a keyword or phrase that sums up your topic, then enter. Google Images will show you other visual representations of the same issue from other websites and blogs.

As you’re browsing through Google images, pay attention to the styles that catch your eye the most. The more infographics you look at, the easier it will be to develop an idea for your own design. You can also check out sites like Pinterest ( pinterest.com ), known for their creative designs and images.

Choose a Simple and Free Downloadable Infographic Templates

When creating an infographic template, it’s easy to get carried away with the design and lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve. You’ll want something professional, but it doesn’t have to be over the top. If your infographic is busy, people will find it confusing (and likely ignore it) so keep it simple.

Use Infographic Layouts That are Easy to Make

One of the most important things in creating an infographic template is user-friendliness, and this means you want something easy to make changes with. You don’t want to be stuck in a design rut because you’re too limited in what you can do.

Start With A Blank Timeline Infographic Template

You can also just start with a blank infographic template, which is available under “Style.” There are thousands of these types of templates already made, so it’s easy to create something unique. Once you have the Venngage free infographic maker open in front of you, create your own graphic by clicking on the pre-loaded shapes. Then click on the free Venngage free infographic maker ( free infographics ) “Edit text” or “Edit images” to edit that element with your own information.

Just keep in mind that free infographic templates are usually public domain, so they may have already been used by someone else. If you want to create a unique infographic template that’s free of any copyright issues, go with a blank template or create your own free Venngage free infographic maker ( free infographics ).



Infographic templates can be a great visual way to share information, but they’re challenging to make on your own. If you need help creating a unique infographic template or have trouble using an infographic maker, Venngage is here for you!

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