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Wix Logo Maker Review

Wix has spent over a decade making it possible for businesses to create their own aesthetically pleasing, functional, and professional websites. Now, the website building platform has provided businesses with another cost-effective tool that allows them to create an attractive and professional logo within minutes.

Called the Wix Logo Maker, this innovative tool uses AI (artificial intelligence) to help you create and edit a logo you can use as part of the branding of your business. The tool is quick, easy-to-use, and costs a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional graphic designer.

This honest, unbiased review will take a closer look at the Wix Logo maker and give you the lowdown on what you can expect. We look at the pricing, the design process, and everything else you need to know about this simple yet effective logo design tool.

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

Wix offers some of the lowest prices when compared to similar logo design software. Like the Wix website builder, you can even take advantage of a free version. However, the logo file you get on the free version is in a low resolution, so not ideal for any serious business start-up. We suggest you use the free version just to get a feel of the logo designing software. If you create something to your satisfaction, you can purchase one of two purchase plans.

The basic plan gives you 8 high-quality PNG files in a variety of different colors. This is fine for a business website and a few other uses. However, if you plan on using your logo on social media platforms, you will want the vector (SVG) files offered via the $50 advanced plan.

Remember, this is a one-off price for the logo you created using the Wix Logo Maker and not a subscription. Plus, you can find further value by purchasing plans which combine a Wix website and the logo.

Terms of the Contract

When purchasing a logo, there is no contract, and this is why so many people and businesses love using the Wix Logo Maker tool. The only time you will need to consider a contract is when you want a website alongside the logo you have designed. Otherwise, all you need to do is design your logo and select the one-off payment price you want to pay.

Just make sure the design you created is satisfactory to you. There is no refund policy when using the logo maker. This is understandable considering the digital nature of the goods you purchased. Providing refunds would give unscrupulous people the opportunity to create a logo, keep the files, and then claim a full refund.

The Design Process

Let’s be clear; the Wix Logo Maker will not deliver the editing capabilities of professional design and editing software such as Photoshop. Instead, this tool takes away the complexities of logo creation. The key selling point of this AI-powered tool is how quickly and effectively it can help you create amazing-looking logos. All for an affordable fee that many competitors find difficult to get close to.

It is this simple, quick, and effective design process that appeals to many looking for a quick but professional solution to logo design. Few logo tools can deliver a great-looking logo in a matter of minutes. Of those that can, none can match the quality or pricing of what the Wix Logo Maker provides.

In the same way that Wix makes the design and creation of a website easy, the Logo Maker applies the same principles to logo creation. Once you have created an account, the AI aspect kicks in straight from the start. It asks for your brand name and the industry it is for before asking you to select certain tags and design examples. 

Using the information you provided, the AI then provides numerous results for you to choose from. Once you have found a logo to your liking, you can customize it further by adding a tagline, changing the colors and shape, and more. At any stage of the design process, you can go back to the beginning and start again.

The Final Verdict


If you need a business logo quickly and at an affordable price, the Wix Logo Maker is one of your best options. Starting a new business is not always cheap as there are lots of costs and overheads to consider. Via the Wix website builder and now the Wix Logo Maker, you can significantly reduce those costs. 

For example, if you wanted to start a profitable eCommerce website and design a brand logo, typically, this would cost a substantial amount of money. Building a website from scratch is not cheap, and hiring a graphic designer to create a logo will cost some too. With Wix, you can have both at a fraction of the cost.

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