Fotor Online Photo Editor Review

Fotor Online Photo Editor Review


  • Easy online image editing, on mobile, and desktop versions.
  • Intelligent filters and effects.
  • A smooth collage maker.
  • 10,000+ design templates
  • RAW file converter.
  • Fotor social share option 


  • Lots of ads in mobile and web apps
  • Cannot do a deep image retouching
  • Not as a feature-filled tool like Lightroom.
  • Not suitable for creating an image from scratch.

We have been anxious to review a photo editor software, and we got our hands on Fotor, yet another image editor and collage maker. Online photo editor Fotor has been gaining ground since the previous few months. Especially as a replacement to Adobe, which is by means the most crucial picture editing software maker, that switched to a subscription-based software a while back.

While experts don’t have any constraints subscribing for a small fee every month, which they can charge directly from their clients, it’s not easy for amateurs, beginners, and casual editors to purchase such premium software.

Free online photo editor Fotor is a superb software when you have some pictures in your device that needs to be turned into a canvas and cling on your wall.

While there are various tools to add text to images, Fotor simply does a fantastic job

Fotor is full of image-improving software with filters to make pictures look their best. It supports all the most popular image formats and even provides RAW document processing – a characteristic you might anticipate to be exclusive to premium image-editing software.

The biggest plus for these packages is that they have a minimal learning curve, which means you can quickly get familiar with it in no time. When as compared to Photoshop and even Lightroom, which several photographers choose to use, these online editors are simple, intuitive, and smooth to use.

Fotor Review: Features and Benefits


If we try explaining every feature that Fotor is offering, then we would require an instructions manual to be made. Fotor has a surprisingly vast list of features being a free online editor that has different template designs and ready-made effects as well.

However, these are the feature that would hook your attention.

  • add text to photo
  • Basic Edit Adjustment
  • Basic Effects
  • Basic Portrait Touch-Up
  • Classic Content
  • Basic HDR Tech
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
  • Advanced Beauty features
  • 30+ stylized photo frames
  • 300+ custom-designed stickers
  • Artistically designed backgrounds, remove background and textures
  • 80+ exquisite collage templates and twitter templates
  • 10,000+ design templates dimensions
  • Regularly Updated New Content
  • Advanced HDR Tech

Let’s discuss the features that grabbed our attention to being an online photo editor.

Easy and Fun, Eye-Catching Collages

Easy and Fun, Eye-Catching Collages

It’s brief and smooth to create superb collages with the Collage module inside Fotor; you can play around with the inner creativity in you. There are hundreds of templates to choose from in a full sort of style. Simply you need to do is upload a picture, and select your preferred ratio, and set up the pics, so they look fantastic.

Impressive Range of Tools & Effects for Edit

The online photo editor effects and tools in Fotor has a wide range of thrilling tools and impressive effects that are ideal for enhancing your pictures significantly. With the easy to use tools in this software, you can pick accurate colors, crop, adjust, and retouch your images, and experiment with distinction Scenes, filters, borders, and textures.

It’s comfortable and clean to apply: all you need is to upload your picture, and you’ll see it presented with a whole menu of editing alternatives at the right-hand side. Each of the one of a kind applications has a very similar appearance to them, so you can transfer among them and quickly find the tool you need.

Amazing Effects Feature

Fotor offers 12 free Effects and another seven paid options if you chose to upgrade. The protected or paid effects are diffused and aesthetically pleasing. You can pick from Cinematic, Classic, Disposable, Retro, and Mono, amongst other filters.

The paid Effects are Filmatic, Artistic, Purity, Groovy, Returned, Mellow, and Spring. It’s amusing to select out one-of-a-kind Effects and spot what fits your picture. We were amazed to see these Effects in a free online photo editor.

Fast Batch Processing Feature

The Batch function is only available in the desktop version, and it’s a convenient feature for any editor who knows what he’s doing.

You can keep time on your editing with the aid of sorting your pics into unique classes or batches. It’s quick and easy to select your desired effects and edit multiple pictures simultaneously.

For example, you can crop or resize a whole group of images at once, add borders, or pick a particular effect to apply on all of them. If that were the case with photoshop, you would require to add new layers.

Is Fotor Pro Worth It? Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

The major distinction among the free version and the pro version is the absence of ads, exclusive photo effects, and advanced HDR technology. Otherwise, they’re each similar. Fotor photo editor free version is a better pick for basic image touch-ups or simple design tasks, which includes cropping and resizing photos, developing collages, and moderate photograph retouching.

Then again, the software offers two pricing plans:

  • $8.99 per month for 1 month
  • $3.33 per month for a year

It is clear that the yearly plan is far more suited because of the price difference. We would have appreciated it if there was a customizable plan because users will be bound to choose one where one month is not cheap.

Fotor Compatibility

Fotor Compatibility

We were not expecting that the software will be available on different operating systems OS, but we were wrong as Fotor is present for Mac and Windows. Also, Fotor provides a mobile app as well, which is by far a great addition because multiple market-leading photo editing softwares have their own mobile apps as well, such as Adobe Lightroom.

Overall Views on the Interface and the Application


For editors, YES, we recommend Fotor as it is definitely a great online photo editor; needless to say, the interface is very smooth to use, and the general look and feel is fantastic as well.

While the Basic and Fine Tune options are your principal enhancing areas, the essential advantage that Fotor has over professional editing softwares, the Effects panel comes with a couple of hundred ready-made options. 

These pre-builts effects in your images are not available in other free photo editors, such as the vintage filter that creates a defined vintage look to your entire image.

For anyone looking for a filter that would edit an image like a pro as such present in Adobe Photoshop, then you need to see the Effect panel that is an intuitive feature to play with your images.

But that’s not it Fotor also has a new stock photo site PxBee that is a hub for breathtaking natural pictures separated in different categories for your ease of access. 

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