MS Paint Turn White Background Transparent

How to Make MS Paint Turn White Background Transparent

For photographers and graphic designers, editing is an inextricable part of their jobs. Whereas a layman is also inclined towards making their pictures perfect for the sake of posting them on different social media sites and to get immense appreciation in return.

However, professional tools are undeniably difficult to use. In addition to that, such tools need to get installed on one’s PC if one wants to use them. That in itself is an arduous chore. But there is a convenient alternative for common people to benefit from.

That is MS Paint. Yes! This is the tool you have been searching for. With a profusion of benefits that this tool offers, one of them is the feature of turning the white background into a transparent one. Furthermore, it is pre-loaded on your computers as well.

But, the question is how to make background transparent in Paint? You do not need to fret because we have all your concerns answered below. The procedure or steps for turning white background transparent on Paint are set out below:

The Transparent Background on MS Paint

We understand that turning a background transparent is important in many instances; like, when you want to stack a picture on another or if your work requires doing the former. That is why we have brought the easiest steps that will help you seal the deal.

  • The first and foremost step is to search for MS Paint on your PC, as it comes inbuilt in your Windows.
  • For the aforementioned purpose, you would need to click on the ‘’Cortana’’ button.
  • There on the search bar type, Paint to use it.
  • Select Paint from the options that have appeared next to you.
  • Now that you are done with finding the app, click on ‘’File’’ and select ‘’Open’’ to avail the MS Paint transparent background features.

What are the Steps of Turning a White Background into a Transparent One?

The steps that will help you to turn the white background of your desired image into a transparent one are set out below.

  • Now that you have opened a template on MS Paint, you need to choose an image that needs to be edited on the former. 
  • The next step is to click on the image to open it and after that, click on the ‘’Select’’ button to perform the task on your selected image.
  • If the image has any solid color as a background other than white, then you can change it by clicking on the ‘’Colour 2’’ option.
  • Even if you have an image with a white background, you are recommended to change it by selecting the ‘’Colour 2’’  option that gives different shades of white color. But, you would be good to go without doing it as well.
  • You can skip the above step. Nonetheless, to proceed with a transparent background Paint steps, you would need to click the ‘’Select’’ option below the image icon and select the ”Transparent Selection” option down on the list.
Transparent Selection

How to Crop an Image to turn its Background Transparent on Paint?

The next question that would strike your mind without a doubt is how to crop an image on Paint for the aforementioned purpose? Well, the easiest steps are winnowed down below.

  • When you are done with the above steps, the next thing that you would need to do after selecting the Paint transparent option is to select the form in which you want to crop the image out of the foreground.
  • Two options would appear there. One would be the ‘’Rectangular Selection,’’ and the other one would be ‘’Free Form Selection’’.
  • The latter one is recommended if you are opting for the Paint transparent background feature.
  • If you have opted for the rectangular option, then you would not need the hassle, and you can copy or cut the image out of the foreground.
  • But if you are opting for the free form selection, then you would need to select by moving the cursor on the picture to select and crop out the precise image.
  • After cutting or cropping down your desired image, you would be required to paste it on any new image to stack them together or preserve your cropped image.

Following the above steps, Paint makes background transparent an easy process for you.

Important Things to Keep in Mind!

Although MS Paint is a perfect tool for doing minor editing tasks, it is not suitable for real high-quality picture editing purposes. The reason is that Paint does not give you the liberty of saving your image with a transparent background. 

Furthermore, selecting the ‘’Free Form Selection’’ option is recommended because it gives you the privilege of precisely selecting or cropping your image. Whereas the “Rectangular Option’’ does not give you the previously mentioned privilege and crops the image irregularly with unwanted pieces of the foreground.

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