How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe from Starting at Startup

Adobe Acrobat is a computer program that permits clients to see, make, control, print and oversee records in organized PDF. It is utilized in an assortment of areas counting commerce, IT, authoritative administrations, and instructive documentation.

Be that as it may, clients will get a computer program component named AcroTray introduced with Adobe Acrobat. This program will stack consequently on startup without any requirement for utilizing it.

What is AcroTray.exe?

AcroTray (stands for Adobe Acrobat Tray Icon) is an expansion of the Adobe Acrobat. It is utilized to open and change over PDF records to different groups. AcroTray will consequently startup when the working framework is booted.

It’ll show notices at whatever point a client tries to right-click or attempt to change over any PDF file. And it is additionally utilized to keep track of upgrades for Adobe Acrobat. You’ll find this record in Acrobat’s introduced registry.

Why would you like to Impair AcroTray Partners from Startup?

There are a few diverse reasons due to which clients will need to impair this program from startup. Most of the detailed explanations are:

  • Makes startup moderate for PC – When a client turns on his PC, a few programs will naturally begin to run within the foundation, utilizing the computer’s memory and making the startup moderate for PC.
  • Can be a malware – A few malware can mask themselves beneath the same title as AcroTray on the off chance that it is found within the framework Windows organizer.
  • Devours memory for no reason – A few clients claim that it channels the control of CPU and memory, which can quickly moderate down the framework’s execution.
  • Once in a while utilized, this highlight isn’t as often used in our way of life usage. It will be good to open it at the time of usage rather than keeping it running all the time.

Presently merely have an essential understanding of the nature of the issue, we’ll move on towards the strategies. Make beyond any doubt to execute these within the particular arrange in which they are recorded to anticipate any clashes.

Strategy 1: Impairing Adobe AcroTray from Task Manager

A straightforward strategy to debilitate startup programs will be crippling them in Assignment Supervisor. Task Manager includes a tab for the startup; you’ll effortlessly check AcroTray within the list and cripple it. Sometime recently continuing, make beyond any doubt that Errand Director is run as director. Underneath, you’ll be able to take after the steps to apply this strategy:

  1. Press on Windows Key, keep it held for a few seconds, and press ‘R ‘to open Run, sort task manager, and open it.
  2. Go to the Startup tab and search for AcroTray in the task manager.
  3. Right-click on AcroTray and select Impair.
  4. Presently after you restart the PC, it won’t begin up any longer.

OR you’ll be able to discover the record in C:/Program Records (x86)/Common Files/Adobe AdobeGCClient. Numerous clients essentially erased the record, but it returned.

Strategy 2: Crippling Adobe AcroTray by utilizing Autoruns

Autoruns may be a utility that permits you to track and control all programs that start with Windows startup. In case you’re incapable of finding the AcroTray in Task Manager, or it’s not working, you’ll effectively utilize this utility to turn it off for startup. Take after the steps underneath to download and use Autoruns utility:

  1. Go to the taking after interface and download the most recent form of utility: Autoruns.
  2. Extricate the downloaded record utilizing WinRAR. (if you don’t have WinRar, fairly open the zipped organizer by double-clicking).
  3. Presently open the extricated organizer; at that point, right-click on the Autoruns64.exe and select Run as Administrator.
  4. Seek for Acrobat Partner (AcroTray) and untick it from the list.
  5. Restart your computer, and it won’t begin up any longer.

Strategy 3: Impairing Adobe AcroTray from Administrations

In this strategy, you’ll be able to alter a few of the Adobe services that are set to run consequently. Changing these administrations to manual can offer assistance in halting the AcroTray from running at startup. Make beyond any doubt you’re logged into a Windows PC as a director sometime recently utilizing this strategy.

Note: You ought to apply Strategy 1 sometime recently to this strategy.

  1. Hold Windows key and press R to open Run, sort service.msc and Enter.
  2. Hunt for “Adobe Acrobat Update” and “Adobe Genuine Program Integrity” administrations within the list, right-click on each of them (one by one), and select Properties.
  3. Alter the startup sort to Manual for both.
  4. Restart PC and Acro Tray likely won’t begin any longer.

Strategy 4: Check Corrupted Files

Sometimes removing corrupt files in the system can help you with the AcroTray problem. To scan for corrupt files, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Windows menu and find and open a command prompt.
  2. Choose Run as Administrator, type SFC in the dialogue box, and hit enter. 
  3. Type SFC /scannow at the system prompt to start system check for corrupt files. 
  4. Remove corrupt files (if found any).

You can also try using reliable software for system scan and repair tools. There are several free and paid repair tools/software for scanning missing, broken, and corrupt files in all system directories. We recommend using reputable paid system repair software to ensure maximum effectiveness and system security. 

Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe at Startup in Windows 10

Why Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe?

You might wonder why you should disable Adobe AcroTray.exe. Here are a few compelling reasons:

  1. Improved Boot Time: Disabling AcroTray.exe can significantly reduce your computer’s boot time. With fewer startup programs, your operating system can load more quickly.
  2. Resource Conservation: AcroTray.exe consumes system resources, which can slow down your computer. By disabling it, you can free up these resources for more critical tasks.
  3. Reduced Clutter: If you find the system tray icon unnecessary, disabling AcroTray.exe can help declutter your taskbar and provide a cleaner, more organized desktop.
  4. Enhanced Privacy: Disabling AcroTray.exe can enhance your privacy by preventing Adobe from collecting data via this background process.


Without a doubt, average PC users need AcroTray on a daily basis as it is a fundamental part of Adobe Acrobat services. On the contrary, its presence eats us vital system resources; thus, most of us wish to stop AcroTray.exe from initiating during the startup of Windows.

Disabling AcroTray.exe saves system resources that results in faster and smoother system bootup. We have shared simple strategies for successfully disabling AcroTray, so you will now hopefully be able to enable and disable AcroTray only when required. 

Do let us know how helpful you find this article to disable Adobe AcroTray.exe from start at your system. 

Don’t forget to tell your experience in the comment section below.

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