How to Watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max in 2022 [Easy Guide]

How to Watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max in 2022 [Easy Guide]

Growing up playing the Mortal Kombat game, some of us love the thrill that we get between a match played by Sub-zero and Scorpian. Now, as fun as this sounds, with the reboot movie that has hit the theatre, you all don’t want to miss out on its action. So if you are a fan of video game adaptations and do not want to miss out on Mortal Kombat, then you can easily watch it on HBO Max anywhere. 

Find out easy ways to stream the movie in your region if you do not live in the US and stream it often using this technique. 

How to Watch Mortal Kombat Anywhere in 2022

Mortal Kombat is a people’s favorite and is available for viewers to see on HBO Max. But unfortunately, not in all locations. But to watch the movie anywhere in 2022, there are a few things you need to know. 

To watch Mortal Kombat from anywhere in the world, you just need to use a reliable VPN. The VPN provides a different IP address from any licensed country but hides your original location simultaneously. Now when you connect to any of the servers in the US, you get easy access to the content library of HBO Max, including Mortal Kombat. 

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Mortal Kombat 

Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular fighting games in the world, it has been around for more than two decades and is still strong. It is no surprise that many people want to watch Mortal Kombat online.

A VPN allows you to watch Mortal Kombat online without showing your IP address or location to the streaming website. This means you can enjoy all the content without restrictions or limitations from your ISP or government. 

How to Watch Mortal Kombat Using VPN

If you are living outside the US and want to watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max, then we recommend you follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service; you can check out our recommendations below. 
  2. Download and Install the application on your devices. 
  3. Now log in to the VPN and make sure you connect to the US server.
  4. Then go to the HBO Max website 
  5. If you already have an account, log in using your credentials, or sign up by creating a new account. 
  6. The content library will display all the visible content available in the US, while you can be anywhere in the world. Watch Mortal Kombat anywhere in 2022!

Best VPNs to Watch Mortal Kombat 2022

Best VPNs to Watch Mortal Kombat 2022

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is a VPN provider that offers a wide range of servers, fast speeds, and unlimited bandwidth.It is an online service that has been around for over 10 years, has grown exponentially since its inception, and now has over 100 servers in 94 countries worldwide. The company also offers custom VPN software for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices.

ExpressVPN is a popular choice for those who need to unblock content on websites like Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. They can also use the service to protect their privacy while browsing on public WiFi hotspots or using public WiFi hotspot services like Starbucks.

2. SurfShark


SurfShark VPN is a new VPN service that provides users with an easy, secure, and reliable way to unblock all websites.

SurfShark VPN is a new VPN service that provides users with an easy, secure, and reliable way to unblock all websites. It has been designed to make it simple for everyone to use it and provide them with the best browsing experience. SurfShark has also been designed for people looking for a more private browsing experience. In addition, SurfShark has been built on top of the OpenVPN protocol, which offers customers complete control over their data and security.

It is available in three different plans: Basic ($2/month), Unlimited ($6/month), and Premium ($10/month).

3. NordVPN


NordVPN is a VPN service that offers users a wide range of features. These features include encrypting your connection, securing your data, and accessing over 3,000 servers in 60 countries.

It uses 256-bit AES encryption on all its servers and can protect your data with military-grade security. This makes it one of the most secure VPNs available today. NordVPN was originally only available to businesses, but it soon expanded its range of products to include consumer VPN services.

The VPN has an easy-to-use interface that includes features such as the Kill Switch feature, which prevents hackers from accessing your data while browsing the web or using the VPN service. 

Where to Watch Mortal Kombat?

1. Hulu


Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers television shows and movies. It has many TV shows and movies available on-demand, so it is an excellent way to watch your favorite content without having to wait for it to be aired on TV.

The latest digital network has been coming out with new content every day. It offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies, so you can find something you like. It also has a subscription option which allows users to watch as much as they want without any ads or restrictions.

Hulu is the best place to watch Mortal Kombat because of its accessibility and availability. It is available on various devices, so you can easily tune in and watch it if you have a subscription. If you don’t, you can easily access a massive library of movies and TV shows. 

2. HBO Max


HBO Max is a new streaming service that offers a wide range of content in different genres, including comedy, drama, and documentaries. It is the first subscription-based streaming service that gives access to HBO’s entire library of movies and shows.

HBO Max offers access to HBO’s entire library of movies and shows for a monthly fee. This includes all the original series from HBO, such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and The Sopranos. It also has exclusive access to the new HBO series before they air on TV.

The service is available on multiple devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Apple TV. It also has an app for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads and Android phones and tablets.

3. Disney+


Disney+ has a lot of content that other streaming services don’t have, and it’s not just for kids but all ages. Disney+ also offers a lot of original content, which is something that Netflix and other streaming services don’t provide. The premium membership allows you to stream in 4K resolution on your TV and unlimited downloads of movies and shows from the app.

Disney+ has also focused on providing a great customer experience by offering exclusive features like parental controls and access to the Disney Vault, which contains classic movies.

So while your kids can enjoy watching animated movies and catch up on all the Disney classics, you can watch Mortal Kombat and enjoy the adventures and thrill of the fight. 

4. Prime Video

Prime Video

Prime Video is a video streaming service owned by Amazon. It is the first and only service that offers unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and original series.

It stands out because it has a great library of content that can be streamed for free with no ads. It also offers exclusive deals with studios to stream a new range before it’s available on other services. Through Prime Video, you can also get a chance to rent your favorite movies and TV shows. Those who wish to watch Mortal Kombat can rent it easily from Prime today. 


1. Can I watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max?

Yes, Mortal Kombat is back on HBO Max and can be streamed easily anywhere in the world. 

2. How do I watch Mortal Kombat?

You can tap on the movie title on HBO Max and hit play. This is how you can easily watch Mortal Kombat. 

3. Is Mortal Kombat free on HBO Max and Hulu?

No, if you wish to watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max and Hulu, you will sign up for their services which involve monthly subscription fees. 


After reading this guide, you must now be familiar with how you can watch Mortal Kombat anywhere in 2022. All you need is an HBO Max subscription and a working device. You can easily log in to your HBO Max account and search the movie title and play. By getting a reliable VPN service, you can also watch Mortal Kombat if your region has restrictions. We have stated easy steps to follow to connect with a VPN to change the server. Get started and use our instructions for seamless streaming!

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