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How GPS Cell Phone Tracking Works?

Thanks to technological advancements, modern gadgets come with more hi-tech features. These features are designed to make our lives easier. Nowadays, smartphones come with a built-in GPS, which, in combination with cell tower triangulation, can easily reveal our current location. This will work as long as the phone has a signal. Many wives are taking advantage of this capability. When asked why, the answer is always the same, “so I can track my husband cell phone.”

This technology has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, people who suspect that their partners are cheating can easily know what they’re up to and maybe read their texts. On the other hand, if someone isn’t careful, outsiders can use this type of technology to track them, which raises safety concerns.

How does a cell phone tracker work?

How much do you know about how a GPS cell phone tracker works? Well, GPS is a radio-navigation system that’s created from several satellites as well as ground stations. In the beginning, the Global Positioning System was designed for military operations. Today, civilians can use the system without any limitations.

GPS trackers can trail movement and give valuable data on specific positioning. The GPS devices obtain both microwave and satellite signals and use them to calculate the bearings. With these capabilities, one can do all the following:

  1. Find the object’s current location
  2. Find the object’s previous location
  3. Find out how fast the object is moving

GPS and cell phone tracking

Almost all new phones in the market come with a GPS tracking system. Although most of these systems are not sensitive enough to give the exact location where the phone is located, they can narrow down the bearings to within a small area. Unfortunately, the regular GPS tracking that’s found in phones does not give an exact location. This means that if someone wants to find out the exact location, he/she would need to install a third-party GPS tracking app. Such an app would give the person more control over his/her GPS cell phone tracker.

GPS tracking applications

People can install paid GPS tracking apps on their phones to get an extra layer of protection. These applications are often more sensitive and offer more protection for the phone. They can also give an exact placement.

These apps are discreet, which means that they don’t show up on the phone’s screen. As a result, they’re more difficult to disable. If someone stole your phone, they wouldn’t know that the app is installed in the first place, so they won’t even think of disabling it. Even if they figured out that the app is installed, they would need to enter a password to disable it. This helps ensure that lost phones are found easily. 

Is it possible for someone to prevent his/her cell phone from being tracked?

While cell phone tracking comes with loads of benefits, it may still be disadvantageous as malicious people can use the GPS to find out information your whereabouts. If you find out that someone is tracking you either legally or illegally, it’s possible to disable this feature. You can do it by using any of the following options:

Option 1

Switch off the cellular and Wi-Fi radios on your cell phone so that they don’t connect to their respective networks. One of the simplest ways to do this is to turn on the “Airplane Mode” feature.

Option 2

Disable GPS. Check whether this is a stand-alone feature on your phone or if it’s bundled into menus like Privacy or Location Settings. When you turn off location, this will prevent your GPS from being turned on.

Option 3

Shut down the phone completely and remove the battery if possible. This is the surest way to ensure that you’re not maliciously tracked. This option comes with the disadvantage of not being able to use your phone completely.


The inclusion of GPS-based tracking systems to cell phones has made it possible for the phones to calculate their disposition accurately to a range of a few meters at a time.

The fact that people can track their spouses’ phones does bring privacy concerns. While most people feel that this feature makes life easier, others do not agree with cell phone tracking. This has resulted in mixed reactions, and there’s a whole debate on this that we cannot delve into right now.

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