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6 Reliable Ways to Track Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Last weekend, I was able to save one of my friends’ necks by locating his whereabouts before time and getting him out from the place of misery just on time. Though he didn’t tell me his actual whereabouts, I had my own way to find it out.

Because of that tool’s help, my friend is safe now and can’t thank me enough for what I have done for him. Honestly, the only thing that I did was following my instincts and deciding to track his location. The major work was done by the location tracker that I used.

Lying about the actual location is a very common practice. We all have done it more than once in our lives. But, we often failed to realize what mess it can create sometimes.

If you want to be fully aware of your loved ones’ location, this article will be of great help for you as I am going to tell you about not one but six cell phone location tracking tools that you can trust blindly.

1. Spyic – The leader of the pack


Spyic online is what is used to find out my friend’s location. Because of its risk-free, real-time, and discreet operations, I was able to save my friend from unforeseen danger. And I was not the first one who did this using Spyic.

Millions of others in 190 nations have used Spyic to track someone’s location by cell phone number and are fully satisfied with its services. Because of this only, many leading media houses have come in full support of Spyic and spread positive word of mouth.

Once you will learn more about Spyic, I am sure that you will also become its die-hard fan like me.

  • Spyic proffers risk-free facility

Finding out someone’s cell phone location is not an easy job. It demands high-end technical skills and a few specific resources. And, if you’re thinking of take-up rooting/jailbreak as a viable option, then it is ready to face a whole pack of hassles.

What Spyic offers is totally free from jailbreak/rooting, which means you’ll face zero risks while using it. Then there is its ground-breaking technology that ditches years’ long tradition to save data on the server while operating and jeopardizing your crucial information.

With Spyic, your crucial data is in safe hands.

  • You can use it without any doubt

Hovering with so many ifs and buts while trying to track someone’s phone location is very common as tracking location is not like flipping pancakes.

Getting worried about your data’s safety, cost, reliability, and your lack of competency is quite natural, and you should run away with these doubts. Rather, you should find out a solution that can answer all these doubts.

Well, Spyic is the one which will provide you all the answers.

Spyic offers a very user-friendly interface that needs no special technical skills to operate it. Any novice can handle this task like a pro.

When Spyic is at your service, you can be sure about data quality as it captures real-time information. Every data comes with a timestamp.

Its stealth-mode and web-based interface back you in every situation. These two things ensure that no one is able to hide your motives from beginning to end. So, if you’re worried that you will get caught while using Spyic, then ditch this tension as you won’t.

USP – Along with location, it can track other 35 phone activities with full conviction and accuracy.

2. Spyier


Spyier is my second suggestion as this location tracker app already has its viability at various fronts. Whether we take data reliability into consideration or think of its compatibility, Spyier has come up as a clear winner time and again. 

It is capable of fetching Wi-Fi and GPS-based location coordinates. The data will be accompanied by a timestamp. Hence, you not only know about the location but also when the target was present at the location. 

USP – It renders data directly on your dashboard so that you don’t have to juggle at all. 

3. Minspy


Loaded with many features, Minspy is a remote phone monitoring app that can help you find out the location of the targeted phone using the cell phone. Without putting-up a long list of prerequisites, this parental control app helps you at every front.

With Minspy, you don’t have to be worried about your incompetence in location tracking, as Minspy offers a highly user-friendly interface that demands nearly zero technical skills to get ready for you.

USP – It can work for both iOS and Android devices with the same sort of dependability.

4. Spyine


Spyine will help you weigh down all your worries related to location tracking as it offers you jailbreak/rooting free assistance. With the help of this remote monitoring app, you can find out real-time location-related data without any hassles.

Spyine is loaded with features. It has the ability to keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities, deliver data directly on your dashboard, and comes with great compatibility with iOS and Android platforms.

USP – It is very cost-effective. Its one-month long use will cost you only $10.

5. Neatspy


If a cost-effective location tracking facility, then you will be highly pleased by Neatspy. It offers you reliable location tracking data at a cost less than a morning movie ticket.

USP – Its stealth mode ensures that no one is able to catch you red-handed.

6. ClickFree


ClickFree is my last recommendation. Despite the low cost, this location tracking app is able to give you right and reliable data on someone’s location. Without putting your crucial data at stake, it will capture real-time data. No jailbreak/rooting is involved in it.

USP – Using it is a cakewalk.

In Conclusion

Tracking someone’s location is not only possible, but 100% risk-free and discreet, and this belief comes from the flawless functioning of spy apps like Spyic. It leads the pack with its impeccable services. It is totally worth it, and you can trust it blindly.

Other than Spyic, the rest of the options that I have discussed here are also trustworthy. They have got your back in every situation. So, don’t stand helplessly when your loved ones are troubled elsewhere. Find the exact location and reach out to help them.

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