How to Keylogging on iPhone Legally

How to Keylogging on iPhone Legally

Although most people consider the use of keylogger apps to be illegal, they are legal in some cases. For instance, parents can use keylogger apps to safeguard their kids on the internet.

Keylogging on iPhone lets parents establish what their children are chatting about on WhatsApp and Facebook. Also, employers use keyloggers to determine if employees are actually working or slacking off.

Thanks to the keylogger feature that comes in a phone surveillance app, keylogging is easy. The keylogger records all keystrokes made on the target iPhone. In this post, you will learn how legal keylogging works on iPhones.

Choosing the right keylogger app

iPhone keylogger apps are not made the same. Most require jailbreaking the target iPhone for the app to work. However, this requires technical skills that many people don’t have.

So, we recommended using a keylogger app that doesn’t require technical know-how and compromising the target iPhone. For such an app, check out Neatspy, it provides a convenient and safe way of keylogging an iPhone.

Neatspy – Safe and secure iPhone keylogger app

As one of the leading keylogger apps in the phone surveillance industry, Neatspy provides multiple services. With Neatspy, users can not only record keystrokes on iPhones but also on Android smartphones.


Neatspy is a legal iPhone keylogger trusted by millions across the world. As a comprehensive iPhone spy app, Neatspy is attracting the attention of media outlets like Forbes. It comes with over 30 iPhone surveillance features.

The keylogger feature lets you record everything typed on the target iPhone. It even captures online credentials like usernames and passwords. Best of all, you won’t need technical skills to use this iPhone keylogger.

What sets Neatspy apart?

Besides its features, Neatspy provides exemplary iPhone surveillance capabilities. Here are some of the capabilities you can expect from this keylogger app.

  1. Works in stealth mode

With Neatspy, all the keylogging activities take place in stealth to avoid detection. The app works in the background without interfering with the performance of the target iPhone. What’s more, no installation necessary.

Rather, Neatspy uses the iCloud backup to record all the keystrokes made on the iPhone. So, you only need to have the iCloud credentials used on the target iPhone. Neatspy will take care of the rest remotely and discreetly.

  1. No jailbreaking required

To use Neatspy, you won’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone to start using the app. Neatspy uses the latest technology to avoid compromising the security of the iPhone.

Jailbreaking an iPhone makes it vulnerable to malicious attacks online. Besides, it voids the warranty of the device. So, with Neatspy, anyone can use the app without worrying about the need to have technical skills.

  1. Safe and secure

Neatspy ensures you are the only one who can access the content of its keylogger feature. You only need to log in to your Neatspy dashboard. Also, it doesn’t gather data from third-party apps.

How to use Neatspy keylogger on an iPhone

To use Neatspy on the target iPhone to record all the keystrokes, it takes a few easy steps. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Visit the official Neatspy website to sign up for the service. You will get to choose your login credentials. While at it, make sure you subscribe to a plan that suits your iPhone keylogging needs.

Step 1

Step 2: Neatspy will let you choose the OS of the target device. Select iOS to start configuring the target iPhone. You will need the iCloud credentials used on the iPhone. Once you have them, provide and click Verify.

Step 3: Neatspy will take a few minutes to sync the data. When all is done, click the Finish button. The app will take you to your Neatspy dashboard.

Step 4: In your dashboard, Neatspy will let you access all the features. To access the keystrokes made on the target iPhone, you need to scroll to the keylogger feature. This is accessible on a scroll panel to the left.

Step 4

Here, Neatspy will let you access all the keystrokes made on the target iPhone. To make it easy to access the keystrokes, Neatspy organizes them depending on the app they were typed.

Other remarkable Neatspy features

Among the more than 30 iPhone surveillance features you get with Neatspy, here are some of them:

  1. Location surveillance

With Neatspy, users can spy on the whereabouts of the target iPhone remotely. The app provides details such as real-time GPS coordinates and Google Streetview. It even provides the street address of the iPhone.

Location surveillance

It also provides a geofence feature that sends notifications to users if the iPhone crosses a set boundary. The feature is popular with parents who want to monitor their kids’ movements.

  1. Social media surveillance

Neatspy can spy on all popular social media apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp. It lets you know who the iPhone user has been chatting with. Also, it gives you access to all the posts and chats on the target iPhone.

Social media surveillance

The app even archives all the chats on its server. This ensures you never miss a message because the iPhone user deleted it on their phone. Neatspy can spy on virtually any installed app on the target iPhone.

  1. Spy on calls and contacts

Neatspy allows users to spy on the call log of the target iPhone. It lets you know the frequently contacted phone number. The gives access to the contacts and any associated details such as their home address.

Spy on calls and contacts


An iPhone keylogger app provides a neat way of recording all the keystrokes on the target iPhone. However, most iPhone keylogger apps require technical know-how to use. We recommend Neatspy for an easy yet reliable keylogging service.

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