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No smartphone app, or any product for that matter, is made equal. This is true when it comes to smartphone monitoring apps, as well. Some apps are expensive and offer advanced features; others are inexpensive and offer limited functions. However, some apps give you the best bang for your buck, and XNSPY is an example of such an app. In this article, we will review the location tracking and text message monitoring features of XNSPY. We will also list the other features before providing a quick guide on how you can install and use the app. To ensure balance, we will also identify the important pros and cons of the service. Don’t forget to check out our summary at the end to view XNSPY at a glance.


XNSPY is a battle-hardened smartphone monitoring app that was not the most competitive when it was launched many years ago. However, fresh updates to the app added new features, removed bugs, and streamlined the monitoring process. When it comes to location and text message tracking, there are plenty of available features. Let’s take a look.

XNSPY Location tracking

XNSPY Location tracking

You can use XNSPY to identify the exact location of the phone. This information is integrated with Google Maps, so you will know where they are by focusing on the surroundings. The GPS data collection is done in real-time, and a GPS history is also available. This way, you can see exactly where they were, when, and for how long. The app developers have also included the XNSPY geofencing solution as a sub-feature. Many apps tend to overlook the importance of this function. So how does it work? Well, you can mark any location on the map, and the app will pay special attention to it.

 XNSPY will immediately notify you the moment they enter or leave that location. You can add any geofencing location by adding it in the “Watch list location” section in the XNSPY control panel’s settings menu.

XNSPY text message tracking

XNSPY text message tracking

Any smartphone monitoring app that does not provide a text message tracking feature is next to useless. With XNSPY, you can view all sent or received SMS/MMS, even if the user deletes them. But that’s not it; you can also view messages exchanged on commonly used social media and instant messaging apps. The list includes platforms such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Tinder, and a few others. 

All photos, videos, and audio files exchanged on any of these platforms are easily accessible too. Moreover, you can automate the tracking feature, so you are aware of exactly what you need to know. For example, you can add any word or a contact number to the XNSPY “Watch list words” and “watch list contacts” lists. The app will notify you immediately the moment it detects the designated word in a text message, or if it identifies communication with the contact number added to its list. There is one drawback here, though. You have to root or jailbreak the device if you wish to monitor most of the IM and social media apps. We suggest you take a look at their website for more details on the matter.

Other features

  • Call logs
  • Call recording
  • Internet browsing history
  • Emails
  • Multimedia content
  • Remote app management tools
  • Remote screen-time management tools
  • Device remote control options
  • Instant alerts
  • Keylogger
  • Device-use reports

XNSPY Price & compatibility

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, supporting versions above 6.0 for the former and 4.0 for the latter. There are two options when it comes to subscription. Only the premium version offers the full range of features for USD 7.49 a month. You can also purchase the basic version with limited functionality at USD 4.99 per month.

Requirements for installation & use

For Android: Physical access to the device is necessary for installation purposes. You can download XNSPY via a URL and install it on the phone. The app is completely invisible after installation. The process does not take more than a few minutes.

For iOS, you must enable the iCloud backup feature on the iPhone and know the Apple ID/password. Make sure that the ID details are verified on the XNSPY control panel. XNSPY will not work without proper verification.

Requirements for installation

Control panel: XNSPY has a dedicated control panel that is available on its official website. It acts as a portal through which you can use any of the app’s features, renew your subscription, and view device details. Take note that you must log in to your XNSPY account to use the panel.

As promised, we will now identify some important drawbacks and positives of the app.

XNSPY drawbacks 

  • Rooting/Jailbreak is required to use Social media/IM app monitoring.
  • A new subscription is required for each device you wish to track.
  • The installation process is quite confusing, particularly for iOS.

XNSPY positives

  • XNSPY is the most affordable smartphone monitoring app you can buy.
  • It tracks the phone’s location in real-time so you are always in the know.
  • XNSPY’s instant alert feature is highly sophisticated and works for locations, text messages, contacts, and any word.

XNSPY at a glance

PriceUSD 4.99 for the basic version; USD 7.49 for the premium version.
CompatibilityAll Android phones running above versions after 4.0. All iOS versions above 6.0.
Call monitoringCall recording and call logs.
SMS/IM/Social mediaAll messages and multimedia files are tracked by XNSPY.
Internet activity monitoringBrowsing history, emails, bookmarked pages
GPS TrackingReal-time location access, GPS history, geofencing.
App management/ MultimediaPictures, videos, audio, calendar entries, saved contacts, and installed apps.
Remote controlRemote screenshots, remote data deletion, remote phone lock, remote surround recording
Instant alertsAvailable for locations, contacts, and words/phrases.

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