Elfie WordPress Theme Review

Elfie WordPress Theme Review

Themes are an essential part of the WordPress experience. They add the necessary visual appeal and design aesthetics to a website. As it stands, these two qualities are the foundation stones of modern web design.

Now, there are good and bad WordPress themes. On one side, you have themes that leave you scratching your head on what to do with it. On the other hand, some themes complement your WordPress processes by delivering a beautiful and functional website experience.

This review is based on one of the good ones.

Developed by elfwp, Elfie is one of those themes that can add that much-needed creative flair to your website. It’s jam-packed with features and functionalities that help your brand to stand out in the digital world.

Elfie  Download Stats
Elfie Download Stats

From typography to colors, customizations, blog archive options, custom layouts, and WooCommerce support, there’s so much you can do with Elfie.

Combine that with sliders, customized header support, individual post layouts, among other features, and you have a pretty solid theme that grows as your operations scale.

Let’s look at some of the theme’s main features and how it can add value to your website.


  • Regularly Updated 
  • Efficient Support 
  • Responsive Layouts 
  • SEO-Friendly 
  • WooCommerce Compatible


  • Page Builder Incompatibility 
  • Lower Ratings Because It’s New
  • Lack of Cross Browser Compatibility

Carousel Support Options


Carousels are an essential part of modern web design. If you don’t have one, it’s about time you start thinking about getting it on your website.

At the very basic level, a carousel allows you to add radially moving images as a slider. Through depth of field and distance measurements, carousels display a powerful three-dimensional effect with each panel transition.

Elfie provides a wide-range of carousel layouts built for all types of users. Any carousel layout that you want to integrate with your store, you can add that with Elfie. It’s truly your carousel of choice.

Typography and Font Options

How your content looks to the audience matters a lot in your overall WordPress strategy. The arrangement of letters and text matter and can potentially make or break the user experience.

Gone are the days when you could use Comic Sans on your website and get away with it. It’s all about the visual appeal nowadays. Elfie seems to have a grasp of that and provides a wide range of typography options for all websites and industry verticals.

Want to create a professional photography blog? An anime review site, maybe? Sell sportswear online? Whatever niche you may be in, Elfie’s got the right typography options for you.

Support for WooCommerce

Support for WooCommerce

While we’re on the subject of selling sportswear online, let’s talk a bit about eCommerce. It is an essential part of the digital world, and there is no stopping its rise.

WordPress has played a major role in ensuring success. Its flagship product, WooCommerce, with over 39M installs, allows users to create a highly functional and aesthetically designed eCommerce store with ease.

But here’s the thing: to create such a store, you would need to have a powerful theme that supports WooCommerce and its functionalities. There are plenty of themes that support it, but the bad ones, well, they fall short when it comes to WooCommerce.

Elfie ensures tight integration with WooCommerce. It supports all the layouts, customizations, and design requirements that are exclusive to WooCommerce.

Easy to Set Up

Using a complicated theme can be a real pain. We’ve seen many premium themes with boatloads of features fall flat in terms of the user experience.

Why? Because they were too difficult to configure in the first place

A good theme provider focuses on user-experience. In particular, the user’s experience when he first starts with a theme, aka the installation. Installing a WordPress theme and configuring it should be as self-explanatory and easy as possible.

In this context, Elfie stands out. It’s easy to install and configure. You can do it in with just a few clicks, allowing you to get to the good stuff as early as possible.

Efficient Codebase

A clean codebase is indicative of a good WordPress site. It shows not only professionalism but also promises the user with a fast loading website that ranks well because of the fact.

A theme’s display might look very good from the outset to the regular user, but only a few acquainted with programming know what’s under the hood. When push comes to shove, many of these themes fail to perform because of their shoddy codebase.

Upon testing Elfie, we saw that it has a clean and extensible codebase. It follows the best coding practices, neatly organizing its HTML, CSS, and PHP codebase. This indicates Elfie’s dedication towards programming as well as SEO.

Continuous Support

No product/service delivery is ever complete if it doesn’t offer customers extensive support. Being a free and premium theme, Elfie promises 24/7 support. So, if you ever have any problem with the theme, feel free to drop them a message.

Regular Updates

Regular Updates

Elfie’s developers understand the value of regular maintenance and updates. When you’re picking out a theme, it’s important to check its compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and the date when it was last updated.

You see, if a theme doesn’t meet these criteria, it gets stale and can pose a security risk to your website. Elfie’s best feature is that it’s constantly updated and maintained – ensuring security for your operations.

Detailed Knowledge Base

Knowledgebase articles are the best way to get personalized support when you need it most. Apart from the continuous support Elfie promises, it has a detailed documentation section that has everything you need in the event you don’t get.

From typography options, layout information, header setup, blog options, social links integration, and more, there’s a solution to every theme-relevant query.

Should You Install Elfie?


After all that we’ve discussed here, it depends on what you want to do with your website. Elfie distinguishes itself based on the level of convenience and security it provides to customers. You’re not strapped for support when you need it, and because it’s updated, you’re ensuring one essential part of website security.

If you want a highly customized and functional website capable of streamlined operations on both WooCommerce and WordPress, you should select Elfie.

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