Vexxsel Review – Low Fees and Margin Interest Rates

Vexxsel Review – Low Fees and Margin Interest Rates

Vexxsel is a less-widely known brokerage that has mainly attracted retail traders. However, the broker has constantly innovated its policies and offerings to appeal to institutional investors over the years. Vexxsel is now a legitimate online brokerage that accepts all types of traders and investors worldwide. 


  • Lower trading fees and margin interest rates 
  • A broader selection of investment products 
  • Superior mobile trading 
  • Reliable customer support 


  • Vexxsel is inaccessible in some countries and regions 
  • Limited customizability 

Why We Choose Vexxsel

Why We Choose Vexxsel

Vexxsel is one of the high-ranking low-cost brokerages in the industry and has held that position for quite some time now. However, that is not the only attribute that sets the broker apart. Here are the main reasons that keep Vexxsel in the lead. 

Lower trading costs 

Vexxsel boasts some of the lowest fees and margin interest rates, ideal for traders and investors who need low-cost investments. It has eliminated several standard transaction fees still levied on competing platforms. Vexxsel uses a tier-based pricing system to keep the costs and margin interest rates low for all clients. 

A more comprehensive selection of asset classes 

Vexxsel does not have the reputation of a multi-asset brokerage. However, it offers a broader selection of asset classes with short-term and long-term growth prospects. The vast product selection makes Vexxsel an ideal platform for active traders and passive investors. 

Excellent mobile trading 

Vexxsel also excels with a powerful and intuitive mobile app. The program incorporates robust tools and functionality that allow you to do more from one integrated account. 

What Are the Trading Costs on Vexxsel?

What Are the Trading Costs on Vexxsel?

Vexxsel places a greater emphasis on facilitating low-cost online investing. The broker has eliminated most of the standard fees levied by its immediate competitors, including account minimums, checking, domestic wire transfer fees, account transfer fees, and inactivity fees. 

Paper statements and trade confirmations also attract no commissions on Vexxsel. Besides, the broker has a zero fees stock trading policy, allowing you to trade stocks for free on all its platforms. 

Vexxsel uses a tier-based strategy to calculate the margin interest rates, ensuring lower spreads for all clients. Nevertheless, you should carefully look at the comprehensive pricing schedule before entering any orders. 

Product Offerings 

Despite the low fees and margin interest rates, Vexxsel does not limit its clients to just a few selected products. Instead, it allows traders and investors access to a more comprehensive selection of asset classes and fixed income products. The broker’s portfolio comprises various investment products for retail traders and seasoned investors. The following are the tradeable asset classes on Vexxsel. 

  • Stocks 
  • Forex 
  • Options
  • Bonds 
  • Crypto
  • Mutual Funds 
  • ETFs 

The broker’s vast product offerings make it an excellent platform for traders and investors who demand flexible investment alternatives. 

Trading Platforms 

Trading Platforms

Vexxsel supports dual trading platforms, including a web-based version and a mobile app. Both platforms offer a streamlined trading experience with nearly similar features and functionality. Clients have access to all the above products on both platforms. Besides, you can also place multiple order types and stage trades for later execution. 

The Vexxsel mobile app offers an intuitive design with a simplistic interface that both novices and advanced traders can navigate without problems. It supports various functions and amenities, including screeners, charting, trading idea generators, research, calculators, portfolio analysis, ETF evaluators, and news. However, the broker limits customizability on their web-based program and mobile app. 

Customer Service 

Vexxsel has several convenient options for contacting customer service assistants. They have a dedicated phone line and email that you can use to reach them 24/7. Besides, you can also use live chats to interact with the customer service team promptly. Vexxsel has shorter response times to enable you to get the required assistance without waiting too long. 

The Bottom Line 

Vexxsel is a low-cost brokerage with a robust selection of investment products, excellent customer service, and a superior mobile app. It is an incredible investment platform for beginner retail traders and casual institutional investors. However, you should carefully re-affirm your investment goals and risk threshold before investing in Vexxsel. 

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