Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review

Samsung has been in the market for decades and has come up with one of the best appliances for the usage of the people. With top of line appliances, you do not have to worry about their laptops being mediocre because they are not. 

Each and every laptop is made with a thought process behind, some are travel-friendly, some are for students, some can take the load and some can’t. 

Your trusted tech guy next door is here with another review to make purchase easier for you. The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro review for you is the perfect guide for those who are confused.

We have discussed its features, design, and effectiveness, and they help assist with performance, hardware specifications and even the Chrome OS. 

These combine and make the laptop an excellent resource for people looking to get their hands on travel-friendly and light. Stay tuned till the end and let the in-depth review shape your decision. 


Looking at the Samsung laptop, there are a few features you need to know about it. It comes with capable wireless connections and has 5.1 Bluetooth. 

This is pretty decent because it can support 6E wifi standards. Moreover, you cannot find an LTE option, and the laptop does not support facial recognition. 

The biometric scanner lets you open the laptop quite easily. It’s adequate for everyday usage for those looking for something but not very fancy. 

Book Pro Design 

Book Pro Design

When buying the Samsung laptop, you will notice how lightweight it is. It’s feather-light and is approximately 1.05kg, which is unlikely and shocking. There is a possibility that the heavier components and battery are in a parallel dimension and do not list on the scales.  

The laptop is everything and more, with its big screen and slimness. But do not let the slimness confuse you because the Samsung laptop is solid. The best part of the Samsung Galaxy laptop is that it has been MIL-STD-810G standard tested, giving the laptop an edge. It can survive the sun, rain, dust, sand and even gunfire vibration. Sounds pretty interesting!

It has Type-A and Type-C ports, full-sized HDMI ports and supports the Thunderbolts 4. The Samsung laptop has a 3.5mm audio jack and even a microSD card slot. This makes it impressive because the laptop is quite skinny. 

Google Assistant 

Galaxy Laptop is elevating their game and has made the google assistant a part of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. This has been a game-changer because it is not just available on phones, google home devices and finally on laptops too. 

It can quickly help perform multiple tasks on your galaxy laptop and search for files, documents, and pictures. The google assistant can be pretty good at surfing the web, playing all kinds of music, and carrying out helpful commands. 

All you have to do is set up the google assistant and even get the voice match done; you have to say is, “Okay, Google,” and your google assistant will be ready to get the tasks done for you. 

PixelBook Pen

PixelBook Pen

The PixelBook Pen is compatible with the Galaxy Book Pro. This laptop has a touch screen option for users to make the Book Pro a part-time tablet and even a laptop.

This might not be necessary anymore with a digital stylus since you can edit our work on the touch screen. It is easy to draw in any fashion with pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition – a computer will do all of that for you! It is also good at recognizing handwriting. 

This makes them suitable for writing notes and texts in class because they allow you to draw diagrams or other visual objects without much effort.

The PixelBook pen is quite responsive, helping you achieve quick answers with the help of the google assistant. The best part about the pixelpen is it feels like an actual pen rather than a digital stylus.

Hardware Specifications

When it comes to Hardware, the Galaxy Book Pro comes with a 2.8GHz Core i7-1165G7 processor and a RAM of 16GB. It had a spectacular score of 100 in overall benchmark tests. What makes the laptop speedy is the 512GB NVMe SSD, with sequential writes of 1.6GB/sec and 2.2GB/sec for reads. 

The galaxy laptop is perfect for carrying out any high-intensity specialized tasks and does not feel underpowered or burdened. You can also get your hands on another budget-friendly Corei5 version of the Samsung Galaxy Book pro but keep in mind that the performance may drop quite a bit. 

The Galaxy Book Pro may be pretty thin, but there are times when the CPU can be throttled because of the lack of a cooling fan. This may easily result in the laptop choking, but this happens when under a lot of strain or overuse. 



The Samsung Galaxy Laptop has a quad-core 2.4GHZ, the Core i7, a 1165G7 processor integrated with Xe graphics, and 16GB RAM. The galaxy laptop performs pretty well compared with the Razer Book 13 and even the Huawei Matebook Pro. The difference isn’t noticeable, but it can be observed in your everyday usage. 

Moreover, you can also make changes in the performance through the settings application in the galaxy laptop. You can optimize your windows to keep them regular and silent. 

You can also shut the fans permanently off and use the optimized mode, and you can use the microphone to adjust the fan speed in line with the ambient noise. You can choose the High-Performance method, which allows the fan to run freely, keeping aside all the thermal throttling protocols.

With its bright screen, you get an excellent screen to experiment with. The speakers of the galaxy laptop aren’t as good. They may be fine with normal volumes, but if it goes up, there may be distortion. The laptop is relatively thin, eliminating better quality speakers, but you can still connect external speakers. The speakers are good enough for music and video editing. It even has a fingerprint scanner, which quickly logs you in them with ease. 

Chrome OS

Coming to the operating system, the Samsung laptops now come with their operating system. No more Windows 10 because Chrome OS is the new invention. 

The Chrome OS has the newest version, which displays a start button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. You can press this and quickly launch a pop feature with a Google search bar and a series of all the applications you opened recently. 

If you scroll downwards, you may see a Google Now info card, which provides you with the information about the weather, suggests news and articles based on your history, and even displays a calendar for you to update and make changes in. The Chrome OS supports applications from the Play store, especially with the Google Now card interface that was just dropped in. 

The Chrome OS taskbar displays all the active applications shortcuts to essential applications such as Google Drive, Sheets and even Youtube. It also shows basic settings, including wifi settings, time and more. Chrome OS is the leading web-first OS, so all its applications are run in the chrome browser window. 

 Pros and Cons: 

After finding out the features of the Samsung laptop, you must learn about the positives and negatives of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. 


  • The battery life is excellent.
  • Relatively thin and light weight.
  • Impressive display with AMOLED.
  • It has USB Type-A, Type-C, and HDMI.


  • It does not have an option for LTE mobile broadband.
  • It is not higher than 1080p.
  • It has a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Editor’s Opinion

Editor’s Opinion

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is a decent laptop that is a perfect companion during travel and to manage daily tasks. It is pretty lightweight, has a decent battery to last you longer and has the right features to assist you. 

It’s known to be an excellent consumer laptop, providing users with all the necessary features to elevate their laptop experience. It’s stylish and looks pretty high-end; it packs the intel 11th generation processors and is Evo-certified. You can achieve good performance and get speedy transfers using the thunderbolt 4. All-in-all, the laptop is an impressive performer if you travel frequently and need something that can keep up. 

The good news about the galaxy laptop is that it justifies the price tag, with a decent array of ports, slim compatibility, and general performance. The laptop has an impressive battery life and lasts between 14 to 16 hours, depending on your usage. The time is pretty excellent and gives you an edge to work throughout the day without having to worry about plugging it in or rushing to find a charging port. 

Price Point and Where to Buy

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro comes with a steep price tag in terms of price. You can find the base model for 13.3 inches with AMOLED screen and 1080p, Corei5- 1135G7 processor and a 256GB of storage, costing you $999.99. The 512Gb model can be bought for $1,199.99

For people looking to get their hands on this in the UK, you can get it a much larger storage capacity. For 512GB, you have to pay a price of £1,099, and for those looking for the In the US, the model with 512GB SSD costs $1,199.99.

The laptop is definitely high-end and has a tag to match it. The price is available at makes it go against laptops like the Macbook Pro M1 2022 and even Dell XPS 13, so the book pro is cut out for it. It is available at Amazon and the Samsung Flagship store. You can even check it out for yourself.

What Does Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Excel At

The Galaxy Book Pro is an excellent piece of Windows hardware. It answers swiftly, the keyboard is smooth and responsive, the screen is sharp, the fingerprint scanner is convenient to set up and use, and the battery life is adequate.

I was able to work on the Galaxy Book Pro, sending emails and even writing an essay about it to see how it behaved. It performed admirably, and I wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone searching for a high-performance laptop that is lightweight, portable, and energy-efficient.

With the GB Pro’s close interaction with Samsung devices, Samsung has added another Apple-like function. Like Apple’s Sidecar, Samsung tablets can be readily attached as an expanded screen, and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds headphones, like Apple’s AirPods, can be switched between your active device.

As previously said, Samsung has positioned itself as the anti-Apple, offering many of the same services but for a separate ecosystem of devices. If you’ve been looking for a Windows laptop that would work seamlessly with your mobile device, such as macOS or iOS, the Galaxy Book Pro is the computer for you, providing you own a Samsung smartphone.

What Does Not Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Excel At

During my IT career in the late aughts and early 2010s, I supported a wide range of equipment. One of the computers I recall most vividly was a slew of touchscreen Toshiba Portégé laptops owned by one of the medical practices I worked with. They were stylish for their time, with a stylus pen and touch screen ideal for doctors and nurses who worked with computerized medical records all day.

I don’t recall those laptops for their capabilities or the EMR software that still haunts my dreams. What I remember clearly about them is how flimsy they felt in my hands:

  • The screen was tiny and wobbling.
  • The hinge was shaky.
  • The laptop’s chassis was plastic, felt cheap, and appeared poorly manufactured.

Unfortunately, that’s also how I’ll remember the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. Samsung has developed a fantastic product, but it suffers from the same issue that many ultra-thin laptops have: they seem like they’re going to break when you open them or move the screen.

The Galaxy Book Pro’s screen is made of aluminum, but it’s a little thinner than it should be, causing the screen to wobble. The screen connects to the chassis, which is made mainly of plastic, at a hinge that seems like it’s made of a plastic that’s just too pliant for the rigid aluminum it’s married to, making the entire screen feel liable to tear off with a touch too much effort.

As with other laptops made of plastic, the keyboard on the Galaxy Book Pro, as well as the entire surface housing, has some flexibility. This makes typing weird and adds to the impression of poor manufacturing – a squeezable laptop appears to be readily breakable.

Aside from sustainability, plastic has another significant issue: it does not dent like aluminum; therefore, its casing is more likely to split or shatter if dropped. I could not try this with the GB Pro because Samsung required that the laptop be returned in one piece.


You should get your hands on this laptop effectively-immediate if you are a Samsung user and are looking for something brilliant and with excellent battery life. It’s fast, looks stylish, and is the perfect accessory for those who travel a lot. 

You can get done with a lot of your tasks during travel without having to worry about a charging port. But if this isn’t what you require then you can still end up finding multiple options and that too for a lesser price. It all comes down to what you require, Samsung surely has something for each and every one of you out there. Grab your Samsung Galaxy Book Pro today and get ready to be amazed. 

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