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5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands

Samsung is working on its flagship smartwatches for a few years in a row now making them the top-selling smartwatches globally. But what makes your Samsung Galaxy watch stand out from the one your neighbour is wearing?

Yes! Galaxy watch bands are the only accessory that defines your smartwatch better than its original form. It is like added a back case for your smartphone. Such that, you can choose from a massive range of third party Samsung watch bands that are being designed in all forms and qualities to meet the excessive demand.

Here we have chosen the top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch bands you would like your hands on.

Our Criteria to Choose a Samsung Galaxy Watch Band?

You must be thinking we cross-check every band’s fabric and pull them hooked to a Car that tries to snap it off. It doesn’t work that way, most of you pick strap bands which suit your taste, whether its a leather band or a silicone band for your Samsung galaxy watch band.

We consider looking at the:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Strap Hooks
  • Price
  • Functionality

Examine these, and you will buy reliable galaxy watch bands.

1. Urban Armor Gear UAG Compatible Galaxy Watch Band 42mm

URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch Band

Urban Armor Gear Watch strap falls in the number one Samsung galaxy watch bands due to its precision, design, robust look and cross-functionality. This band is a genuine high-intensity band that is supported with stainless hooks for extra durability. It is made from string Nylon weave appealing to the eye, giving an athletic look at a single glance.

This strap is available only for Galaxy Watch Active 1, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Gear Sport. The strap is designed explicitly for the galaxy series to give it a bold, unique look. If you want to swim, then it can be used in 50m depth, which is an ideal functionality.

If you want something to last long, then this is what you need. Its a high quality branded strap, slightly expensive than regular straps but its a great accessory, highly demanded in the market.


  • Strong stainless steel hooks
  • Solid grip
  • String nylon material
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Available for limited Galat watch models

2. Koreda Samsung Galaxy Watch Band (42mm)

Koreda Samsung Galaxy Watch Band

The Koreda Samsung Galaxy Watch Band is a beautiful Samsung Galaxy Watch band that is a stainless steel strap band. This band is the perfect pick for casual and formal events as it brings a taste of corporate look to your Samsung watch. The matte black colour gives the watch band an attractive look for everyday wear.

It is available for all Samsung Galaxy 42mm watch dials with Mesh loops to fit every wrist size. Koreda watch band is among the highest selling and rated galaxy watch band that is in demand for a very long time. Its slightly pricy due to its quality but it is worth every penny, giving your smartwatch a look it deserves.

Apart from the Samsung Gear S2, the band is available for all galaxy watches.


  • Stainless steel
  • Easy-grip and installation


  • Expensive band
  • Limited colours
  • Extensive exposure to water may add rust 

3. Samsung Silicone Strap 22mm


This is the original Samsung Silicone Strap 22mm that came out with the Galaxy Watch Series. It is the band that created a benchmark for all other straps and bands because how it complimented the watch itself. It is a simple, robust design band available in loads of fancy colours of your choice.

You can get the same silicone straps from third-party vendors, but the original Samsung galaxy watch band speaks of pride and excellent craftsmanship. If you are willing to buy one, then consider this as your first band because it is cheap and readily available in the market. But the majority of the fans consider wearing this band as its the official accessory of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Series.

It has a traditional basic notched clasp that you see in almost every leather band watch. They’re nothing fancy about it, but when you look at the entire smartwatch, the band does justice to the expensive watch dial making it look spectacular and sturdy on wrists.


  • Strong grip
  • Multiple colours
  • Easily available


  • Basic design
  • Not available for all wrist sizes.
  • Expensive from official Samsung retailers.

4. KADES Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

KADES Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands

With a pin-and-tuck closure, the Kades galaxy watch band is a sleek silicone band ideal for all occasions. The silicone strap has multiple holes for your skin to breathe in high-intensity workouts without the need to remove the band.

The band is designed from lightweight fluoroelastomer that’s soft to your skin with a cushion presence across the entire grip. You can twist it and stretch it without changing its size or moulding it. It’s a soft design that is very strong when it comes to stretching.

The band come in multiple colours, but the most demanded is the jet black colour with excellent ventilation for all weathers. The galaxy watch band is easily strapped with a quick-release pin that takes no time to put it on and change it.

If you need to rock your Galaxy band, then Kades Galaxy watch band is the best choice. Great price and availability, What else would you need?


  • Soft design
  • Strong grip
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not ideal for small wrists
  • Sweats skin after long exposure

5. Ritche NATO Strap with Black Heavy Buckle Watch Band

Ritche NATO Strap with Black Heavy Buckle Watch Band

Ritche Nato is a prime Samsung galaxy watch band that is breathable in all weathers. Whether its the scorching heat or minus temperatures, the strap band will stay intact on your wrist at all times without giving you an itch. This band is highly liked and demanded, and user reviews are off the charts.

It designed from military ballistic nylon made with high-quality material giving a firm grip while swimming, climbing or even running. With a tight grip, the band is ideal for fitness keeping your Samsung Galaxy watch safe and strapped.

The Black stainless steel make material makes the strap bearable and also it is 100% waterproof and dustproof. After every swim, you can wash the band with easy installation and take out.

The band is adjusted to your wrist easily without any discomfort. It is a unisex band which can be worn by all adults and children regardless of wrist size which makes it the best addition to your galaxy watch bands.


  • Easy installation
  • Non-scratch material
  • Strong grip
  • Multiple colours


  • Nylon material will wear off threads after a few washes.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Band Buying Guide

Are you a proud owner of a Samsung smartwatch with replaceable bands? Looking to change its look and style by investing in a new strap or two? If you need assistance finding the best strap for your smartwatch, this buying guide will steer you in the right direction.

You should be mindful of a few factors when choosing a strap. Considering things like the purpose, design, material, size, and the source is important. This guide will explain the most important aspects to look at when buying a new band for your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Continue reading below to find out more:


It is crucial that you think about the reasons why you are purchasing a new smartwatch strap. The purpose of the strap can impact its functionality and look. Are you looking for a strap for sports and outdoor activities? Or do you want a band that is more style-focused? Having the reason in mind will help you select the right strap for your needs.


The material a smartwatch strap is made from is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing. For daily wear, try choosing a durable material that can withstand repeated use. For outdoor activities and sports, a breathable band with moisture-resistant qualities would be ideal. Nylon, polyurethane, or silicone straps are great choices.

However, if you want a more professional or timeless look, go for leather or metal straps.


After deciding the right material for your smartwatch strap, consider the design. Most materials are available in different designs. However, not every design will work for you. be mindful of the different styles of loops available such as link bracelets and Milanese loop styles in metal.

Also, think about the clasp or buckle you would like, or maybe you don’t want buckles or clasps and would like to explore other options. The type of material you go for will also dictate how the strap can be secured to your wrist.


You might not have a lot of choices when it comes to the size of the strap. Typically, most smartwatches have a 22mm or 20mm strap; some watches might be compatible with 18mm straps.

The dial’s size will determine the size of the strap. Be sure about the size that works with your smartwatch, or else risk losing money if you buy a band that is too thin or wide for your watch.


Lastly, consider whether you will buy an official band or an unofficial third-party manufacturer or retailer. Third-party sources usually offer a greater variety of designs and styles to choose from. Official sources usually have a very limited selection, where you might not find what you are looking for.

Where you will purchase your strap from will also dictate the price. Usually, official bands are more expensive and sell out quickly. Third-party sellers have choices in different price points.

The points provided above will help you find a Samsung Galaxy watch band that is just right for your needs. Have fun searching for a strap for your smartwatch, and enjoy your new purchase!

What is your Pick?

After all, your taste defines the band you like. Tell us in the comments if you own a Galaxy Watch and if you have chosen a band from the Galaxy bands we have listed.

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