iPad Pro 11 Inch Used

How to Buy iPad Pro 11 Inch Used?

Be it MacBook, iPhone, or iPad, Apple launches newer versions every year that are more sophisticated, user-friendly, and pristine-looking. While Apple released updated versions of iPad and iPad mini in 2021, there is high anticipation for a newer iPad Pro 11 inch for 2022.

Buying the latest iPad Pro model is on Apple geek’s wish list, given the upgraded capacities and advanced processors. Although the ridiculously fast A12Z and M1 chips in the previous iPad Pros benefit creative professionals, they cost a fortune. This is why going for a used iPad Pro 11 inch can help you save your hard-earned money.

The used iPad market is phenomenal worldwide, and if you want to explore and capitalize on its potential, there are a few things to watch out for.

Things to Consider While Buying a Used iPad Pro 11 inch

An iPad Pro 11 inch used or refurbished is the one that is reconditioned by the original manufacturer or a third-party service provider for resale. Most refurbished iPads available for resale usually have no warranty. In the case of person-to-person dealing, you must make sure you are buying a legit and fully-functioning iPad Pro.

Before making the purchase, here are a few things you must consider:

Examine the iPad from outside. Look for any dents or cracks on the casing. Ignore minor marks on the back or the sides; however, the screen should be crack-less. If you notice even a slight crack on the screen, leave it. Because the cracks will only get worse, you will end up having to replace the screen panel. Also, turn on the iPad Pro and check the display. Ensure the touch sensors are working properly, and there are no, NO! dots or lines on the screen.

Verify the model number. In case you are buying the iPad from a stranger you met through an advertisement, check the model number to see if it’s accurate. You can find the model number in the About section of your settings. Now use that number and double-check it through different iPad model names, or you can run it through Apple Support.

Open and use apps. Launch apps like iMessage or notes that allow you to use the on-screen keyboard. Secondly, connect your internet with Wi-Fi and browse some websites. Play a track or two to ensure the speakers are on-spot.

Plug in for a battery recharge. Check if the iPad Pro is charging correctly. If the iPad has enough battery, use camera burst mode to check how fast the battery drops. This will help you determine the condition of the battery. You can activate burst mode by pressing the photo capturing the icon.

Factory reset the iPad. Once everything is thoroughly inspected and ensured, move on with the factory reset. Resetting an iPad is completely easy. Simply go to general settings on your iPad and tap on the reset option. Confirm the complete data erase to restore the iPad. Don’t forget to ensure there is no Apple ID logged in.

There is no denying that verifying a used iPad Pro 11 inch is no easy task which can turn into a complete hassle if you have a tight schedule. However, one better way to avoid the bother is shopping for a used iPad Pro online.

Where to Buy an iPad Pro 11 inch Used?

Instead of depending on shady retailers, craigslist, and strangers, buying a used iPad from reliable online websites can be bountiful. Not only do these sources offer refurbished iPad Pros at better rates, but they also provide you with relevant information regarding their warranty and return policies. Many reputable and reliable online sources, including Apple itself, offer used iPads in the best of shape and functionality.

Apple Store

Apple itself is the best and safest place to browse for a used iPad Pro 11 inch. Yes, you guessed it right. Apple also deals in used apple products under the banner of Refurbished and Clearance on the Apple store website.

Used iPads available on the Apple store are refurbished in-house by the company and are priced 20% less than the original price. They usually contain a newer battery and sometimes the panel backed by a one-year warranty.

They are checked and verified by Apple professionals before being available for sale. However, there are only limited options to choose from, and you might not find the latest versions on the site.



Gazelle is a reCommerce website specializing in pre-owned smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads. At Gazelle, all iPads are refurbished in-house and passed through a 30-point inspectional program and factory reset before being sold.

Moreover, the devices on the site are graded fair, good, and excellent based on their condition. This allows users to buy one that fits their needs and save on costs. Not to mention, customers are given a one-month return period if the device shows some faults.

Back Market

Back Market

Back Market is a reputable re-Commerce company that works with third-party refurbishers to provide renewed devices, including iPads, at secondhand discounted rates. At Back Market, every iPad is passed through a transparent grading system that grades the internal and external features of the device.

Like Gazelle, Back Market has also categorized the products into excellent, good, and fair categories. The company assures every device is workable regardless of its allotted grade. The refurbished iPads at Back Market are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a one-year operational warranty.

Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy is a consumer electronics retailer that enlists iPads as well. The way Best Buy operates is somewhat similar to Apple. The website lists iPads as “Open-box Excellent Certified,” which indicates box-opened, used, or refurbished devices.

All Apple products come with a one-year warranty and are also qualified for extended AppleCare coverage by Apple Inc. However, unlike other eCommerce websites above, Best Buy does not have a grading system, which means you might not find hugely discounted rates.

Other Third-Party Marketplaces

In addition to specified reCommerce websites, you can also find refurbished and used iPad Por 11 inch at other third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and SWAPPA.

Amazon enlists used iPads under the used electronics categories. You can find some cheapest deals here that mainly include shipping costs. However, the guarantee of the product is not ensured unless you stick with the Amazon Reviewed label.

On the other hand, eBay acts as a layer between buyers and sellers. This means sellers can rely on eBay if the products they receive do not come out the same as described.

Unlike Amazon and eBay, which are general marketplaces, SWAPPA is a technology-centric third-party marketplace that connects sellers with buyers. You can directly talk to the buyer regarding the product and negotiate in terms of price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is the iPad Pro a good purchase?

Yes. If you do not already own a recent device, such as the 2021 iPad Pro, you should consider purchasing the 2022 iPad Pro. It has minor improvements that will improve your engagement with technology.

How long does an iPad Pro 11-Inch last?

If you maintain your device correctly, it could serve you up to 5 years before needing to be replaced.

Should I always switch off my iPad Pro?

It’s unnecessary to turn off your iPad Pro every night unless you do not plan to use it for an extended time.

When did the first iPad Pro become available?

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Apple launched the first generation of the iPad Pro.

What distinguishes the iPad Pro from other iPad models?

The iPad Pro has significantly more functions compared to the iPad Air. It has a better monitor than the others, for example, with respect to the refresh rate and max brightness.

What variables cause the battery on an iPad to drain quickly?

Having multiple background apps open at the same time may be draining your tablet’s battery. It could also be that you have made the iPad’s brightness very high or that you are running outdated software that needs to be updated.

Bottom Line

You don’t need to go out of your way to buy an iPad if you are short on budget when you can simply buy a used iPad Pro 11 inch at a discounted price. However, are various checks and inspection protocols that you need to perform in order to get the right iPad unless you shop from Apple Store itself.

But if you are running on a tight schedule, you can go with some reputable and trustworthy reCommerce websites like Best Buy, Gazelle, and Back Market or third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and SWAPPA.

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