How Old Is Nezuko From Demon Slayer: Age, Skill, Special Ability?

How Old Is Nezuko From Demon Slayer Age, Skill, Special Ability?

The demon slayer sister is another name that has found its way through after the popularity Nezuko has gotten. The 12-year-old has now become a powerful demon who can wander around in the sun, posing a threat to many other demons who want to acquire the same power as her. So while you may have just started the series, here is a rundown of all the details you need to know about the demon Nezuko, her personality, fighting style, age, abilities, and gaming techniques. 

Dive in to find out what makes her so unique and how she overcomes every attack towards her!

About Nezuko

About Nezuko

The supporting protagonist in Demon Slayer is Kamado Nezuko, Tanjiro’s younger sister. Her appearance is fair, and she’s a little girl with peculiar pink eyes and paler pink irises. Her light pink kimono is covered by dark brown hair and a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket. She appears to be chewing down on bamboo and sporting pink footwear. Pink ribbons highlight her dark hair. She was portrayed as sympathetic and caring before becoming a monster.

She has grown resolved since taking on her demon form, which she reveals when the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, offers her blood. The seasoned demon slayer corps member does this to demonstrate to everyone in the room that demons all share the same desire for human blood and agony. Demons do indeed have an unquenchable need for human blood. But Nezuko fights this yearning with all her strength.

Sometimes she tries to speak, but when she does, she frequently stutters; it’s possible that her gagging and trauma contributed to this impairment. The vein-like pattern on her forehead demonstrates how her demonic state brings out her strongest physical self.

Nezuko’s Personality

Like her older brother Tanjiro, Nezuko’s original human personality represented a good and compassionate girl who put others before herself. She was also a good older sister to her younger siblings, frequently prioritizing their needs before her own.   Nezuko isn’t hesitant to put herself in danger; even after returning to a human state, she still defends her companions from demons.

It is also revealed that after Tanjiro apologizes to her, Nezuko’s kind, relaxed manner reflects this reality. Nezuko begins as any other demon would—bloodthirsty and ravenous for human flesh—but after witnessing her brother’s desire to shield her from a Demon Slayer despite her being a demon, she entirely transforms and becomes incredibly protective of him.

Nezuko doesn’t seem to have retained her same personality from before her transformation; instead, she acts more like a toddler. It appears that Nezuko has forgotten most of her human memories, aside from those connected to her family.

 Even though this is primarily a consequence of the impact that Sakonji Urokodaki’s influence had on her while she was unconscious for two years, she is still highly protective of and kind to people she views as members of her family. Although she is still far calmer and less vengeful than other demons, Nezuko still exhibits certain human emotions. She has been observed to cry in times of sadness and smile in times of happiness. Nezuko also frequently recognizes Rokuta Kamado in Yushiro as she does in her siblings.

After turning into a demon, Nezuko seems to have gained more confidence and is not afraid of conflict; she vigorously protects her brother and her allies. Sanemi Shinazugawa tries to get her to bite him with his Marechi blood. Still, she refuses, demonstrating that she has strong willpower because she will not eat human flesh or blood, even in the face of severe damage or exposure to human blood. 

She demonstrates her great resolve even after she ceases to be a demon when she voluntarily steps in front of Inosuke to defend him from her brother, who had turned into a demon attempting to kill people nearby. Her brother had become a demon. Although she could get killed when protecting her brother, she stepped in.

Nezuko rarely speaks, and when she does, it’s been observed that she stutters a lot. This might be because she rarely takes her bamboo mouthpiece out since she didn’t talk for a while after her change. Her speech has improved, though, and she can now correctly pronounce words if someone else has just said them or if she hears them repeated often enough after acquiring resistance to sunlight, which enables her to walk outside and interact with others more frequently. 

Fighting Style 

Fighting Style

Nezuko used her strong legs and pointed nails a lot when she was fighting. She has played a significant role in Tanjiro’s conflicts ever since she became a demon, frequently stepping in when an enemy overpowers him. She had the fighting prowess to repel many demons before them, including the Top Rank demons in the Twelve Kizuki. Since excessive blood could cause her to pass out, she employs her Blood Demon Arts less frequently.

How Old is Nezuko?

Nezuko Kamado was 12 years old when the series began. On December 28, Nezuko Kamado was born. At the start of the anime, she is the youngest character in the program at age 12. She stands 5 feet tall and weighs 45 kg.

Tanjiro leaves Nezuko with his tutor Sakonji’s side while he trains to join the demon slayer corps. She sleeps like she’s in a coma at this time till her brother returns from his training. Later in the series, she’s shown as a 14-year-old, and this means her brother is just a year older than her; the demon slayer is now 15 years old. 

Nezuko’s Abilities 

Nezuko’s Abilities

Even though Nezuko is not one of the Twelve Kizuki, she still is a highly powerful demon. Her fastest development rate is perhaps due to a large amount of blood Muzan Kibutsuji gave her when he transformed Nezuko into a demon and the fact that she is not dependent on human blood to survive.

This was shown in multiple battles throughout the entire series, where she was able to win despite being initially outmatched by her adversaries. She has demonstrated the ability to beat her foes by strengthening her physical prowess, improving her regeneration, or, in emergencies, creating her own Blood Demon Art. 

Nezuko, a young demon, has proven to be an excellent fighter, defeating the Temple Demon and assisting Tanjiro in the struggle against the Swamp Demons. Nezuko’s rapid development also represents Tanjiro’s remarkable growth rate, as she can compete with Upper-Rank demons and take on members of the Twelve Kizuki in a matter of months. Her capacity to control the sun has led the Demon King to refer to her as the “chosen demon,” which is also what separates her from all other demons.

Here’s a rundown of the list of abilities Nezuko has and what makes her powerful:

1. Modification in Size

Nezuko showed the vital capacity to modify her body’s size and height after being changed into a demon. When traveling with Tanjiro during the day, she could condense herself into the size of a small child to fit inside a tiny box or a basket and hide from the sun, or she could grow herself into a much larger shape to be able to fight demons.

2. Ability to Regenerate 

Nezuko can heal in a split second thanks to her improved regenerative skills acquired as a demon. She was a somewhat slow regenerator when she initially turned into a demon compared to other demons, and it took her a while to heal slash wounds. Yet once she was awake, her regeneration power advanced to the point where it was on the same level as the Upper Ranks, enabling her to instantly reattach her entire torso and body parts and grow new limbs and legs. 

3. Manipulation of Blood

Nezuko has proven in her Awakened Form that she has great control over her blood in addition to her Blood Demon Art. Nezuko was about to be dismembered by Daki when her limbs and head were all removed, but she was able to stop her before it happened by rapidly congealing and hardening the blood gushing from her severed limbs and head. With this, she could control her limbs to grip and stop Daki’s sashes. Though she did this with blood-tied, floating limbs, the sashes were stopped in their tracks due to the strength with which she could do this action. After that, she was able to reconnect all of her limbs using the bloodstream, which allowed her body to regenerate. 

4. Resistance to the Sun

The Demon King himself believed that demons could not become immune to sunlight, yet Nezuko did so during their fight with Higher Rank Four, Hantengu. She can walk and move around in the daytime thanks to her immunity to sunlight, which causes Muzan to change his plans to hunt and absorb her to conquer the sun himself.

5. Complete Demon Form

Nezuko has the power to go into a frenzied state, where she changes into a more demonic version of herself with vine-like tattoos encircling her body and a single horn sprouting from the right side of her forehead. This awakened form significantly improves Nezuko’s physical abilities, and her level of regeneration is also raised to the Upper Ranks. When she initially discovered this power during her encounter with Daki, she lost her typical restraint around human blood. She had to ask Tanjiro to sing her a lullaby in order to return to normal. Nezuko is able to command this form willfully during the Demon Slayer’s battle with Hantengu, enabling her to fight more proficiently while retaining from feeding on humans.

Nezuko’s Game Techniques 

Nezuko’s Game Techniques

Nezuko uses the following techniques, making her stand out in the game and as a demon fighter. 

  1. Heel Bash
  2. Crazy scratching 
  3. Nails of Fury
  4. Flying kick
  5. Frenzied kicks 
  6. Drop Kick
  7. Spin Kick
  8. Exploding blood strike
  9. Fiery slash
  10. Exploding blood rapture

Interesting Facts About Nezuko

Nezuko is quite interesting; she’s a little kid, which makes it even more surprising. The girl is really powerful, which you now know after reading about her abilities. But here are some interesting facts about Nezuko that you don’t want to miss out on. 

  1. Chosen One: Muzan refers to Nezuko Kamado as the “chosen demon” because she is the only one of her type which can be exposed to sunlight without turning to ash. Even Muzan, the original demon, has a surprising amount of sun phobia. 
  2. Family Heritage: The most effective breathing technique ever discovered has been followed by Tanjiro and Nezuko. All breathing techniques are considered to have their origins in the sun style; a skill passed down through families. From the sun style, all other breath forms split off. The “Hinokami Kagura” or “The Dancing of the Fire God” is the name given to the breathing techniques passed down through the Kamado family. There are a total of 13 identified sub-techniques.
  3. Symbolic name: Before the demon onslaught, the Kamado family resided in a snowy alpine area. In Kanji, “Nezuko” translates to “Snowball blossom” in English, and winter is when this flower blooms. She was probably given the flower’s name as a result of the area her family lived in. 

Bottom Line

Demon Nezuko may be your favorite, but having access to all the details about her is important, especially if you follow the series a lot. From interesting facts to her abilities that make her powerful in the anime world and some of her gaming techniques, we have a list of them. Discover your favorite character, demon Nezuko in a different light and let her age shock you, primarily because of the powers she comes with.

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