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Anonymous Crypto Exchange: Godex Guide

Crypto scammers have stolen over $14 million in 2021. That’s a 79% increase from 2020. The numbers are scary, but we need to learn from our mistakes. Crypto investors worldwide should pay attention to the security of the platforms and tools they are using to exchange their digital coins. 

Read more below on how to choose a safe crypto exchange platform. 

Why Do You Need an Anonymous Exchange Platform?

Even if you are a law-abiding citizen, you might not want to share your personal information with a third party you do not trust. Besides, customer verification sometimes takes a lot of time. That is why some customers want to stay anonymous while swapping ETH to Solana or other cryptocurrencies. Here are a few reasons why you should use an anonymous exchange platform: 

Protection against theft

Protection against theft
Protection against theft

Obscuring personal information may decrease the risk of being targeted by criminals. Moreover, anonymous platforms do not store your coins — they simply act as a facilitator for the swap. This way, your funds are not targeted by criminals who are looking for large clusters of crypto accounts to hack. 

No exhausting KYC and AML procedures 

Some crypto exchange platforms are required to implement Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering regulations. It causes inconvenience because of the long verification process and the possibility of being locked out of your own account. Anonymous exchanges do not require your registration. Thus KYC is also out of the question.

Instant processing

The crypto market is all about speed. With a decentralized anonymous exchange, a user can quickly perform the transaction they want without waiting for the system to register the account, process documents, check sources of funds, etc.

Consequently, anonymous exchange platforms allow you to make fast and safe transactions without being noticed. 

How to Choose a Reliable Exchange Platform

crypto exchange platforms

With the extremely fast development of cryptocurrencies and their implementation in our everyday life, the number of crypto exchange platforms increasing as well. There are already around 600 exchange platforms around the world, but how do you choose the right one? There are several tips:

1. Reputation 

Before going to a new restaurant, most people read the reviews that help them make the final decision. The same goes for crypto exchange platforms. A huge collection of awards and positive reviews from experts and users might point to a reputable exchange platform.

2. Safety 

Even reputable at first sight platforms sometimes cannot protect your funds from fraud by a third party. You should pay attention to the security measures that the platform takes. Before investing, check if the exchange uses SSL encryption, DDoS protection, physical server protection, etc.

3. Number of supported coins and trading volumes 

A wide choice of assets for swapping and significant trading volumes show that the platform offers high liquidity. This means that numerous users utilize the exchange with ease, and you are safe to join them. 

How to Exchange Crypto Via Godex Anonymous Exchange Platform

The Godex crypto exchange platform meets the requirements mentioned above. Here is a detailed guide on how to use this cryptocurrency exchange online:

Go to the official Godex website

Once you get to the main page website, you will see how simple and intuitive it is. The converting tool is located in the center, with “You Send” and “You Get” fields and an “Exchange” button below.  

Choose the trading pair

Using drop-down menus, select the desirable coin out of over 300 available in each field. Also, enter the amount you want to exchange and press the “Exchange” button.  

Enter the address of your digital wallet

Afterward, the system will ask you for the wallet address to which you want your coins to be sent. Input the wallet address; make sure it is correct.  

Send the crypto you want to exchange 

At this stage, Godex provides you with a generated wallet address for you to send the coins you want to exchange.  

Receive the desired cryptocurrency  

As soon as the system receives your coins, you will receive the desirable crypto in the specified wallet.

Final Take

Selecting an exchange platform is a crucial step in your crypto journey. A clean track record, strict security standards, and high liquidity are the basic features you should look for in a reliable platform. Anonymous exchanges can offer all that plus the opportunity to avoid the tiresome KYC and AML procedures, and Godex is the perfect example. Its intuitive layout and simple exchange process make it easy to use for both experienced and newbie customers.

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