9 Best Gaming Earbuds of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Gaming Earbuds of 2023

Don’t disturb people around you with blasting sounds when you play games. You can use earbuds while playing games but you cannot decide which earbuds are best just by looking at them. Therefore, we have curated features of best earmuffs, keeping your requirements in mind. Check these features and enjoy the sound effects of your favorite games.

Before we delve into reviewing some of the best gaming earbuds that you can buy RightNow, we will take a brief look at the advantages of earbuds over headphones for playing games. 

Why Should You Go For Earbuds Instead of Gaming Headphones?

Both gaming headphones and earbuds have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are multiple benefits of choosing earbuds as your gaming headsets over traditional headphones – they are discreet and won’t stand out or ruin your look. They are also portable and easier to store. Let’s look deeper into some reasons why earbuds are the better choice:


For someone who is always on the go and needs to carry a headset with them, earbuds are a great choice due to their portability, that is also the reason why they are so popular. 

They are smaller in size, weigh less and are much easier to store and carry, you can tuck them in your pocket and you are good to go. Newer wireless options are even more compact and take no space at all.


When earbuds first came out they were rejected by many users because of their poor uncomfortable design, which makes them harder to use than traditional headsets. But, thankfully, not anymore! Soft and flexible eartips of in-ear style earbuds are now more comfortable and easy to use.

Over-ear headphones have earcups that trap moisture and sweat during long gaming sessions, which makes them unhygienic, they can also be heavy and bulky.  


For serious gamers immersion is key for a great gaming experience, sounds from outside the game can be a huge distraction and can cause you to lose focus. To minimise sound disturbance and increase immersion, gaming earbuds are the perfect choice.

Immersion is for connecting to the gameplay, whether you are playing a survival game or an FPS, but if you are on the go achieving immersion can be difficult.

Because earbuds are designed to fit in your ear canal, they have a natural noise isolation effect without the need of other technology or padding. High-quality gaming earbuds also come with noise cancelling technology that further reduces external noise. 

Let’s review our top picks for the best earbuds for gaming:



About Product

HyperX Cloud Earbuds are specifically made for such console gamers who want lightweight, stylish, portable, and durable headphones with stereo sound effects at a reasonable price. Two of the top reasons to buy HyperX Cloud Earbuds are their soft ear cushions and detachable microphone that makes it comfortable for you to call for long hours without feeling any pain while playing games on mobile or desktop.

Only the drawback is they might not fit your ears perfectly.

Price: $29.99



About Product

These ultrathin earbuds have two microphones. First one picks up the voice pretty well because it is attached with earphone locating near to the mouth. However, in case you wish to remove it, you can use another one that is just below the control keys. If you are looking to have fun and wish to get fully immersed yourself on your favorite game, then, must try it!

Audio quality is not very excellent.

Price: $26.99



About Product

The best part is they are compatible with android and iOS gaming devices made by Xbox, Apple, Google Mobile, Samsung, and Sony. Their comfortable and tight-fitting silicone ear cups blocks outside noise even the blasting sound of aircraft engine when playing games during air travel. Plus, they are 100% waterproof. That is why, perfect for you!

These iconic earbuds are not valued for money.

Price: $18.99



About Product

This built to last earbuds are backed with 5 years of warranty and free after-sale service. You can buy a pair of KLIM Fusion Earbuds at a very affordable price for as low as $19. Plus, there is no risk in purchase.

You need to pay an additional cost of $3 to buy a leather sleeve to store them safely because they can be damaged if kept in pockets of trousers and jackets.

Price: $19.90



About Product

These ultra-comfortable earphones come with separate buttons to answer calls, turn on and off the sound, HD mic, volume up and down, play, pause and stop buttons along with 3.9-foot cable extension and 3.5 mm jack. They can last for longer with proper care. Sound is really good. Bass lovers will love it.

Their number of features and design does not justify the price tag.

Price: $21.85



About Product

These are manufactured by the world’s famous retailer, Amazon and highly recommended for their low cost and fantastic sound features. If you want to get lost in the gaming world and stay isolated from the noise of the outside world, Amazon Basics Wired Earbuds are your best choice.

Price: $7.81



About Product

They come with the best features of 2 hours of battery recharge and 10 hours of battery life. You will get additional earbud caps, a handy travel pouch and a micro USB charging cable free of cost with every pair. The best feature is that they get connected with the gaming devices wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it enjoyable to play games hassle-free. Plus, you will like excellent sound quality.

These earbuds do not block outside noise.

Price: $19.32



About Product

Four pairs of ear tips are free with every set. Game players can choose to select and use the proper size fitting into ears. In case of any issues within one year of warranty, you can get a total refund or replacement at no cost.

Sometimes, the microphone does not work on iPads and iPods.



About Product

These snugs are the perfect combination of acoustic sound, softness, and style. Surprisingly, they are built with best in class drivers for deep bass. Each pair comes with a free shirt clip. Therefore, the cord does not come in your way when playing games. Rating: 4.5 Stars.

They do not support the soundtrack in the iPhone with an old version. Also, the cord is very thick and long (51 inches), which makes them a bit heavy.

Price: $9.99



Pros: JBL Quantum 50 is one of our top favorite picks for budget-minded consumers. These wired earbuds have an ergonomic design with a comfy fit. The sound quality is excellent, and it fully justifies its affordable price. It has an online remote control and is compatible with all devices with an audio jack. 

Cons: The wire is flimsy and doesn’t bear the weight of the big-sized earbuds.


What are the best earbuds for gaming?

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro is our top pick for the best gaming headphones. They not only have active noise cancellation to allow you to concentrate on your game rather than the traffic outside, but they also have THX-Certified, guaranteeing rich sound even at low volumes. 

They also have an onboard mic for Discord or in-game discussions, as well as touch controls for quick volume adjustments or mic muting. They provide up to 4 hours of use on a full charge, whereas the charging case offers an extra 16 hours. Furthermore, only 15 minutes of charge provides as much as 3 hours of playtime.

Which are the ideal gaming earbuds for your needs?

Once you’ve decided on a price range for a new set of gaming earphones, the most vital factor to keep in mind is comfort. Because gamers typically have at least an hour at a time of gaming, it’s critical to have a pair of earphones that fit properly to avoid the hassle of readjusting. 

A proper fit is also essential for keeping earphones in your ears. Most earbuds now include multiple sets of silicone tips to assist you in finding a superior, more comfortable fit. 

You should also consider wireless headphone battery life because nothing is worse than abruptly losing audio in the midst of a crucial raid or conversing with pals. And communication is critical because not all consoles enable Bluetooth connectivity for headsets.

What are the criteria for selecting these gaming earbuds?

We intentionally chose a range of wireless and wired earphones to accommodate a wide range of personal preferences as well as budgets. We chose businesses that are renowned for producing high-quality accessories for gaming that are not only affordable but also long-lasting.

Which is better – gaming earbuds or a gaming headset?

Everything boils down to personal taste. Earbuds aren’t suitable for everyone, particularly when you’re having difficulty finding a decent fit. Even though most models of gaming earbuds include a variety of silicone tips, they may not provide a pleasant or secure fit. 

Over-ear headsets, as the name implies, fit over the full ear to prevent pain, especially for longer gaming sessions. On the other hand, headsets might be weighty and uncomfortable for someone who wears spectacles or has a larger head.

Are standard headphones okay for gaming?

If all you aim for is to avoid annoying the people around you or your neighbors, you can play games with any old pair of earphones or headphones. However, if you worry about specific things such as audio latency along with other advanced sound tech jargon, you should buy a pair of specialized gaming headphones. You’ll want gear that works across several platforms, especially if you shift between PC and consoles.

Why do pro gamers prefer gaming earbuds?

If you observe esports contests, you may have observed that professional gamers typically wear headphones and earphones. Because they have stronger noise-canceling capabilities, the headsets allow people to concentrate on the game. It also stops them from being tutored by audience members or members of their squad. The earphones are primarily used to guarantee directional audio. They will be able to produce the sounds from the game better this way.

Why are gaming headphones so pricey?

Gaming headphones, particularly earbuds, don’t necessarily have to be pricey, but if you want genuine wireless or top-grade versions, expect to pay a premium. This is due to the fact that the technology required to make Bluetooth and high-quality earphones is costly as a whole, implying that the final price will be high. That does not imply that every set of TW earbuds will be exorbitantly priced or that less expensive pairs can’t be of high quality. 

If you’re prepared to do some independent research, it’s simpler than you think to discover high-quality wired as well as wireless earbuds without emptying your wallet.

Are wired headphones better than wireless?

Initially, it would be best if you decided whether you wanted wired or wireless earbuds. Neither is superior to the other, and each has advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t want to deal with the trouble of charging your headphones after every few hours of playing games, corded gaming earbuds may be a better option. There is no need to charge these because they do not use Bluetooth technology.

You also won’t have to be concerned about audio-visual lag, as this is typically only an issue with wireless earbuds. On the negative, many manufacturers are gradually abandoning the audio connection, so your wired earphones may not be compatible with all gaming systems. 

On the other hand, Wireless gaming earbuds work with practically any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. They also save you from dealing with tangled cords or damaged cables.


We hope that our list of the ten best gaming earbuds under 100 will help you find the earbuds that best fit your gaming needs. It doesn’t matter if you purchase wired or wireless earbuds; we always recommend you identify your specific needs and make a well-informed decision. 

Enjoy playing games and feel energetic with music beats.

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