How To Change Kik Username

How To Change Kik Username?

You can come across plenty of digital messaging mediums on the internet, for instance, iMessage, WhatsApp, Imo, Kik, and many more. However, the given discussion is mainly centered around a factor associated with the Kik messaging application.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is also a popular instant messaging medium as it has been in the online market since 2009 and is fully compatible with variant devices, i.e., Androids, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets & Amazon kindle fire. You may find various common features in Kik like other messaging apps, but it comes up with a unique feature of anonymous chats. With this feature, you can participate in various sponsored chats anonymously without showing your identity.

In context to the anonymous chat feature, Kik has set up an age restriction; the users below the age of 13 are not allowed to use the Kik application.

Kik Username

The Kik username holds great significance in terms of your identity over Kik app as it serves as a key to search someone on the Kik app, but it doesn’t get displayed publicly; the name other users see on your Kik account is actually the display name associated with your Kik account which is a different thing.

You are allowed to set a desired username for your Kik account once at the time of registration, but it can not be changed later on.

How to change Kik username?

change Kik username

If you are looking for a way to change your Kik user name, then you are right at your quest. Many Kik users might consider it crucial to change their Kik identity over a specific time. Unfortunately, your particular desire can’t be fulfilled because the Kik app doesn’t support this specific request.

However, it puts forward another related choice to change the Kik display name; like the Kik user name, the Kik display name also identifies you on the Kik application. So, instead of changing KikUsername, it is relatively more feasible to change your Kik display name.

Best ways to change Kik display name/Username

Prior to altering the Kik display name, make sure to choose a proper name as this is how other Kik users see you on Kik. Although changing the Kik display name is not a big deal, we intend to simplify things by curating a quick guide on how to change Kik username/ display name.

Change Kik Display name

Whatever the Kik compatible device you are using, i.e., Android, tablets, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, firstly, you are required to launch your Kik app to change your display name. Then you need to:

  • Login to your Kik account, if it isn’t already.
  • Locate a “gear” icon at the upper right of the Kik screen and click on it to access Kik “Settings.”
  • In Kik app settings, tap on the option “Your Account.”
  • In the Account menu, select the option “Name” and enter your desired display name here.
  • Tap on “Ok” to save your changes.

Deactivate your Kik account

Though the above-stated method is a quicker approach to change the Kik display name, if it doesn’t satisfy your requirement and you intend to change Kik username somehow, you can only avail a choice to create a new user account. Because only in a newly created Kik account you will have the choice to set a desired Kik user name.

At first, you will be required to deactivate your existing Kik account in order to create a new one. For this:

  • Login to your Kik account on your respective device.
  • Access Kik settings and enter into the “My Account” page.
  • Here, just tap on the Reset option. (Reset option won’t be enough to deactivate your account directly)
  • Then you will receive an email from the Kik application on your respective email address, which was used at the time of registration on Kik.
  • In that email, you will be required to enter your email address in order to confirm Kik account deactivation.
  • After entering your email address, click on the “Go!” button, and your Kik account will get deactivated this way.
  • Then you can relaunch your Kik application to create a new Kik user account.
  • After the creation of a new Kik account, precisely enter your desired username this time.

Note: Right after the deactivation of your old Kik account, your previously added Kik friends won’t be able to approach or contact you on Kik until you create a new Kik account. However, in a newly created Kik account, you will need to add your old Kik friends again if you want to communicate with them over the Kik app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your real name visible on Kik?

The Kik cross-platform was developed in such a manner that your personal information, such as your actual name, email, password, and other details, may only be seen by you.

As a result, just your username will be visible to another Kik user; your personal information will not be displayed. Although you cannot modify your Kik username, you can change your display name, which appears at the top of your friend chat screen.

Here’s how to modify your Kik display name.

Open Kik > Tap the settings symbol in the upper-right corner > Tap my account > Click on name > Change the name, then save.

How can I search for a person on Kik using their name?

This is quite simple.

Launch Kik > Tap the plus (+) icon in the bottom-right corner > Select Find individuals > Enter the name or username of the user you’re looking for > Tap on the desired user within the search results.

Is Kik a dating app?


Kik isn’t a dating site, but you can locate and meet new people, bond with them, and connect with them. It’s the only opportunity you have.

How to Secretly Use Kik?

Kik does not provide a safe environment for children. However, they utilize alternate display ages and names to gain access to a Kik account. In many ways, this is incorrect and dangerous.

However, if you are over the age of 18 and wish to use Kik anonymously, you can alter your display name to ensure that no one identifies you on the network.

If you wish to use Kik anonymously and conceal your profile from your family, family, and friends, you may change the display name at any moment. This is the greatest method to avoid any unwanted attention.


When it comes to online messaging apps, Kik messenger is a great choice that is entirely secure to use, even you don’t need to provide much information at the time of registration; you just have to enter your email address and a username at first. The KikUsername can be set at this initial stage only.

Later on, if you intend to change it, the only choice you would have is to deactivate your existing Kik account and then create a new one with your desired new username. However, Kik allows its users to change their display name even many times after the registration process.

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