MacDroid Review

MacDroid Review

Are you an Android and Mac or iOS-based device owner, and you are looking for more comfortable and more effective ways of transferring files from Android to Mac or the other way around?

Fortunately, there is an excellent software explicitly designed to allow smooth file transfers from either OS to another without much hassle, as well as exceptional data management solutions. 

If you have used Mac Os and an Android device together, then you might already be aware of how tough file transfers can be between these platforms. Things are much easier for iPhone or iPad users because transferring files between these devices and a Mac computer is hassle-free.

To work with two different competing platforms, third-party cloud storage is essential for data transfer, which is inefficient, tedious, and slow. 

There has been a need for a faster and easier solution that eliminates the need to upload and download files from cloud storage for data transfer to these systems. MacDroid offers a more efficient and user-friendly solution that makes Android file transfer for Mac operating system hassle-free.


  • Allows mounting internal and external Android storages
  • Easily file editing on mac without transferring the files to you PC
  • Doesn’t require any additional plugins or extensions
  • Supports all MTP and Android devices
  • Free 7-day trial


  • None

Connecting An Android Device to Mac

 MacDroid eliminates the need for cloud storage or special cables for connectivity because it allows you to connect any Android device to your Mac system via USB.

The process of getting MacDroid to work is simple and easy. Simply download, install, open the software, go to ‘Devices’ in the main menu, and connect your Android device.

Select either ADB (Recommended) or MTP connection mode. The software will guide through the next few steps, after which your Mac computer will be able to access your Android data via the software.

Software requirements

MacDroid serves as a bridge between Mac computers and Android devices. It allows you to transfer data seamlessly back and forth between the two devices, including images, videos, music, and folders.

For MacDroid to work, you need macOS 10.10 or higher. However, the software will work with any Android version or MTP device.


The fundamental feature of MacDroid is serving as a file transfer software. When an Android device is connected to a Mac computer, it serves as an external hard drive for the system.

MacDroid allows you to access the internal and external storage of You can also mount both internal and external storage of your Android device, as well as edit files through the software. These features allow you to save time and hassle by letting you manage the data on the Android device from your Mac computer.

How to use MacDroid?

One of the main reasons behind MacDroid’s popularity is its ease of usage. All you have to do is to download and run MacDroidon your Mac device, and you are good to go. When you launch the MacDroid app for the first time, you would have to configure the settings according to your preference.

Enable USB debugging mode on your Android device for using the software. You will find this option in the developer menu. Some android users find it challenging to locate the developer menu in their phone’s settings’ app; thus you can enable the option by selecting the build number in the software information or ‘About’ the phone section of the settings app.

After you can successfully enable USB debugging, plug in your device. The software will then prompt you to reconfirm if you want to use USB Debugging, then select the option “Always for this Computer”. After this MacDroid will make your phone available in the Finder.

How much does MacDroid cost?

You can select between the MacDroid free and PRO versions. You can easily download both of these versions from the developer’s website. MacDroid has limited features, but it is excellent for transferring Android file transfer Mac. With the free version, you also get MacDroid PRO 7-day full-featured trial.  

If you want to get the MacDroid PRO version; but you are unsure about investing in it, then you can avail the 7-day free trial before making your decision. With the MacDroid PRO version, you can transfer files between Mac and Android in both directions, and you also get regular software updates.

The MacDroid Pro version costs $1.67per month – $19.99/year. You are billed annually (auto-renewal).


MacDroid is an excellent file transfer software that makes Mac to Android and Android to mac data transferring a breeze! With the free version, you can only transfer files from Android to Mac; however, with the pro version, you can transfer files between Android and Mac in both directions.

If you regularly transfer files between Android and Mac, the MacDroid Pro version will prove to be worth its cost.

How do you transfer your files between Mac and Android? Have you tried MacDroid? Please share your experience with us in the comments.

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