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Sims Summit – Mods for Sims 4 and Sims 5 News

The Sims Summit was an exciting event this year as EA announced the future of the long-running series. For Sims 4, the VP of the franchise creative, Lindsay Pearson, announced that the company was partnering with Overwolf. This company owns a modding hub called CurseForge and will be responsible for creating a destination where Sims 4 players can download custom content and trusted mods. 

Therefore, players will finally have mod support and proper mod management for the Sims 4, which will help them easily install, update and find curated mods. Generally, installing mods and updating them is complicated, which is why having a mod manager and official mod support will be a game-changer for the game.

This update is expected to be available 27 days after the summit. A beta version is expected to be released soon.  

Electronic Arts also gave a hint at the future of Sims, which is codenamed, Project Rene. Following the small announcement, Lyndsay Pearson showed small glimpses of the editing tools and cross-platform play that will supposedly be included in the new Sims game. 

From the teasers, it seems as if EA is bringing back the expanded version of the Create-A-Style tools that were a feature of Sims 3. You can choose individual furniture parts and select their patterns, material, etc. You can also have custom colors and other modular pieces such as backings, bed headboards, couches, etc. 

Sims will also seem to allow you to collaborate with your friends and share designs quickly and in multiple ways. Sharing via the Sims gallery will not be your only option. Although the collaborative part is still unclear, future announcements will likely clear them up. 

Despite the exciting announcement, fans won’t see the new game for a few years. However, Pearson promises that they will be sharing progress works, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes content till the release. 

Project Rene will also become available as early access to small groups over time. Sharing news about a game years in advance is unlike the company, but EA shared that they are excited to take the fans with them on the journey. 

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