Instagram Starts Video Selfie Trials

Verifying Age Of Users: Instagram Starts Video Selfie Trials

The Meta-owned app is overflowing with users who have changed their birth year to make them seem like they are over 18 years. However, many do not adhere to the 13+ age rule set by Instagram. To enforce this rule, Instagram has had to take extra steps.

There are three ways that you can confirm your age on Instagram according to their new rules. The first method is to upload an ID. Through the ID, Instagram will be able to confirm that you are eligible to use Instagram and interact with the content uploaded on the application.

The second method is to have an adult vouch for the user, and the third is to take a video selfie. These steps have been put into place to ensure that teenagers have an age-appropriate experience with the application. 

Previously, Instagram has faced criticisms regarding teen and child safety on its platforms. Thus, these steps have become necessary. Additionally, the parents of Instagram users have also been provided with extra tools so that they can keep a closer eye on what their child is doing online. One of these tools includes time limits and reports of what their child does on the app.

Other changes include a nudging feature that will encourage teens to look at other content if they continuously view posts on the same topic on Instagram’s explore page. They will also be encouraged to take a break if they have been continuously scrolling through reels. These features will help ensure that teens are getting a holistic experience and are not obsessing over one thing for too long.

Video selfies are a popular way for digital platforms such as Instagram to verify whether the users are eligible to use the app. The algorithm used, is trained to determine a user’s date of birth by their facial features, but it cannot identify the user themselves. The error range for this technology is 1.36 years for six to 12-year-olds and 1.52 years for 13 to 19-year-olds.

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