Xbox’s New Starter Bundle Includes an Xbox Series S and a Three Month Game Pass

Xbox’s New Starter Bundle Includes an Xbox Series S and a Three Month Game Pass

The Xbox Starter Bundle, a tempting offer for gamers, has been unveiled by Microsoft. It combines a Game Pass Ultimate membership with an Xbox Series S console. This offering follows the announcement of an improved Xbox Series S in black that boasts a terabyte of storage space, essentially addressing the main drawback of the original Series S.

With the launch of its new Xbox Starter Bundle, Xbox is ready to fulfill gamers’ gaming fantasies as the holiday season approaches. The original 512GB Xbox Series S, a wireless Xbox controller, and a hefty three-month Game Pass Ultimate membership are all included in this amazing package, which will go on sale on October 31. What’s best? It costs only $299, which also happens to be the usual price of the 512GB Xbox Series S purchased separately. In essence, this combo gives users three completely free months of Game Pass Ultimate.

In the years following their first launches, gaming console pricing dynamics have often decreased. Even after almost three years on the market, this trend hasn’t shown for the Xbox Series X or S. The launch of the Series S Starter Bundle, which includes a three-month subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, may be compared to a slight price increase. 

Essentially, this bundled membership is what accounts for the $50 price difference. However, it is quite puzzling that Xbox didn’t choose to include its more recent 1TB Series S model in this combo. The $349 pricing of the initial model fits with the company’s primary goal of maintaining the most economical entry point.

Gamers who purchase the Xbox Starter Bundle in late October or early November, gamers will have access to Game Pass Ultimate through the end of the current year. Persona 5 Tactica, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Thirsty Suitors, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and possibly Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl are just a few of the notable games that will be added to the service during this time for new subscribers. In the future, Xbox might release comparable holiday bundles for its 1TB Series S or Series X models. This Series S Starter Bundle’s packaging, which highlights the wide variety of fantastic titles included in the Xbox Game Pass, is currently guaranteed to dazzle the holiday market.

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