Xbox One Elite Controller Review

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

The release of the Xbox One Elite Controller left many gasping. With its improved mechanics and smooth design, it caught many eyes. The Xbox Elite controller is not just beautiful. The controller is also one of the best controllers on the market. It boasts incredible thumbsticks, a better grip, a new and improved D-pad, and so much more.

Comfortable and easy to use, the Xbox One Elite controller takes gaming to a whole new level. It truly allows gamers to move their hands comfortably. Hence, they can ace any game that they play.

However, with new releases comes a price hike. If you head over to Google to search ‘Xbox elite controller best buy,’ the price will not be cheap. Some things are worth the money, though. Is this controller worth it? Should you just wait for the Xbox elite controller 3? Let us go through all the features will you make that decision.

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

What’s New?

To determine whether or not you want to buy something new, you should always go through the features to determine whether or not it is worth the upgrades. Sometimes companies simply refresh the design and use that as a way to siphon money from the consumers. The question comes down to whether or not you should simply save up for a newer model like the Xbox elite series 3.

Let’s look at what’s new in the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Overall Build:

The Xbox One Elite Controller is not very different from its predecessors. However, there are a few differences that you can easily pick out once you really put the two controllers side by side. 

First and foremost, the most glaring difference is the lack of color. The signature colored buttons have been swapped out in favor of new buttons. These have metallic highlights that elevate the look of the controller. It looks more sleek and premium without the colored buttons drawing your attention. 

Secondly, the Elite controller adds in rubberized grips. This makes the whole experience of using the controller much more comfortable. These ergonomic grips prevent the controller from becoming slippery over time and also protect it from wear and tear.

The entire controller is overall heavier, which adds to the experience. It also sits more comfortably in your hand. This feature makes it feel like an extension of you rather than a separate controller. 

Comfort is a huge point of concern for gamers. This is because it makes the gameplay so much easier and efficient. The Xbox Elite One Gamer promises that. The upgraded build ensures that the user is at ease with its many tweaks. These small changes make a mighty difference in the feel of the controller. 



The thumbsticks on the Xbox One Elite controller are not hugely different from those in the standard Xbox One controller or the Xbox 360 controller. The main difference and possible plus point come in the form of the fact that they are interchangeable.

The developers of this controller made sure to include extra thumbsticks in the box for the gamers to choose from. This is a massive upgrade as it allows the consumers to pick and choose a thumbstick that they are comfortable with.

This step also shows that Xbox really listens to their customers and has their best interests in mind.

The controller comes with three sets of thumbsticks. One is the familiar concave thumbstick, and then there are two convex DualShock 3 ones.

Additionally, these thumbsticks have different lengths. Hence, you can really figure out the best one for you and your gaming needs.

These thumbsticks are easy to install as they use magnets to attach to the base. You can hence also easily swap them out if needed.

When attached, they are quite stable. So you don’t have to worry about them dislodging during a gaming session. It requires intentional force to get take them off.



Another feature that has changed in the Xbox One Elite Controller is the D-pad. Here too, the manufacturers provide the gamers with a choice. 

Within the box, there are two D-pads. One of them is a regular D-pad but made of metal. The other option is a faceted metal one. This dual build adds in a layer of durability and prevents rapid wear down.

The D-pad itself is still the same D-pad on any Xbox One controller. It is tactile and hence clicky. Some players prefer this tactility, and some don’t. 

The only major difference is the interchangeability of the D-pads and their caps. The Xbox Elite One controller comes with the standard D-pad cap. This is the cross-style version. But, this time, the controller box also includes a new D-pad cap. This one is round. The shape allows the user to make precise and sharp movements with the D-pad. This feature will surely be upgraded in the Elite series 3 controllers.

This cap is extremely useful. This round cap is perfect for those who have to play games where they have to be lightning-fast. For example, games that require fighting and shooting.



In the Xbox One Elite Controller, triggers have received a massive upgrade. They are now made of metal to increase their durability. This makes the controller a step above the ones in the older models, as they are now less prone to breaking during intense gaming.

These new triggers have a massive increase in ergonomics and overall ease of use. The placement and feel of the triggers allow the player to immerse themselves in the game completely. This feature helps heighten the experience altogether.

The Xbox One Elite controllers now boast hair triggers. These triggers are designed to have less travel distance. Less distance means that they now have better responsiveness. Even the slightest increase in responsiveness can make a world of a difference in the eyes of those who play fast-paced games. 

Additionally, Xbox also allows you to mess with the sensitivity of the triggers as well. You can easily switch up the sensitivity if you want to or if the game calls for it. This option is extremely useful for those who play a variety of different games as sensitivity has a major impact on the performance of the games you are playing. 



The paddles are a new edition to the Xbox One Elite Controllers that can’t be found on any of its predecessors. The main function of these paddles is to provide the user with an extra set of buttons. These buttons can be mapped to serve different functions. 

Such a feature truly enhances the user experience as such customizability is not something you would expect from an Xbox controller. Yet, here we are with these green buttons that you can interchange or remove. 

It is a bonus feature that is extremely convenient to have. You can duplicate any button and have it near other fingers where you are more comfortable. These paddles are marked by a green switch on either side to indicate where you can attach the extra paddles. 

There are many uses for a feature like these. You can move down the triggers; if your index finger doesn’t naturally switch to a button on the front, then you can switch it to the back paddle. There is so much you can do with it.  

It really allows you as the gamer to make this controller their own. 


As compared to the controllers that came before it, the software of the Xbox One Elite Controller allows you to customize it to the max. 

Using the Xbox accessories app, you can have complete control over so many features.

You can change the stick sensitivity. A feature that is extremely useful in games that requires you to be quick and precise. You can change up the trigger sensitivity, which is crucial in shooting games. The app also allows you to re-map the functions of the paddles. This feature can make so much difference to those who aren’t as comfortable with the controller as others.

The app itself is a delight to use as it is easy to find whatever you are looking for and does not require you to have previous knowledge to work it. There is virtually nothing that is lacking from this app. It features all the essentials that are required. Hence, you have the option to make the controller as tailored to you as possible.

However, it is important to note that not everyone needs to use these features as many are comfortable with the standard settings.


The performance of the Xbox One Elite Controller is outstanding as usual. Nothing less can be expected from Xbox. The hefty price tag also hints at the many changes that Xbox has made to its new product.

Overall, this controller works extensively and is a perfect match for most of the games out there in many different genres. It runs smoothly and excels every other competitor on the market. It has customizability and allows complete control over most of the buttons on the controller. This feature allows the performance of the Xbox One Elite to surpass others and shine in a league of its own.

The flexibility that this controller offers can be a bit daunting and overwhelming but the more used to it you get, the more the customizations and other small features start to make sense. 

The experience of the Xbox One Elite Controller can be curated to match your style of playing coupled with the game you play. The excess accessories add to the performance of this controller and help it be the best of the best. 

App Adjustments

There are also other settings that may be accessed via the Xbox One’s dedicated Xbox Accessories app. In addition to map button presses, you may independently modify the thumbsticks’ sensitivity and triggers. Each trigger and handle’s amount of vibration can also be adjusted. The intensity of the illuminated Xbox button can also be reduced.

Pro players and dedicated gamers will undoubtedly spend a significant amount of time adjusting each setting to achieve the ideal set-up for particular games. There is a switch on the controller to toggle between two configurations, allowing you to have one set for Halo 5: Guardians or Fallout 4, for instance, and the other for Forza Motorsport 6.

If you’re different from the type of player who spends hours fine-tuning their experience, you may also download settings created by other gamers for other titles. The app will display all of the titles that are currently available, and several are already available – primarily for Microsoft’s major games. As the community grows, more will appear.

The set is completed with a carry case, particularly for when you want to ensure you have the best chance of winning games at a friend’s house or in a tournament. Professional gamers will appreciate the presence of a durable, fabric-coated USB cable. In professional competitions, there are other options than disconnecting. Hence wired is always recommended.

The connection, however, does not function as a charger because the packaging contains no rechargeable battery, only a pair of Duracell AAs. Which, for some, maybe the controller’s most serious, if not the sole, flaw.

The Cons

No device is perfect, and the same holds for the Xbox One Elite Controller. There are a few downsides to this device that you have to be aware of before you set off to purchase it.

Firstly, this controller is extremely expensive. The hefty price tag may seem worth it when you first see the controller with its shiny new look. But is the sleekness worth the extra hundreds you would have to drop for this device? Questionable. 

The more you use the device, the more you will begin to realize that the controller is not widely different from its predecessor. Sure it looks nice but are looks everything? If it feels the same and has the same hand feel, is the controller worth breaking the bank for?

Secondly, Xbox is well known for putting out new controllers and accessories ever so often. So is it really worth dropping money on this one when there might be a newer and better one coming out soon? 

You could always save up and get the newer one which will feel like more of an upgrade than if you were to get this one.

Thirdly, Xbox does not ship the controller with a rechargeable battery. This can be a major setback for those who use their controller a lot. A non-rechargeable battery has many cons. The battery could die in the midst of a super intense game, and you would have to change out the battery. If you don’t have a spare, it is virtually useless unless you get new batteries.

Should you buy the Xbox One Elite Controller? 

This is what everything comes down to. Should you or should you not get the new controller? Do you really need a custom Xbox Elite controller? 

The main thing you have to consider here is whether or not you have the budget for it. Because of its price tag, you will have to give this one some serious thought.

If you are a regular gamer, then the Xbox Elite controller might be worth it. If you are an occasional gamer that really does not need the added bonuses of customization and good looks, then maybe skip out on this one out. You could always wait for the Xbox elite controller series 3.


The Xbox One Elite controller is no doubt a gorgeous accessory to complement your Xbox console. It not only reigns in the looks department but also has extreme customization features. These features set it apart from all the others on the market. 

The track record for this controller is amazing. We have no doubt when we say that it is one of the best controllers out there. Everyone who has used it has loved it. It makes playing highly precise games so much easier. The customizations just are a cherry on the top.

If you find this controller to not be worth it, then the Elite controller series 3 will be coming very soon!

Happy Playing!

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