iRobot Roomba S9 Plus

iRobot Roomba S9 Plus Review

With the development in technology, there are a ton of robotic vacuums you can easily get access to today that have the ability to assist you in getting all your floors clean and tidy. From picking up small crumbs to a little bit of dust and even your pet hair, it gets the job done!

But the real question is, why do you need to spend twice as much for a robot vacuum? Why not! When you are getting an iRobot Roomba S9+, each penny matters because the vacuum is worth the investment. This vacuum is known to be the best robotic vacuum cleaner out there, with the ability to vacuum in all the places that actually need the cleaning.

The robot can easily be connected to the wifi and is known to be one of the most excellent purchases one can make, with its convenient mapping capability. Additionally, the device has a base that’s self-emptying and limits all the exposure to dust. Once the device is set up, it can work around your home pretty easily; the only help it needs is being replaced.

Once the cleaning is done, you can easily replace the vacuum bag and get it set to work.

Here’s more you need to know about iRobot Roomba S9 Plus!

Design and Specifications

Design and Specifications

When looking at the design of the S9+, there are a few things that make the Roomba stand out. One of which is how it’s D-shaped and can easily get in the corners, helping you achieve a deeper clean. The robotic vacuum is quite small and 12.5 inches in diameter; its small body makes it even more impressive, seeing how it just has two 9.5 inches brushes.

These brushes are found near the front of the robotic vacuum. This is beneficial as it helps to achieve corner cleaner and pick up all the dirt in a single pass only. 

Did you know that the iRobot has an extremely powerful suction and claimed by the company itself that the S9+ can pick upto 40 times more than the Roomba 600 series, and it is even powerful than the S9+ predecessor, which is the i7+. 

The S9+ has an extremely clean base that can easily facilitate charging the robot as well as emptying it. You can also find an extra side-brush, a dirt disposal bag, and even a high-efficiency filter. The roomba parts are designed to make your cleaning experience worthwhile!

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance

With the updated system and designed to clean your floor, the S9+ is right for the job. It doesn’t matter what flooring you have; it still gets the job done pretty well. As claimed by multiple people, the S9 has an exceptional cleaning, and is tested on all flooring types. This includes the hardwood floors, hard carpets, and even the soft carpets. 

You do not have to waste hours getting those small pieces of debris and dirt away because the Rooba S9+, especially with its 40x suction power, captures all there is on the floor. Have you finally decided on getting it and want to learn how the Roomba S9+ is set up? We have you covered!

How to Set-up your Roomba S9+ 

The iRobot can easily be set, and you can have it going in just 30 minutes. As soon as you open the box, you can let the Roomba s9 charge.

After all the elements are unboxed, you can easily download the app and install all the necessary updates. This takes a chunk of your time, but once it’s done, you can easily set up the Roomba s9 and let it charge. The scheduling takes just a few seconds but serves you pretty efficiently.

If the Roomba won’t connect to wifi, then you can reboot the device and even close the iRobot app; after that, restart your wifi device, and you’ll see it working immediately. While setting up the app, you can also ensure how powerful you want your suction to be. 

You can also set it up at Amazon Alexa for an even more seamless and smooth cleaning process!

Roomba S9 and its Battery

Roomba S9 and its Battery

The Roomba battery will last you up to two hours, and even if you have set the device on the highest setting, it will run up to 45 minutes of cleaning time. As soon as the device is running low on battery, it will return to its charging dock and get charged. As soon as it is charged, the process of the cleaning begins again and finishes the required cleaning of the day.

If your Roomba is not charging by chance, you can start by cleaning the ports. This can be done by using a soft piece of cloth and some rubbing alcohol. This will help you get rid of all the dust, gunk, and hair that may have collected near the ports. If the Roomba won’t charge, then the best way is to reinstall the battery or get a battery replacement done. You can also buy a new charging dock and even reset your Roomba s9. 

Automatic Dustbin Emptying

The Roomba S9+, like the Roomba i7+, has automatic dustbin emptying technology built into the charging base. The CleanBase system is an expanded charging base system with a disposable dust bag into which the S9+ can discharge debris directly.

If you’ve seen this before, it was most likely on the Roomba i7+, which was the first to have the CleanBase. The charging base’s dust bag can hold up to 30 loads of debris from the onboard dust bin.

Note: Despite the fact that iRobot describes the dust bag on the CleanBase as “disposable,” I discovered that I could remove the contents and reapply the bag. Unless you have severe allergies and don’t want any particles in the air, you can quickly empty and reuse this bag.

Imprint Smart Mapping

Imprint smart mapping (ISM) is a system that integrates several smart navigation elements into one. ISM incorporates zonal cleaning, straighter liner navigation, and the generation of digital maps that can be accessed immediately from your smartphone via the iRobot app.

This robot’s smart sensors digitally scan the space up to 25 times per second, resulting in fewer bumping into obstructions.

Imprint Link

Imprint Link is a technology that connects the Roomba S9+ and the new Braava m6 mopping robots. When used in tandem, this connection technology enables the S9+ to vacuum your carpets and notify the m6 that it is time to mop.

The one disadvantage is that in order to use this technology, you must first acquire the robot vacuum and mop, which is a significant expenditure.

The Advantages of Roomba S9

The Roomba comes with its fair share of benefits, and some of them include the following, keep reading to find out. 

It is Easy to Use!

The number one benefit of owning the Roomba s9+ is that you can use and work around it pretty easily. Once you get the programming done, you can easily set up the device by predetermining and pre-deciding the cleaning time, the suction power, and how powerful you want the clean to be. Just make sure to place it in the right place, and it’s good to go!

They are Extremely Efficient:

Did you know that the Roomba s9 is a highly efficient and easy-to-use device? While vacuuming your home, if the device ends up running out of battery, it will return back to its charging port and get powered up to continue its cleaning process. How efficient! The d-shaped device gets into the corners and cleans your home thoroughly from all the right places. 

It Saves You Cleaning Time!

Who said you have to spend your mornings vacuuming your home and ensuring every nook and cranny is wiped of all the dirt and grime? Not anymore because with Roomba s9+, you can schedule a cleaning time, and the device will automatically start cleaning and get the job done. Instead, you can just lounge and relax or attend a yoga class and even work without having to worry about going back to a dirt home. With the excellent Roomba S9 that has an excellent mapping system, you can focus on yourself while the robot does the job it was designed for!

The Cons of the Roomba S9+

It’s Expensive:

One of the most vocalised and discussed con of the iRobot Roomba S9+ is how expensive it is! You may be able to get a device half the price of an s9+ today, but the real question is will it be worth it?

 It may not be, and ultimately it may stop working, and you will end up replacing it. Why bother paying twice for the same vacuuming robot when you can invest once and get the right one for the job. Take the leap and get the Roomba s9!


You now know all there is to know about the Room S9+; for efficient and even in-depth cleaning, you can even check out the Roomba pet series. But for now, this device is a good option for all those looking to get a good cleaning experience, save all your cleaning time and make cleaning easy.  

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