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10 Smart Kitchen Technologies That All Homes Should Have

You are probably expecting to see tech appliances that include kitchen gadgets such as the latest coffee maker on this list, but I have news for you, even with the best and most improved coffee machines, coffee makers are a bit overdone and too predictable. On this list, you will find a few of the newest and most innovative kitchen tech appliances that will have you filling up your carts immediately.

1. Juicer

Juicers are typically not referred to as a must-have in the kitchen. Frankly, many of the juicer options we have been offered are often too expensive for a piece of kitchen equipment without many impressive functions. Thankfully, this is changing as the market becomes increasingly saturated with brands driving intense, innovative competition. With the availability of sweet, juicy, seasonal fruits from the Publix weekly ad for next week, choosing to invest in either a slow masticating juicer or a citrus juicer, considering the quality and variety of juicers on the market right now, is definitely a good move.  However, we recommend food processors and blenders to make juice because they are easily cleanable due to fewer parts.

2. Air Fryer

Air Fryer

If you are yet to join the air fryer train, why are you taking so long, and what are you waiting for? Air fryers have been the global pandemic’s best kitchen offering that has kept millions of people trying out various healthy recipes and convincing themselves to maybe sign up for culinary school. Air Fryers are low effort, high rewards type of kitchen gadgets, with little to no oil or grease prepping as well as no strenuous after use cleaning required; pop in anything from sweet potatoes to chicken strips into your air fryer and watch tasty magic happen.  

3. Pressure Cooker

Okay, pressure cookers are a bit dated, right? Like coffee makers, everybody and their great-grand relatives have one in their kitchens, but do they have an instant pot slow cooker and pressure cooker combined? I think not. Typically reserved for basic cooking recipes like rice, your pork, lamb, and oxtail, cooking time has never been shorter with the newer versions. What is even more exciting is that versions of this new combined instant pot are WiFi equipped, which means you can add all your ingredients into the pot before you leave the house and then operate it from an app when you are ready to have it start cooking. It is mind-blowing!

4. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are a must-have even though many of us might require a lot of convincing to invest money in them. However, there is now evidence that more people are beginning to recognize the value of dishwashers helping save on time as well as money spent on trying to find the washing liquids to get out tough grease and stains. Another reason why dishwashers are also becoming increasingly accepted is that brands continue to develop dishwashers that can safely wash more and more kitchenware. Typically, the amount of kitchenware that was considered dishwasher safe was so limited, and we can understand why that might have been not very encouraging.

5. Vacuum Sealer

We are all tired of having to specifically look for Ziplock bags when you need to store food in the fridge or freezer. Sometimes you just run out of these special bags, but you have plenty of plastic bags that will do the job, just that they can’t be properly sealed. This is why vacuum sealers are the most convenient kitchen gadgets ever to exist. I dare say that it feels as if the person who invented them took our sealing frustrations personally and decided to create such a brilliant kitchen solution or you can search kitchen depot near me. It should not take much convincing to implore you to go spend money on a vacuum sealer; there is nothing quite like it; it makes storage easier, more convenient, and makes your meals stay fresher for longer.

6. Rechargeable Automatic Corkscrew

Rechargeable Automatic Corkscrew

Everyone, and I mean every single person, is over the arduous task of having to manually screw in the tail of a corkscrew for what feels like an hour, then having to press the wings down before you pull the cork out of the wine bottle. This process is honestly exhausting and unnecessary, and thank goodness we now have an automatic electric solution. With the new auto corkscrew options, all you need to do in most cases is switch it on and place it on top of the bottle and just watch the cork get unscrewed. I honestly cannot come up with a reason for why this did not exist before now.

7. Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Our public spaces are filled with touchless sanitizer dispensers, so there should be no reason why this efficient and convenient practice should not be brought into our homes. Placing an automatic touchless soap dispenser in your kitchen means that you don’t always have to run around to rinse your hands first before you then press on the nozzle of your soap bottle before then being able to wash and rinse off any germs or food residue on your hands. Basically, this is a nudge to make everything automatic in your home, from your soap dispenser to the taps in your kitchen; what do you have to lose? Nothing.

8. Smart Ice Cream Maker

Smart Ice Cream Maker

There are kitchen essentials, and then there are kitchen must-haves because who wouldn’t want a smart ice cream maker that can whip up ice cream or other frozen treats for you, your family, or your guests in under 90minutes or less. Thankfully, there are also many options to choose from as companies have seen a huge gap in the market for an ice-cream device that allows its users to create their own recipes and consume as they go. 

The vegan community has been particularly impressed because many of these ice cream makers can use take oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk alongside other ingredients and press out the best vegan ice cream options.

9. Smart Toaster

You may have never heard of it, and you might even be wondering whether the toasters we have aren’t already smart enough. Well, according to brands like Revolution Cooking, the toaster solution is one of highspeed, touchscreen, and never burnt but incredibly crispy but soft toasts. For them, this is a why not, if not kitchen tech appliance solution for people who truly value the artistry behind the very best tastes and textures when it comes to bread.

10. Instaview Fridge and Freezer

Instaview Fridge and Freezer

The final kitchen tech device on this list is one that has taken the social media community by storm, particularly TikTok because it is now popularly referred to as the TikTok fridge. You knock on its glass door twice, and it lights up to reveal the refreshments you have remaining in your fridge. This ‘TikTok’ fridge includes some incredible features such as compartments that can be opened separately so that you can prevent cold air from escaping, so basically, your big fridge has a little fridge inside it.

Ultimately, here you have an extensive list of kitchen tech that you should consider buying because, honestly, they are absolutely worth it!

When exploring smart kitchen technologies, it’s also valuable to consider outdoor kitchen appliance, as they play an essential role in enhancing your culinary experience.

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