25 Best TV Shows On Paramount Plus

25 Best TV Shows On Paramount Plus

In the race to provide access to the best library, Paramount Plus has outdone itself! The streaming platform is well known for hosting one of the best TV shows and movies, especially since CBS All Access became the new Paramount+ because it has been nothing but a game changer. So prepare for an immersive binge-watching session and uncover the 25 best shows on Paramount Plus, from thrillers that will keep you on edge to laugh-out-loud sitcoms and the cutest romance to fill your heart. 

If you’re bored with Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and other platforms and want to dive into the world of new shows and movies, we highly recommend going through this list we have curated just for you. 

The Best Series on Paramount Plus that are a Must-Watch!

Dive in to uncover the masterpieces of Paramount Plus and find out all about the shows so you can pick out the ones to watch now. 

1. The Offer

The Offer
  • Episodes: 10 episodes 
  • Cast: Miles Teller, Giovanni Ribisi, Matthew Goode, Dan Fogler, Colin Hanks, Juno Temple

The Godfather is one of the greatest movies of all time; if you’re into classics, you must have seen the movie. If you haven’t, we encourage you to watch it, but this series will be perfect if you are a big fan! Michael Tolkin brings you the series with a twist; the Offer tells the dramatized version of the Godfather and the struggles faced in the production in the 70s. Combining star-studded actors and a magnificent story, the show portrays the complexity of all those who gave life to the movie. You cannot refuse this offer, and you should try it because it is one of the best shows on Paramount Plus!

2. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
  • Seasons: 6 
  • Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, and Holland Roden.

Vampires are old school; it’s werewolves you’re missing out on! Now as much fun Damon, Elena, and Stefan have been, it’s time you experiment further and explore the world of werewolves. Thanks to Tyler Posey and Dylan, here’s a supernatural drama show for you on Paramount Plus to indulge in. The show portrays the life of a teenager who shifts into a werewolf after getting bitten. It shows the struggles that come his way and how he navigates amidst all those challenges, all thanks to his friend Stiles. You’ll find yourself in a teenage romance with a lot of action, suspense, and darker sides. Beacon Hills goes from being an ordinary town to a supernatural world, and you will be the one to experience it firsthand from season 1 to season 6! 

The best part is that you can later stream the movie sequel added in 2023, all thanks to Paramount Plus!

3. Ghosts

  • Seasons: 2
  • Cast: Utkarsh Ambudkar, Rose McIver, Brandon Scott Jones, Daniele Pinnock. 

Ghost is a British remake, which might not be your type if you want something instant. The show is slow-burn but has a combination of multiple ghosts from all eras trapped in a single household where a young couple lives together. It shows the trickery played by all of them and will surely win your heart as it did with so many other people who have binged on the show. The couple takes over the house and together face off against all the ghosts and their shenanigans; it indeed is a good watch and something different from drama and romance. The excellent news is season 3 is set to air in 2023, so you won’t have to watch much. 

4. Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies
  • Seasons: 1
  • Cast: Ari Notartomaso, Tricia Fukuhara, Marisa Davila, and Shanel Bailey

Grease has been of the prominent musical movies to date, and if you have been a fan, then this show is the prequel to it and will be a delight for you to watch. Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies shows the lives of the girl gang at Rydel High School. It portrays the lives of four rebellious teenage ladies who are social pariahs who come together to make the most of their high school experience and have the best time. This musical takes place in 1954 as they create a theatre like never before and bring a change with rock n roll songs that will have you lip-syncing and having an enjoyable time. The Grease girl gang won’t let you down!

5. The Real World 

The Real World
  • Seasons: 21
  • Cast: Jamie Chung, Kevin Powell, Heather Gardner, Karamo Brown, Jacinda Barrett, Cameron Eubanks, Trishelle Cannatella, Julie Stoffer

MTV was the first to come up with the idea of reality shows; they wanted to hide cameras to record the natural reactions of strangers. That’s where it all began! The Real World is about strangers living in one place, inspiring some of the most famous shows today, including Survivor, Love is Blind, Big Brother, and Too Hot to Handle. If you are a reality TV fan, you’ll love this show, mainly because it comes with 21 seasons of drama, fun, comedy, and romance.

6. Rabbit Hole

  • Seasons: 1
  • Cast: Charles Dance, Rob Yang, and Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer should be considered an American Hero, mainly because his choice of TV shows is all about him fighting for America and its people. He’s back to fight for democracy in America in the spy thriller series, where he plays a corporate spy who is set up to be murdered by a shady organization and needs to be on the run to escape and fight for his purpose. Along the way, he meets some people who want to work alongside him and attempt to gain his trust to stop a massive theory that can eradicate democracy. Rabbit Hole is a serious show portraying democracy, privacy issues, and layers of drama that come with saving America. 

7. iCarly

  • Seasons: 5
  • Cast:  Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress

Have you heard about iCarly but have yet to get around to watching the show? Well, now is the time you do it! This Tween comedy boomed in the late 2000s and is a must-watch for adults and teens. The show includes the cast doing a series of funny business, cracking clever jokes, and providing users with an enjoyable time. It revolves around the lives of these three teenagers who come up with a web show where they interview multiple guests and do the whackiest things that lead to some adventures in the show. It portrays the life of a teenager and the struggles they have to undergo. The live streaming keeps things interesting as Carly, Freddie, and Sam go on an unconventional journey to make their name. 

8. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks
  • Seasons: 1
  • Cast: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, and Jason Segel

The show Freaks and Geeks must have just run for one season, but the choice of actors makes it a fascinating mix. The show focuses on the lives of two siblings and their lives as teens at William McKinley High School. Linda, the sister, is a mathlete, whereas her brother is a geek, and together they try to fit in the dynamics. The show portrays the ups and downs of teenage life with relatable experiences and characters, witty dialogues, and a memorable soundtrack. This is a must-watch if you’re looking for something fun and refreshing!

9. Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Seasons: 9 
  • Cast: Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Patricia  Heaton, Madylin Sweeten, Doris Roberts, Peter Boyle, and Sullivan Sweeten. 

Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the top-rated sitcoms, making every single joke funnier than it usually is. Come along as Raymond Barone, his wife Debra, and their three kids lead their lives in Long Island, Newyork. The series adds humor and makes Raymond struggle with his overbearing parents and brother. It portrays the struggles of a family and what challenges they usually go through. But what makes it fun to watch is the relatable humor, and the characters are well-drawn, with nothing unnecessary. Get a glimpse into the entertaining lives of the Baroness!

10. NCIS Franchise

NCIS Franchise
  • Seasons: 4 series and 30+ seasons 
  • Cast: Scott Bakula, LL Cool K, Vanessa Lachey, and Mark Harmon

Are you into crime shows and love an excellent case-solving show? Then you will love the thrill of being part of the NCIS team! NCIS is one of the most long-standing shows, with remakes and spinoffs based on multiple locations. It emerged as a spin-off from JAG and follows numerous detectives dealing with crime cases connected to the military. The Los Angeles version ends in 2023, whereas the New Orleans version ends in 2021. Recently, the NCIS: Hawaii is still going on and has up to 41 episodes of investigations. The crossovers allow the creators to fully tell the story making it an excellent format for all fans who love mysteries. 

11. Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds: Evolution
  • Seasons: Continuation of 15 seasons 
  • Cast: Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gubler, Shemar Moore, Thomas, Gibson A. J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Daniel Henney, Aisha Tyler, Paget Brewster

Criminal Minds Evolution is the continuation of the 15 seasons but better, as it reunites our favorite BAU, who scrutinize and solve grueling criminal cases. Through their analysis of human behavior and psychology, they understand the motives of criminals and figure out their next move. Evolution explores the adaptations of criminals in the pandemic and how BAU needs to step up its game if they want to find out what everyone is up to. Criminal Minds Evolution is the perfect addition to the show, pushing you to go in pursuit of justice and have a great time!

12. The Good Wife

The Good Wife
  • Seasons: 7
  • Cast: Christine Baranski, Juliana Marguiles, Matt Czuchry, and Archie Panjabi

Who doesn’t love a good dramatic show with a successful and strong wife on his back? The Good Wife shows the life of a politician’s husband who gets jailed because of a scandal under his name. Meanwhile, the ‘good’ wife has to return to work as a lawyer. The series takes a different approach and starts with story arcs that play out in most of the episodes. Now is the perfect time to watch it because you won’t have to endure the week-to-week anticipation and binge it one go. Watch Juliana Marguiles as she plays the role of the Good Wife!

13. Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack
  • Seasons:1 
  • Cast: Sarah Michelle, Armani Jackson, Rodrigo Santoro, Bella Shephard, and Tyler Lawrence

Bringing to you another action and drama-filled series featuring werewolves! Thanks to Jeff Davis, Wolf Pack is the newest addition to Paramount Plus. The show to some extent, has a profound similarity with Teen Wolf, but don’t worry, the change of characters and a different universe will be a new adventure. The show is based on the novels by Edo Van Belkom and follows a bunch of teens who become werewolves after wounds left by a creature during a wildfire. Eventually, they find another pair with the same issues and go on a search spree on the issue. It’s a sexy teen show and can be binge-watched easily; it has eight episodes making it an overall fun experience. 

14. School Spirits

School Spirits
  • Season: 1
  • Cast: Peyton List, Maria Dizzia, and Milo Manheim. 

The reminder of high school can bring chills to our bodies; while it may be a fun experience, it’s still daunting for the rest. School Spirits come with its twist, where Maddie, a 16-year-old teen, gets murdered in the boiler room of her high school. After dying, she finds herself surrounded by students who, similar to her, have also died on the high school campus. She somehow discovers she can speak to the living students and puts in all the effort to solve her murder. 

15. Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard
  • Seasons: 2
  • Cast: Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, Isa Briones, Harry Treadaway, Michelle Hurd

If you have seen Star Trek, you can either be a Captain Picard or a Captain Kirk fan! This series is undoubtedly for the former, featuring the return of an older and even more problematic Jean-Luc Picard. Season 1 portrays the character’s story, and Season 2 adds more characters as they come together. Season 3 is supposed to be the show’s final season, so Star Trek fans, indulge in the episodes based on your favorite Captain!

16. Evil

  • Seasons: 3 seasons 
  • Cast: Katie Herbers, Michael Emerson, Mike Colter, Christine Lahti, and Peter Scolari. 

Who doesn’t love a good horror story? While movies end in a go, experiencing horror movies in a series is a different feeling. But this show is another type of scary and talks about the evils of modern life as they seep through your social media to crypto. Evil is said to be one of the most innovative shows, changing scenery for you as it blends creepiness and brilliance.

17. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks
  • Seasons: 2
  • Cast: Madchen Amick, Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, and Sherilyn Fenn. 

Mark Frost and David Lynch have created one of the most peculiar television series ever. Initially, the storyline revolves around the life of Dale Cooper, an FBI agent who wishes to uncover the secrets of Laura Palmer’s murder. However, it unfolds into an exciting journey leading to a supernatural phenomenon. There are a lot of secrets and hazards that lie within the town’s borders. Paramount Plus provides people with the original Twin Peaks series, not the remake.

18. Spongebob SquarePants

Spongebob SquarePants
  • Seasons: 12
  • Cast: Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown, Rodger Bumpass, and Bill Fagerbakke

While growing up, you probably have heard the names Patrick and Spongebob; now, they may have the cutest bond, and the shows are even more fun. You might be confused why it is on this list, but we can’t stop recommending this fun show that has been on streaming for the past 20+ years. The show is funny, with unique characters, including Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krab, and Squidward, as they make their way through their daily routines. Compared to the newest episodes, the old ones will be fun and unique. 

19. Key & Peele

Key & Peele
  • Season: 5 
  • Cast: Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key

The funny TV show Key & Peele was made by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. They’re known for their famous sketches like “Substitute Teacher.” It’s like a follow-up to the famous Chappelle’s Show, but with a different kind of humor. Key & Peele became really popular and made the actors famous, although not as much as Dave Chappelle. You can watch the whole series on Paramount Plus, and we highly recommend it. Key & Peele has a unique style of humor that’s clever and funny. It’s guaranteed to give you a great time and lots of laughs!

20. Tulsa King

Tulsa King
  • Seasons: 1
  • Cast: Andrea Savage, Sylvester Stallone, and Martin Starr

Taylor Sheridan comes with another drama series where Stallone debuts his first TV series. He plays the role of a Mafia Man named Dwight Manfredi, The General, who begins his life again after spending time in jail. Tulsa King has already been renewed for the upcoming Season 2, mainly because it has been a hit with its excellent storyline and Sylvester’s magnificent acting. Come along as the General recruits new characters to build a new empire again. 

21. The Stand 

The Stand
  • Seasons: 1
  • Cast: Odessa Young, Stephen King, Amber Heard, Owen Teague, Katherina McNerma, James Marsden, and Ezra Miller. 

Hollywood has been baffled by Stephen King’s well-known book from 1978, which narrates the tale of the end of the world. In 1994, it was turned into a TV series, and in the 2010s, there were attempts to make it into a motion picture. When the pandemic occurred at the end of the decade, it eventually evolved into another TV series. Although the show has serious problems, if you enjoy Stephen King, you should try it. The performers do an outstanding job, creating an original series that vividly brings King’s tale to life.

22. True Lies

True Lies
  • Seasons: 1
  • Cast: Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga 

Matt Nix creates an adaptation of James Cameron’s original movie, but True Lies expands into an exciting course of events and becomes a family spy series with time. Ginger Gonzaga plays the role of Helen, a bored housewife fascinated by her husband’s secret life. Out of everything in the show, you will love Gonzaga as she jumps onto every situation with her problem-solving attitude and doesn’t care if it’s risky. Steve Howey brings warmth to his role as they work together to protect their kids, make their lives easier, and keep their marriage afloat. 

23. Kroll Show

Kroll Show
  • Seasons: 3
  • Cast: Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll is a highly creative entertainer who deserves praise for his efforts. In his own Comedy Central sketch comedy show, he demonstrated his ability to develop memorable characters and his unusual and twisted sense of humor. If you still need clarification, just watch the show to see his comedic skills. Explore and see what makes Nick Kroll one of the best!

24. Beavis and Butt-Head

Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Seasons: 8
  • Cast: Mike Judge, Kristofer Brown, Adam Welsh, Toby Brown, and Tracy Grandstaff

If you’re a youngster and want something, then the same old drama and romance, then this show’s irrelevant humor and youth culture will be a breath of fresh air. The show is about two teenagers who are socially awkward and dim-witted. The show portrays their lives as they go on adventures, primarily because they are obsessed with musical videos. Both of these friends are pretty known for juvenile behavior and humor commentary on their surroundings. Have fun binge-watching eight seasons of this fun series!

25. Drunk History

Drunk History
  • Seasons: 6
  • Cast: Derek Waters 

Finally, another of the best shows on Paramount Plus is Drunk History which has a unique way of bringing up historical enactments and anecdotes while telling a story in a bar. The concept is unusual and unlike any other comedy central, which is why it has gotten the hype. The drunken state of the storytellers might not lead them to tell the right story and correct events, but it sure is hilarious seeing the reenactment based on the storyteller. 

Bottom Line

Are you ready to jump on this binge-watching ride that will help you watch some of the best shows on Paramount Plus? We are! Searching through Paramount Plus might not always be a good idea, especially if you want to find the right show; with our personalized list, you will know what the TV show is really about and if it is worth your time. But here’s a disclaimer, all of the Paramount Plus TV shows we have listed above are addictive, so watch at your own risk!

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