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10 Smart Car Technologies We Want to See

The world is rapidly changing, and innovative technologies are a part of this development. No wonder the automotive industry is evolving fast, and scientists introduce more and more innovations in vehicles. How will cars look in the nearest future?

New technologies intend to improve the comfort and ensure the security of every person on the board. To assure safety before the car or a motorbike purchase, it is worth getting a vehicle, or Yamaha VIN report that one can get with a VIN number. As for the innovations, let us find out more about the recent technologies.

1. The New Multimedia System of Mercedes-Benz

The winner of the exhibition in the automotive achievements category is a new generation of MBUX multimedia from Mercedes called HyperScreen. Mercedes will introduce the new multimedia alongside its first electric sedan EQS. The system is a single central display divided into three screens. And there are particular options for each part.

The digital dashboard displays all vehicle status information, including:

  • Navigation prompts and obstacles around the corner that drivers usually do not notice. 
  • The central display enables a driver to control the audio and climate systems. Navigation commands are also available. 
  • The third monitor is opposite the front passenger. And this screen is autonomous.

The most often-used applications are navigation and phone. They are always available on the screen in the upper corner of the screen. More than 20 other functions, from an active massage program to suggestions for a to-do list, are also displayed automatically based on relevance.

Developers incorporated artificial intelligence and a powerful processor in the technology. Hence, the system understands voice commands and offers the driver the optimal driving settings and entertainment content. 

2. Flying Taxi from General Motors

Representatives of General Motors announced at their presentation about large-scale plans to conquer the electric vehicle market. The strategy for the coming years includes:

  • a $27 billion investment in development by 2025, 
  • the launch of 30 new electric vehicles worldwide by the end of 2025.

The principal platform for the next generation of electric cars will be the GM Ultium platform. It can provide a cruising range of 724 km and acceleration to 100 km/h in three seconds. The first models built on the Ultium platform are the GMC Hummer EV and the Cadillac LYRIQ. As part of the new strategy, GM designers have also unveiled a new company logo that symbolizes the clear skies of a zero-emission future.

GM also showcased the AV autonomous vehicle and the eVTOL, a single-seat electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi. Both concepts are part of the Cadillac Halo portfolio and are unlikely to ever go into production. The purpose of the concerts is to showcase GM’s design intent for future production models.

The AV lacks traditional controls like the steering wheel and pedals. The vehicle is equipped with vertical lights, a vast glass roof, and biometric sensors that can interpret the passengers’ vital signs and utilize it to adjust the interior’s temperature, lighting, and fragrance.

3. Panasonic Augmented Reality Display

Panasonic Automotive unveils AI holographic car head-up display at CES. Engineers have developed visual driver assistance technology that combines physical and augmented reality by projecting bright, high-resolution holography onto the windshield. The system displays:

  • traffic data with updates every 300 milliseconds, 
  • navigation, 
  • speed, 
  • remaining fuel, 
  • mileage, and more.

4. Harman Music Editor

Harman Music Editor

Harman, the audio and media systems maker, has unveiled new technologies to control music and sound. The engineers do not hide that the system is only suitable for advanced cars with autonomous driving technologies. The new project involves the introduction of three passenger entertainment systems at once:

  • The first includes a large display that immerses passengers in a virtual reality world. 
  • The second allows you not only to record video but also to edit it.
  • The third allows you to use high-fidelity speakers built right into the chairs. The platform works with 5G networks.

5. Disinfection of the Cabin With Ultraviolet Rays

GHSP introduced its line of products for treating car interiors with ultraviolet light that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus. Emergency services, public transport, and commercial vehicles already use the technology. UV disinfection is now available for use in personal vehicles. The company representatives believe that the system will give drivers confidence in the car protection from germs.

6. Safe Bubble

Grupo Antolin presented an unusual concept of the Virtual Ride-Hailing car. It transforms the interior into a living space where people can work, relax or socialize while on the move. Engineers called their development a safe, healthy, and wellness bubble because of its advanced air purification solutions. 

7. Volvo & System to Recognize Alcohol Intoxication

It is not the newest technology. However, it is one more step to safety on the roads. If Volvo car understands that a driver is drunk and warnings do not stop him/her, the system will reduce auto speed, notify Volvo-on-Call support, and ultimately stop the vehicle.

8. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Augmented Reality

The AR-HUD supports AR technology. In the S-Class, it is similar to that of showing films in a home theater. In total, the new S-Class has five easy-to-use displays, including a huge 17-inch tablet. The car has voice control and differentiates 27 languages ​​of the world.

9. Cadillac Face ID Entry System

The system utilizes an infrared camera with adaptive illumination located in the center pillar of the car. When the owner comes closer to their car, the system receives the phone signal utilizing the Bluetooth protocol. Then it opens the door and unlocks the ignition. A driver can start the engine. Another option of a keyless entry is possible – with a password or fingerprint. 

10. The Hummer CrabWalk Mode for Diagonal Driving 

The Hummer electric pickup has many exciting technologies and know-how systems, but the main one is the CrabWalk mode: when activated, all the car wheels can turn in one direction. Thus, the Hummer can go diagonally, which will be very useful when crossing the heavy going road. 

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