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Bissell Crosswave Review

If you’re also looking for an all-in-one cleaner for your expensive rugs and hardwood floors, then don’t forget to give Bissell Crosswave pet pro vacuum cleaner a shot.

Yes, I am confident that by the end of this Bissell Crosswave review, you will be convinced of the said brainchild of Bissel… for sure!

Let’s be honest, investing in both a vacuum cleaner and a washer for expensive floorings is just like robbing a bank, at least for a middle-class citizen. Not only financially, the upkeep and the additional space are also needed to store both of them – so solving both needs in one go, but Bissell Crosswave 1785 is also the best.

Yes, it means with Crosswave multi-surface cleaner, you can vacuum and sweep and mop at the same time; worry not for the washing liquid… that’s there in the box.

This concept of wash cum vacuum is novel; even a lot of cordless vacuum cleaners are not offered.

To find out whether this versatile, wet-dry vacuum is up to scratch… Here’s my hands-on experience. For now, it dominated my cleaning tests and removed 100% of all dry and wet debris. The only con is… it’s not for carpets, that’s why I don’t count it as a whole home cleaner!

Bissell Crosswave – Pros & Cons


  • Incredible performance on multi-surfaces including rugs and hardwood.
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable maintenance.


  • Not suitable for carpets.
  • Struggled to work on walls and baseboards, with liquid.

How much does Bissell Crosswave cost?

It costs around $249.99 – £249.99 – AU$350; the price tag would be double if you opt for cleaner and washer separately. You can still read Bissell Crosswave reviews online before investing your hard-earned bucks. 

Bissell Crosswave – In the Box 

Bissell Crosswave - In the Box

The Bissell Crosswave comes with a few different parts and accessories.

  1. Multi-Surface Brushroll: This includes medium firmness bristles while the softer fibers to the core. 
  2. Area Rug Brushroll: Versions like Bissell Crosswave pet pro-multi-surface 2306a, Bissell Crosswave pet pro plus, and some others include the area rug brush. Which is made up of medium-firm bristles without the core of soft fibers.
  3. Hardwood Floor Brushroll: Said versions of the Bissell Crosswave also include the hardwood floor brush, similar to the multi-surface brush, having all soft fiber.
  4. Pet Brushroll: Pet-friendly versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the pet brush, which is made up of firmer and softer bristles.

Other accessories are…

  • A washable Filter
  • Cleaning Tray
  • Cleaning Solution

FAQ: What are the Cleaning Solutions offered by Crosswave?

Bissell offers a variety of cleaning solutions, including:

  • Multi-surface: This solution can be used to clean tile, wood, and area rugs.
  • Area rug: This can be used strictly on area rugs.
  • Multi-surface Pet: The Bissell Crosswave can be used to clean up pet messes.
  • Wood: The wood formula is for all your hardwood floors.
  • Variety Pack: This pack includes all the solutions. 

Note: One thing to note is you can only use the Bissell-only liquid solutions. Others are not recommended; using any DIY cleaning solution will void your warranty.

Without further ado, let’s quickly begin the review with its design!!!

What Bissell Crosswave Does?

Being both a mop and a vacuum, the Bissell Crosswave cleans differently, such that…

1. Vacuuming

Crosswave sweep-n-suck vacuum cleans the surface using the suction path and brush roll. As the brush roll spins, the dirt and debris sweep into the suction path, lifting the dirt and debris into the dust bin.

FAQ: Does the Bissell Crosswave clean grout?

Yes, with regular cleaning with Crosswave, you can dirt off your grout lines to a point. However, the deep cleaning of your grout requires more direct cleaning methods.

2. Mopping

Next is the mopping, the Bissell Crosswave mops hard floor surface types, including tile and hardwoods; selecting the hard floor mode, the brushroll will start spinning. Pressing the trigger on the handle will dispense the cleaning solution onto the brushroll.

Even in mop mode, the device will also suck like in vacuum mode – to suck up the dry debris while mopping up the liquid (you can take the example of cereal and milk).

FAQ: Does the Bissell Crosswave work on laminate floors?

Yes, only the laminate floors are sealed and waterproof; so, check with your flooring manufacturer beforehand.

3. Area Rugs

The area rugs mode works just like the hard floor mode, except for the amount of cleaning solution, which dispensed four times of the former, letting the brushroll to work deeper.

The area rugs mode can also be used on a hard floor surface if the mess is extremely sticky.

Bissell Crosswave Design

Bissell Crosswave Design

Isn’t it weird to think of vacuum cleaners as attractive wall-hangings? 

Well, considering now we hang them on our walls, so yes, we do mind the overall look of such pieces, I mean cleaning pieces! 

Frankly speaking, I don’t love the design of the Bissell Crosswave, but I can’t resist its functionality, its limited space usage, and, yes, its easy portability. It’s light enough for you to carry it around, wherever you want to quickly, but near the power outlet.

Aesthetically, it’s a “46″ tall, 12″ wide, and 10.6″ deep” device with a large handle at the top – to ensure a good grip when cleaning – attached to a metal pole that then connects to the rest of the unit. You might feel the main wand flimsy that connects the cleaner’s body and the handle but won’t disturb your cleanings. 

The Bissell Crosswave design follows a stick vacuum specification, with some additions; you can say it’s a part vacuum and a part wet mop.

Being a wet-dry vacuum, the cleaning head contains a multi-surface brushroll (I will give you a closer look later) which mops hard floors, washes area rugs, and as well as agitates dirt and debris.

The given 25′ cord can easily be wrapped along the backside of the unit.

FAQ: How to use Bissell Crosswave? 

The Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface is quite easy to use, but it can be confusing on your first attempt; there’s a guide too. 

There are two cleaning modes – hard floor and rug, controlled by buttons located on the handle; each of these modes can be used for both vacuum and mop / wash your floors. 

To use the Crosswave as a vacuum, plug in the unit, and choose a floor type, the rest will be controlled by the vacuum itself.

Ready to clean? 

Let’s kick in with mopping!

For your tile floors, the process is as follows:

  • Remove clean water tank (be sure unit is not plugged in)
  • Fill the water/solution as per your floor size 
  • Place the tank back into the unit. 
  • Plugin and select the floor type
  • Now, press and hold the trigger on the handle for 10 seconds – to prime the water/solution

Enjoy cleaning!

The more you use Bissell Crosswave, the easier it gets; right from filling the water tank to mopping, everything is simple, ensuring consistency with squeezing the trigger that releases the solution.

Cleaning Bin

At the bottom of the main pole, there’s the bin where everything you’ll be collecting is going to end up; to disconnect this for emptying, press the down button, and simply pull.

While testing for a big clean, I found some of the remnants dropping onto the floor – it means the mechanism needs to be slicker, so keep a dustpan for the remnants if you don’t want to be frustrated!

On the top of this bin, you will find a space to insert the extra plastic container for hot water and cleaning fluid for the floor washing feature. 

At the bottom, there is the multi-surface cleaner, just like other vacuums, with lots of brushes and a replaceable piece of fabric -to clean up. To access the brush for cleaning or replacement, simply remove the plastic lid from the bottom.

There’s also a swivel that lets you put the handle down flat so that it can reach hidden spaces, like under the furniture. Please note that the swivel is not highly maneuverable; it can only turn 25° only but contains a 25′ cord, which you have enough radius to clean with.

Water Tanks

There are two tanks on this Bissell. One is for the clean water and cleaning solution, while the other one collects the dirty water and debris.

There are two fill lines on the clean water tank – for water and cleaning liquid; so choose as per your preferred messes. 

The dirty water/debris tank can store 0.4 L; to remove the tank, pull the handle and release the tank easily.


The brush roll is made out of several strands of cloth which helps the unit to absorb the cleaning solution and water back from the floors; stress not, the cloth is soft enough to avoid unnecessary scratchings.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

The Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface Cleaner has a two-tank system, one for storing clean water and multi-surface floor cleaning formula, and another for storing dirty water that ensures easy and quick maintenance. Similar to the Crosswave Cordless Max Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and the Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, it’s bagless, so all it needs is a rinse before it’s ready to use.


The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Floor Cleaner’s durability is nothing out of the ordinary and is pretty typical of vacuums. It’s mostly made of durable plastic, which also keeps it lightweight. It’s similar to the Bissell garage pro but a little tougher. In this regard, the Shark Navigator Lift Away is very similar to the Crosswave Pet.

Bissell Crosswave Cleaning Tests

Bissell Crosswave Cleaning Tests

To make this Bissell Crosswave review more personable and kinda relatable, I have tested the Crosswave as a mop on engineered hardwood flooring, throwing three different messes, and as a vacuum on a tile floor, with four different debris. 

For the mop test, I have used three different substances – Dirt/mud (light), Soda (liquid), and Honey (heavy), each of these offer an extra level of stickiness and consistency.

The mopping test results, after the first pass, were;

  1. The mud was removed 100%
  2. The soda was mopped up at a 95% level 
  3. Some remnants of the honey were left. 

It took 2-3 passes and a bit of extra pressure to obliterate the thick, sticky honey; as less of a sticky substance, it gets less difficult for the Crosswave to pose issues! 

When it comes to vacuum cleaning, I have used kitty litter, cereal, rice, and sugar across our testing lane; fortunately, the Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface sucked up everything quite well.

And yes, to test the most versatile mops – the area rugs, I have used my high pile shag rug, which is more of a bed for my kitten and a puppy and has not been washed in 6 months. 

To see the results more clearly, I washed half of it; the results were better than expected. In the first pass, Crosswave removed dirt/debris and a sizable portion of dog and cat hair but was unable to erase the stains and maintain the carpet’s multi-colored stripes’ original vividness. 

After the final (third) pass, the carpet was better in aesthetics, smell, cleanliness, and freshness but still slightly discolored. 

A tip from the vice: If you move the vacuum quickly across the rug, the Crosswave won’t be hard to handle, but with slower passes, you may find it a bit hard to push.

Overall, Crosswave performed more than OK on the cleaning scale, thanks to its close to perfect suction mechanism; to achieve the best result, go over certain areas a few times. I mean, get ready to struggle – to cover the corners.

Cleaning the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vacuum cleaner

It is essential that you have a solid understanding of the anatomy before attempting to clean the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro.

A breakdown of the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro vacuum.


It has a one-of-a-kind design that makes it simple to handle and move. 

The handle can be inserted into the opening located at the very top of the machine’s main body. At the very pinnacle of the handle are a pair of buttons. The first is appropriate for bare floors, and the second is suitable for area rugs. When you need to wet the mop, you can use the trigger mechanism to spray water onto the floor.


This section of the vacuum cleaner contains both the clean water tank as well as the dirty water tank. The clean water tank is on the left.

An aperture serves as the point of attachment for the handle at the topmost part. The foot is attached to the portion that runs down the bottom.


The brush roll, the rinse cup, the storage tray that is easy to clean, plus the drying tray are all stored in separate compartments in the foot.

Water reservoirs

Both clean and unclean water are stored in different compartments of our two water tanks. The tank that holds clean water is situated at the rear of the device, while the tank that holds dirty water is located at the front of the device.

The tank that holds the purified water can be slid into the main body of the unit. It is equipped with a filter as well as a float stack. The handle for the filthy water tank is included in the package, and it snaps into place once the tank is assembled. 

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro is capable of cleaning itself thanks to its innovative design. It comes with a storage tray that is simple to clean, and this tray doubles as the mechanism that the manufacturer supplies as a way of drying and cleaning the machine. It is recommended that you put the product away in its storage space between usage so that it will have a longer lifespan.

The instructions for cleaning the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro are as follows:

Step 1

  • To start the machine, pour some water into the cleaning tray and then click the button labeled “hard floor.”
  • While maintaining this position, tilt the machine so that it is facing backward and allow it to run for approximately 15 seconds so that it may collect all of the water off the cleaning tray.
  • Make use of a paper towel to blot out any excess moisture that may have been left on the tray.

Step 2 

  • Remove the brush from the brush roll after opening the cover for the brush roll.
  • When you are drying this, make sure to keep it in a standing position on the drying tray.

Step 3

  • Detach the tank that holds the dirty water.
  • Take out the filter, dispose of the debris that has accumulated in it, and then clean the filter with running water.
  • Eliminate the contaminated water, then thoroughly rinse the tank.
  • Clean the filter as well as the screen that is located inside the tank.

Step 4 

  • Inspect the compartment where it is separated from the dirty water tank. If it needs to be cleaned, use a clean piece of paper towel or cloth to wipe it down.

Step 5 

  • Before reassembling, make sure that the cleaning tray, the brush, the dirty water tank, the filter, and the screen have all been given adequate time to dry.

Instructions for putting together the quick-cleaning tray 

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is straightforward to put together. Put the arrows on the easy-clean and drying trays in the same position. After you have brought the arrows into proper alignment, all you are left to do is slip the storage tray into the drying tray.


How frequently should I replace the filter and brush on my Bissell CrossWave vacuum?

It is imperative that you replace the filter as well as brush roll of your Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro as soon as you become aware that it is not cleaning as effectively as you expected it to. 

Changing the brush every six months is recommended, but the filter should be done so much more frequently. Every three to four months, you should consider replacing the filter. 

I have a Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro; is it possible to use different cleaning fluids?

You can use Bissell cleaners with your vacuum cleaning machine, and this is especially true if the device is still covered under its original warranty. 

If you use just the cleaning products recommended by Bissell for this machine, you will reduce the risk of causing damage to the machine’s internal components.

Nevertheless, most other cleaning fluids that are commercially available will do in its place. 

Is it okay to use my Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro outdoors?

The Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro is only intended for usage within a building’s interior. Please do not use it outside.

It is effective and the ideal product to use on a wide variety of flooring found inside the house, including tiles, pressed wood floors, carpet, rugs, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, and other types of flooring.

My Verdict

Considering the features and the pocket-friendliness, the Bissell Crosswave is a good-to-go one-in-all vacuum cleaner for nothing but your home.

Cleaning and washing performance are absolutely above-average, and it’s quite easy to use and maintain, too; so, what are you waiting for?

Happy floor cleaning and vacuuming!

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