Tixee Review - True to The Market [2022]

Tixee Review

Each and every one of us seeks a means of saving our excess income be it big or small. With the pandemic, our savings became our crucial buffer in our time of need. Therefore, in order to always be one step ahead of any potential mishaps, it is imperative that we invest in the right plans.

One investment avenue is a trading platform. Allowing you to invest your savings in a variety of asset classes that can benefit you in either the short or long run as per your preference.

Tixee offers 220 plus trading assets and has a client base of 155,000 registered users with clients from 115 countries.

Tixee was born out of the necessity that trading should not be just transactions and be a synergistic experience.

Tixee has the following values:

Tixee has the following values

Regulatory Net

Regulatory Net

Tixee is regulated by three different regulators. Detailed Below:

  • CySec, The Cypriot Security and Exchange Commission
  • Financial Services Authority, Seychelles (FSA)
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)

Off Shore License Seychelles

The regulatory license provided by Seychelles is an off shore license since Tixee does not operate in the Seychelles. The requirements for an offshore license from their authorities are quite comprehensive and entail the following:

DirectorShareholdersMinimum Capital RequirementsRepresentative OfficeAuditors Current LiabilitiesAnnual ReportsOther Docs
2 Directors2 shareholders$50,000At least one person with a representative licenseAnnual accounts must be auditedAssessed under IFRSMemorandum of association 

The Tixee Trading Platforms

Tixee offers two major trading platforms for investors to conduct their trades.

The first, the Meta Trader 4 (Or MT4) is their award-winning Forex platform. This is the initial platform that brought Tixee prominence in the financial trading arena.

Features of MT4:

Analytical ObjectsTechnical IndicatorsTime FramesPending Order Types
One Click Trading

The second trading platform, known as MT5 or Meta Trader 5 is their most powerful interface to date.

A platform that can automate your transactions for you with multiple analytical integrations alongside trading that responds to one simple click.

Investors can trade Forex, Stocks, Indices, Cryptos and commodities CFD’s.

Analytical ObjectsTechnical IndicatorsTime FramesPending Order Types
One Click Trading

The Concept Of Social Trading

Tixee also has another trading mechanism which is known as the Social Trading Platform.

However, you require an MT5 trading account to make use of social trading.

Tixee believes that great trading strategies deserve to be shared within the Tixee community for the benefit.

There are two options for clients:

  • Be a strategy provider (leader)
  • Be a strategy follower

The strategy provider can earn up to 20% in performance fees. Whereas followers simply seek to grow their portfolio wealth by following strategies outlined by verified trading experts.

Live Leader boards

Live Leader boards

The in depth performance data with live league tables showing the best performing and most copied trading strategies. Tixee allows clients to utilize well honed strategies that can generate over 100% returns with a few clicks.

Research And Then Trade

Tixee provides granular insights about each trading strategy with detailed analysis revealing:

  • Most traded instruments by count and volume
  • Average performance overviews
  • Trading summaries and descriptions, written by the provider.
  • Returns data, presented in a simplified graph format.

How To Take Part In Social Trading

Strategy Provider
Define Your Trading Strategy
Set your performance fee
Click “Register”
Strategy Follower
Select a Trader
Adjust your risk parameters
Click “Copy”

FAQ’s About Social Trading

Can Providers Be Followers?

Yes, you can choose to be a strategy provider yet follow other providers as a subscriber at the same time.

Are Multiple Trading Strategies Possible With One Account?

No. One MT5 account can only be used for one social trading strategy. In order to make use of multiple trading strategies, you need corresponding number of MT5 trading accounts.

So, Why Tixee?

Overall, being regulated by multiple regulators and having a 24 hour customer service facility available 5 days a week, Tixee is a reliable choice for a trading platform. The only downside is that it is not yet available in US, EU, Canada, Seychelles and North Korea.

Contact Tixee today to learn more.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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