How to Pick the Best Crypto Exchange?

The progression of investing in cryptocurrencies begins with picking a secure and safe bitcoin exchange. Investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is smooth and easy since many exchanges provide the best features to their users. Visit the Bitcoin-Era website if you want advanced software to avail top-notch bitcoin trading strategy.   But finalizing one exchange that meets all your requirements has never been as strict as hundreds of exchanges are there to choose from. 

 It is the most challenging part of investing in cryptocurrencies as you have to choose one that works fine and makes your investment secure and minimizes your risk of losing money. To make your decision smooth, here are some points that will help you to pick the best bitcoin exchange:

Things to look for in a cryptocurrency exchange!

(i) The Fees:  Earlier, most of the exchanges were charging a very high fee for their service, but with the emergence of new exchanges, plenty are providing cheaper services than others. It is easier for you to choose from hundreds of bitcoin exchanges. So before finalizing an exchange, find the fee. Some of the bitcoin exchanges charge too high fees; if you choose one with high fees, you have to invest more to make a profit. But if you choose the best bitcoin exchange with an affordable fee, then there is no harm in saving some bucks.

(ii) Support:  The support system is also essential when choosing a crypto exchange, as, in case of any problem related to your account or transaction, it will take you days to get a solution. So always choose an exchange that you can easily reach out to and contact their support team any time of the day via live chat support, email, or phone call.

(iii)  Exchange Rate:  The exchange rate is mandatory when choosing a bitcoin exchange. The exchange rate of any bitcoin exchange can vary per the demand and supply of bitcoins. The fluctuation of the price will cause you to lose a considerable amount if you choose an exchange with a high price rate. So it is better to choose from the top 5 best bitcoin exchanges that have nearly zero change in the prices over the last decade.

(iv) Trading Volume: Check the trading volume of the exchange you want to choose; if it is high, then you can be sure that many users are using that exchange. If the volume is low, it may not be a good option as a large number of active users indicates that there is no problem and the exchange is working fine.

(v) Security:  The security features should be strong enough to prevent any data theft from your wallet or personal information. When selecting an exchange for algorithmic trading software, it’s crucial to avoid those with low trading volume.

Two famous cryptocurrency exchanges!

Two famous cryptocurrency exchanges

Now that you have complete knowledge of the 5 points above, here are the two best Bitcoin Exchanges where you can start your investment in cryptocurrencies. People have followed all these exchanges since they were started and are still going strong even after their long time of existence. 

(i) Coinbase Review: Coinbase is one of the most popular and significant bitcoin exchanges for new users as it has an easy interface and provides a high level of security to its users. It also allows you to purchase bitcoins by paying for them with your local currency, or you can add a credit card to your account and buy bitcoins. It also supports ethereum and litecoin along with bitcoin. 

Coinbase is a US-based exchange, so if you are from outside the US, there will be additional charges for purchasing bitcoins from this exchange. However, the fees on this site are significantly less; the fees depend on your total buying amount. So if you buy $100 worth of bitcoins, then a 0.99% fee applies, but if you buy $1,000 worth of bitcoins, then a 1% fee applies, which is a very nominal rate compared to others.

(ii) Binance Review: Binance has a very high number of users daily. This exchange charges a very nominal fee for buying and selling Bitcoins. Binance has been around since the year 2016 and still growing. 

The Binance support team provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, or phone call. In addition, the profit from trading on the Binance platform is higher than other cryptocurrency exchanges as it supports more cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, neo, ripple, Tron, bitcoin cash, xrp, etc.

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