Issue of Inheritance in Cryptocurrency

What is the Issue of Inheritance in Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is not an unknown term for anyone, even if you are not using it. You have seen ads and promotions where your favorite celebrities advise you to invest in cryptocurrency. In the Bitcoin era, where investing in this currency is becoming a global trend, some users face issues related to it. A common issue is the inheritance of cryptocurrency. What happens with the cryptocurrency when the owner dies could be accessed by relatives or families. 

We know the assets are stored for future generations, and earlier people were investing in properties, stocks, metals, and they were easier to inherit. Even the money in the bank account is accessible for future heirs. But this is not the case for cryptocurrencies. There are some major issues involved in the inheritance of cryptocurrency. This article will get to know about these issues and ways to tackle them. 

What is inheritance, and why inheriting cryptocurrency is difficult? 

Inheritance is the process of setting ownership for your family or relatives or anyone you want of all your assets. This process follows a legal procedure that is necessary for securing ownership. This applies to anything you own and mainly includes properties, money, and even other assets. As assets are collected for future generations, it is important to ensure their inheritance. The issue of inheritance in cryptocurrency lies in the features of cryptocurrencies. These currencies are stored in a digital wallet, which does not involve any paperwork. So, suppose the owner is missing or dead and unable to access their cryptocurrencies. In that case, it becomes nearly impossible for anyone else to obtain any documents that can prove the ownership. 

In some conditions, if the inheritor is not aware of the presence of the cryptocurrencies will never know about it. Cryptocurrencies are hyped and get the attention of investors because of anonymity. It means owning a cryptocurrency, and you do not need to compromise on your safety, security, and personal information. Even after owning cryptocurrency, you don’t need to mention your details. This creates a problem at the time of inheritance. You cannot prove who is the actual owner of the wallet. While starting your crypto investment journey, you do not need to register yourself with any institution or authority as an investor. This, too, can be an issue of inheritance. 

How can this issue get solved? 

How can this issue get solved

You do not need to get disappointed because the inheritance of cryptocurrency is problematic but not impossible. There are ways through inheritance issues can get solved. Transferring your crypto assets involves sharing passwords and wallet information. This can breach your security and can also affect anonymity. To combat these issues investors, need to take care of some points to maintain their safety and security of cryptocurrencies. As an investor, in any chance, you should not compromise on this because as the crypto market is growing, hackers, scammers, and fraudsters are too growing around cryptocurrencies. 

To keep a check on these, you can store your information in an encrypted form. Blockchain technology has this property where you can save your information in encryption. This is to prevent the access of any unauthorized person or third party. The owner stores their data in encrypted form, and the inheritor can use these for future purposes without compromising security. If you don’t trust technology much, you can go for traditional methods. 

Owners can store their wallet address and password in a bank safe where it is entirely inaccessible for any outsiders. They can give information about the bank safe to their families so that they can get it after them. This could be considered as the safest method where the inheritor will get the cryptocurrencies, and the owner will not have to risk their digital security. 

Concluding Notes

The use of cryptocurrency increases with time, and almost everyone is interested in owning these digital assets. You can also invest in cryptocurrency on a trusted platform like . When this replaces other investment options and assets, the owners and investors need to ensure a safe and easy inheritance for their heirs. Taking some of the important and necessary steps can be done. Otherwise, all the savings and investment will go in vain.

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