Best LG TV Deals

Best LG TV Deals: Get this 55-inch 4K TV for $400

There is quite a lot to think of before buying a new TV. As a buyer, you’ll want the maximum features at the best prices. In addition to this, you will have to think of your usage; is it just for mere binge-watching are for gaming? Do you want a quick refresh rate, or are you searching for the highest resolution in the market? Now, most LG TVs come with voice assistance and control, and many built-in apps make your experience even better.

So if you are searching the market and are willing to upgrade your older TVs, then you do not have to wait till the year-end sales and black Friday because you can now find the best deals in the market offered by a series of retailers. Get the sweetest deals and hundreds of dollars off LG TV sets now!

We have rounded up some of the Top discounted deals on LG televisions in the market!

LG 55 inch 4K webOS TV – $400

LG 55 inch 4K webOS TV

Today, so many QLED TV deals are quite popular but do keep in mind that premium is required if you decide to get premium panel technologies. But at the same time, for some people, a 55-inch LG TV will be the perfect ideal; it is indeed worth the cost and is made by a trusted brand. The site itself is ideal for mid-sized living rooms or bedrooms. With its standard panel, you get 4K resolution allowing you to stream all your content 4K Ultra HD. The webOS software that comes with it will enable you access to all your favorite streaming applications, including Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu, and even allows you to listen to music through Spotify. The TV set is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit devices. At this price, we can’t recommend this TV enough because it has the most features and is the ideal size for users to have in their homes. 

LG 65 inch Series UQ75 4K webOS TV – $500

LG 65 inch Series UQ75 4K webOS TV

Are you bored of your 55-inch and want to aim a bit high? Then the LG 65 inches is another worthy set you need to look at! This is a good size for your home if you have a living room between medium to large. Similar to the 55-inch, the 65-inch UQ75 Series is assembled with the right features to have a smart TV experience. Starting with its HDR10 support and a built-in Game Optimizer that will make the gamers quite satisfied. It has a Dashboard and an enhanced TV picture for gaming, so you can have an even better experience when playing your favorite games. 

It allows users access to up to 300 channels right out of the box and their favorite streaming platforms. Tune in to Disney+, Netflix, and even Hulu anytime; as long as your TV set is connected to the internet, everything will work smoothly. If you want to amp up your 55-inch LG Tv, then we think this is a really sweet deal that you need to cash before it ends. 

But if you are looking for something bigger, then it’s best if you keep scrolling because we have two LG TVs that will make you drool and with a much sweeter deal!

LG 65-inch Series 99 QNED MiniLED 8K Smart TV – $1,997

LG 65-inch Series 99 QNED MiniLED 8K Smart TV

Calling out to all home theatre enthusiasts, we have another top-notch LG TV for you to get your hands on. Originally priced at $3,497 and now with a $1500 discount, you do not want to miss out!

This smart TV is packed with advanced features, including the 8K, now it can’t replace it, but it can surely make your screens better. The display screen utilizes the QNED display and the MiniLED, which go hand in hand. Now the combination of both technologies brings an excellent image out. The quantum dots can grasp and capture all the light for an even brighter and more vibrant appearance, and the MiniLED technology brings a profound contrast, finer lighting, and added dimming, making the display perfect. 

You do not want to miss HDR, Dolby Vision, and streaming support for all your favorite streaming sites. With a discount this massive, it sounds like a hit or miss!

LG 75-inch Series UP7070 webOS TV – $700

LG 75-inch Series UP7070 webOS TV

Make cinema to your homes with this beautiful piece of technology, previously priced at $730 and now at $700, which is ideal primarily because of its consumer-grade status. The LG TV itself has a very user-friendly interface making it easier to put on any of your top favorite streaming platforms. Now get access to the content library on a massive screen and feel every action on a bigger scale. All those action, horror, and drama movies will feel even better because of the impressive cinematic experience the TV brings to your household.

 It is packed with new technologies, including the TruMotion 120 feature, which makes the experience even better with its stutter-free picture, especially during action scenes and games when the scene is fast-paced. The experience is even smoother for gamers because the screen adjusts automatically when you connect your gaming consoles, such as PlayStation or Xbox. With the Quad Core Processor 4K, you get crisp performances and non-UHD content making all your legacy media look bigger and better. 

If you wish to get even smarter, we recommend connecting your smart home devices such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Now get a chance to control all your smart devices through the Home Dashboard, open the TV and even close it with the help of your favorite smart home devices. It doesn’t get any better, especially at this price!

Bottom Line

With so many new products in the market, the brands that have been here for years have also been upping their game, LG being one of them. Bringing out fancy-featured TV sets for users to make their watching experience even better. We have rounded up some of the best ones in the market, and the sweet deals will push you to add to your cart right now. This details-inclusive review is all you need to get the TV set you have been wanting to buy.  

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