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Is A Curved Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

Are you buying a new monitor and haven’t figured out whether you should go for a curved or a flat computer monitor for gaming? Are you unaware of the differences between the two other than the very basic design difference? 

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that curved monitors are a newer technology, but they aren’t being manufactured just because we now know how to. Curved monitors offer a multitude of benefits, including less strain on the eyes. Nonetheless, flat monitors also have their strengths. It’s important to identify the pros and cons of both styles prior to making a choice:

Budget And Size Balance

Budget And Size Balance

The cost of the monitor is the most important consideration for most people unless you are blessed with an unlimited budget. As we mentioned earlier, curved monitors are based on a newer technology. Although they are becoming more common for gaming, they are more expensive than flat monitors, with prices starting at $300. Finding a cheap curved monitor is a challenge! On the other hand, flat monitors have been on the market for quite some time, and because of that, they are a little cheaper.

If we throw in the size of the monitor into the top considerations, to get the best-curved monitor gaming experience, you have to get one that measures at least 30 liters inches diagonally because otherwise, you will end up with the same visual quality as a flat monitor. Therefore, the question is: how much does a 30-inch flat-monitor cost VS a 30-inch curved monitor? Unfortunately, there is a noticeable price difference of about $200 between curved and flat monitors, depending on the brand.

Significance Of The Curvature 

Significance Of The Curvature

If you have already been looking at curved monitors for gaming, you must have noticed different specifications such as 4000R, 1800R, 1500R, and more. But if you take a look at the specs of flat monitors, you will not find the same details. This is because these numbers signify the curvature or the radius of a curved monitor’s screen. Low numbers mean a smaller radius which equals a more pronounced curve.  

Currently, a 1800R screen radius is considered the best, so we recommend that you go for the same. Another important consideration that impacts the viewing experience is the distance between you and the monitor screen. If you’ll be sitting further away from the monitor, then we recommend a flat-screened variant. Whereas, you need to sit closer to get maximum immersion for the best results with curved screens.

Eye Comfort

Eye Comfort

If you are someone who uses their PC for gaming for hours at a time, then it is recommended that you invest in a curved screen monitor because it is less stressful on your eye. The reason is that the curvature of the screen is more advantageous for the natural field of view of our eyes. A flat view isn’t how our vision works, which is why flat monitors are more taxing on our eyes.

Studies have proven that curved monitors are much easier on the eyes as compared to flat monitors that have been set up side by side. 

Viewing Immersion

Viewing Immersion

This is where curved monitors have a significant lead over flat monitors and their biggest selling point. The curve of the screen engages the peripheral vision of the human eye, thus providing a more immersive experience, especially for modern gaming.

Curved screen monitors provide you with a 180-degree view of the game, giving you a more lifelike experience. You will feel a significant difference between monitor screen styles, especially in games with high-quality graphics.



Fortunately, despite being an older and newer technology, you will find that both flat and curved screen monitors come with all the modern specifications, including connectivity options for a PC. The biggest difference between the specs of the two styles of monitors will be the aspect ratio. 

Typically, a flat-monitor will have an aspect ratio of 16:9. In contrast, a curved screen will have a 21:9 aspect ratio which is considered to be ultra-wide, similar to movies shot in Cinemascope.

Positioning And Angle Of The Monitor

Positioning And Angle Of The Monitor

If space is not an issue, then you will be able to accommodate the curvature of a curved monitor, which might not be suitable for most office desks. You will need plenty of areas to properly position a curved monitor, especially if you will be using multiple devices at the same time that need to be set up side by side.

Curved monitors are also harder to mount, which is an important consideration if you are short on space. Since the curved monitors are designed to mimic the human eye line, you have to be careful and correctly position the monitor. Ensure that you are in the dead center of the monitor so that the curvature of the monitor effectively spans equal sides of your face. 

Glares and Reflections

Glares and Reflections

Most flat-screen monitors are prone to glare. Thus you have to position them carefully to avoid glares and reflections. On the other hand, Curved monitors are more resistant to glares. The curvature of the monitor effectively shields glares and reflections. However, if the light hits the monitor directly, it will be visible. So, if you want to avoid glares and reflections, then carefully position it away from any source of direct natural or artificial light. 

The Upcoming Trends in Curved Monitors

  1. Ultrawide

The ultrawide curved monitor is one popular trend. These monitors have a massive field of view because of aspect ratios like 21:9 or even 32:9. They’re great for immersive gaming, multitasking, and even cinematic movie watching.

  1. HDR and Higher Refresh Rates

A number of companies are pushing the bounds of performance, offering ultra-smooth gaming experiences with high refresh rates of as high as 240Hz. Furthermore, HDR (High Dynamic Range) integration, which provides higher contrast and more vibrant colors, is becoming more widespread.

  1. Enhanced Ergonomics

Manufacturers are concentrating on improving ergonomics as curved monitors grow increasingly popular. Tilt functionality, adjustable stands, as well as swivel choices are becoming commonplace.

The Curved Monitors Of The Future

Curved monitors are projected to become more common as technology advances. More breakthroughs in resolution, color precision, refresh rates, as well as curvature are possible. There is also room for advancement in the integration of AI technology, which might improve things like adjustable contrast, brightness, and even eye-tracking capability.

Curved Monitors and VR

Considering VR (Virtual Reality) technology is constantly advancing, a possible convergence exists between VR and curved monitors. Consider a display that can work in tandem with your VR headset to provide a far more immersive and complete viewing experience.

Predictions By The Experts

While it’s challenging to predict the future accurately, experts in the field believe that curved monitors are here to stay. As technology improves and prices gradually decrease, they’re expected to become even more prevalent in both professional settings and homes.

What are the key Considerations for Buying a Curved Monitor?

Buying a curved monitor, just like any other item of technology, can be a challenging experience. Before making a purchase, use tips like the following to learn more about the product. The most crucial consideration is how you’re going to use the display, as this will directly determine the type of gadget you should purchase. Read on for an assortment of short recommendations to assist you in choosing your new curved monitor.

  1. How do you intend to utilize the monitor? This monitor may be helpful for gaming, viewing movies, or any work that demands a wide field of view. Curved displays function well in single-display configurations.
  2. Consider how much area on the desk you have available. A flat-monitor may be more practical if you have limited room. 
  3. Viewing Distance: Curved monitors are ideal for close-up viewing. If you usually sit far away from the display, the advantages of this style of monitor may be lost on you. The greater the efficiency of the curved monitor, the larger the screen. The angle of the curve is proportional to the optimal viewing distance. Curved monitors are an option if you suffer from eye strain or headaches after using a computer. 
  4. Specifications, including resolution or refresh rate, are the same on straight and curved displays.
  5. Budget: Curved monitors with comparable functionality might be a bit more expensive compared to straight monitors. Before you buy, be sure you’re comfortable with the additional investment.

Use: Gaming or Work Setup

It is essential to know your major use before you select between a flat or curved monitor. If you want the best affordable option for work setup, then flat screens are perfect for you. A flat-screen monitor properly showcases documents and web pages regardless of its size, making a flat-screen monitor ideal for a work setup. If you have the budget and you are a multitasker, then a curved computer monitor is the ideal choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you have some wiggle room in your budget and want the best monitor for gaming, we highly recommend curved monitor gaming. A curved screen monitor mimics the natural eye view of the individual. Thus it significantly improves the gaming experience

Curved monitors are popular for their “immersive experiences,” which makes them a popular choice amongst avid gamers. Since professional gamers depend on detail visibility, curved monitors are an ideal choice as their equidistant design helps avoid many of the pitfalls associated with viewing angles. 

It is essential to have a curved gaming monitor for certain game genres, including simulation-minded games. If you play games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Assetto Corsa, or Worlds of Warships, you will certainly appreciate the wide and natural viewing offered by a curved display.  

If you intend to use your monitor for both work and gaming, then a curved monitor is the best choice. Keep in mind that curved monitors are usually pricier than flat monitors; however, it is an investment that you will not regret, especially if you are a gamer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are curved monitors better than a flat monitors for gaming?

Curved monitors are popular for their wide and natural viewing angles as they utilize all three dimensions and enlarge the field of view. Comparatively, flat monitors provide a less immersive experience than curved monitors. Thus, curved monitors prove to be better for gaming. 

  1. Why curved monitors are better for gaming? 

Since the curvature of a curved monitor matches the shape of a human eye, looking at a monitor screen from a close distance does not strain your eyes. The distance between your eyes and the curved screen remains constant due to the curvature of the screen.

  1. Are curved monitors worth the investment?

If you are looking for a significantly wider field of view and more immersive visuals than a 21:9 display, then curved monitors are an excellent investment. However, you do not get any added benefits that would help you improve your gaming performance, which makes curved monitors more of a luxury than a necessity, especially for entry-level gaming. 

  1. Are curved monitors essential for professional gaming?

Curved monitors are more comfortable on the eyes since their curved shape helps in directing everything toward the viewer. Curved monitors provide a more immersive viewing experience, which is perfect for simulation-minded games. Talking about performance and specifications such as refresh rate, color accuracy, response times, and panel tech, then there is no significant difference between flat and curved monitors. 


If you have the budget and you want a monitor with wide and natural viewing angles, then a curved monitor is an excellent choice, especially for avid gamers. However, if you are a beginner-level gamer, you may not find much difference between a curved and a flat monitor. Thus, spending a hefty amount on a curved monitor might prove to be value for money for beginner-level gaming. 

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