UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk

UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Review

Sitting for long hours on a desk can be extremely tiring for people and also cause backaches. A standing desk is the best solution for these problems. It allows you another way to work, which prevents hunching over. Therefore, you can improve your posture. Furthermore, it can help increase mobility.

Here is where UPLIFT comes in. It is an incredible desk that allows you the option to adjust the height of your desk. You can raise it up so that you can work as you stand or lower it so that you can work while sitting. All of this through a touch of a button. Neither standing all day long nor sitting is good for you. Hence, the UPLIFT desk gives you the best of both worlds.

The Difference Between a Cheap and an Expensive Standing Desk

A desk is an essential piece of furniture for most people. It is often where you spend most of your time. If you are a student or an employee, the chances are that you spend most of your time on your desk; either working or studying. Therefore, it makes sense that your desk is of high quality. Higher-quality desks are often more expensive, but they are also durable. Therefore, they can last you a long time. 

Standing desks are on the pricer side because they usually have a mechanism that allows you to lengthen the table legs. Thus, you can stand and work. These kinds of desks allow you to become more mobile. Most standing desks also come with extra features such as timers, alarms, etc. However, if you are not concerned about having all these extra features, then you can definitely find cheaper alternatives to these standing desks. However, these small features really do make a difference in the long run. More expensive desks also have quieter millennium motors and are considerably more stable. Thus, if you are in the market for a new standing desk, opting for a more expensive desk will allow you to have more features that will make your experience better than ever.

Features of the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk

There are many features in the UPLIFT V2 that allow it to stand out among all the other standing desks on the market. These key features make it not only so that the desk moves up and down smoothly but that it is also functional, and aids in your productivity and health. 



You can easily find the UPLIFT V2 on the company’s website. However, unlike most standing desks, you can customize the UPLIFT V2. With customizations and configurations, you can craft a desk that fits your needs perfectly. The website gives you the option to customize every aspect of your desk, from the frame to the keypad.

The website also allows you to customize the desktop styles such as laminate, whiteboard laminate, reclaimed wood, etc. You can even have a wooden computer desk if you want. There are also options to customize the UPLIFT V2 to be a simple white desk or a white desk with storage. There is also an option to choose the size of the desktop. You can have desktops that are as big as 80 inches by 30 inches. There are four different frames available as well. They come in black, white, industrial, and grey colors. Once you customize your desk, UPLIFT also offers three free accessories. These can range from desk pads and organizers, etc. 

UPLIFT also offers its customers a 15-year warranty with every standing desk purchase.



If your purchase the base mode UPLIFT V2 standing desk, it will measure to be around 42 inches long and 30 inches wide. On both sides of the back of the desk, there are built-in holes that allow you to attach running cables. These cables are covered by two grommet covers that keep things nice and tidy. You can also use these holes to store different items or to attach cables. This option is incredibly useful if you plan on using the Uplit V2 as a desk pc or a laptop table.

At the front, there is a keypad. When you choose the keypad, there are two options that you can choose from. One has a display, and the other does not. The advanced comfort keypad has an LED display that shows how high your desk is. It also features up and down buttons and four memory buttons. These buttons allow you to save four different heights that you can access whenever you want. These can be set using an M button that saves your preferences so that you don’t have to stick with the default UPLIFT heights if they do not suit you. Like the desk options, you can choose the keypad to be any color from; black, white, or grey. 

There is also an under desk cable management system which is incredibly useful if you want to use this desk as a computer table. Here, you can plug in the legs and the keypad. Additionally, there are a total of 48 holes along both sides of the frame. These holes allow you to mount various different accessories. The desk is overall very versatile, which means that you can add in new features if you want to increase its functionality later on.



The UPLIFT V2 usually arrives at your place in several boxes. The number of boxes depends on the number of accessories you have added to your order.

The assembly of this desk is pretty simple, and all the pieces fit into each other quite well. However, you need to sort out all the screws and the parts beforehand. Otherwise, they may get mixed up later on. The finished desk is quite heavy, and even though you can assemble it yourself, you need another person to help flip it over. Once standing on its own, you need to plug in the desk’s AC cord and initialize the desk. You can so do by pressing the down button. Hold it down for 10 seconds, and then release the button. When you repeat this process, the desk will lower itself and then rise before it stops moving. Your desk is ready to be used. 


In less than 10 seconds, the UpLift Desk V2 shifts between high and low settings (in both up and down directions). You’ll be ready to work again by the time you rise to your feet and roll away from your chair. 

The change is not only swift but also quiet. There’s a soft electric motor noise, but that’s it. The motor noise is significantly louder going up than going down, yet the legs don’t touch, creak, or screech while moving. 

The desk also includes two useful safety functions that help with rising as well as lowering: auto slowing and anti-collision. The control box consists of an accelerometer plus a 6-axis sensor, which will halt the desk if it detects an obstacle in its path. 

The auto slowing feature may not be as valuable as it is entertaining to look at, but when the desk is near the memory setting, this model will slow down before coming to a stop at the intended level. 

Overall, there isn’t a whole lot to say. It is effective! It elevates and lowers quickly and silently, with no risk of damaging your goods. 

Stability of the UPLIFT V2


One thing that is extremely important in standing desks is their stability. The UPLIFT V2 has tightened the tolerance between the metal legs that, allow this standing desk to be much more stable as compared to their previous model, the V1. There are also larger tubes that use thicker steel, which allows the desks to be much more stable. 

Therefore, the UPLIFT V2 is a very stable standing table. Its stability is a huge bonus because it allows you to work without the desk moving. Wobby desks are extremely inconvenient, and a hazard as there is a chance that something may fall off or the desk may collapse. With the UPLIFT V2, this is not a concern.

Electronics used in the UPLIFT Standing Desk V2

Electronics used in the UPLIFT Standing Desk V2

The UPLIFT V2 uses high-quality electronics, which helps the desk in all its functions, such as moving the desk up and down. The circuit board has a two-board system alongside a mass-produced power supply system. The power supply has an updated power cord that attaches to the grounding wire, which is another new addition to the boards used in V1. 

The electronics mainly allow the UPLIFT V2 to move up and down smoothly and without any loud noises. There are no jerky movements, thanks to the circuit board and its design. The desk moves up using the keypad and has better power than ever before.

Built Quality

Built Quality

The built quality of the UPLIFT V2 is quite sturdy, and the customization options mean that you can even choose the kind of frame and tabletop that you want for your desk. This desk also features mounting holes on their upper cross support system that allows you to mount accessories to the desk. This adds to the functionality of the table. The finish of the desk, column, and upper frames is of high quality and gives the desk a pristine and clean look. The foot of the desk, attached to the adjustable table legs, has a molded design that is of nice quality and has a nice aesthetic touch to it. 

However, there is no thread locker to keep the bolts in place, which can be rectified by using washers. As this desk vibrates when moving up and down, there is a chance that the bolts may loosen and cause stability issues. 

Pros and Cons

Like all devices, the UPLIFT V2 standing desk has some pros and cons to it. These should be considered heavily before making the purchase as it helps you ensure that you are spending money on something you will continue to use for years on end. Here are all the pros and cons you should be aware of. 


As compared to other desks on the market, the UPLIFT V2 is comparatively inexpensive. This fact is especially true when you consider the high-quality material it uses. Additionally, these desks are customizable, which allows you the ease of choosing a desk that fits perfectly to your needs. You can tinker around on their website, where they boast a host of different options that you can choose from. Furthermore, you can also change around the accessories and add ones you need and subtract those that you do not. Additionally, there is also an acclaimed home warranty of 15 years, which is unheard of in the world of standing desks.

The UPLIFT V2 also has quiet motors, which means that whenever you adjust your desk, there will not be a loud sound of the motor. Instead, there will be a quiet vibration as the desk moves up or down. Another important feature is that this table can handle a load of up to 161 kgs which is more than enough for most people.

Among the accessories that the table comes with, a cable management tray is one of the most useful ones.

Assembling the table is also pretty easy as there are many guides and videos available that can instruct you on exactly how to make all the separate parts come together to form the perfect standing table.


A few cons of the UPLIFT V2 include the fact that this desk can get extremely pricey if you customize it. Even though it has great options available, the more expensive option you choose, the more expensive the final table will be. Additionally, the number of choices can get extremely confusing for first-time users. 

Benefits of a standing desk

Most of us are used to sitting and working. However, science shows that sitting too much can be extremely detrimental to your health and can cause a lot of issues such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. Therefore you must get in some mobility and invest in a standing desk. Instead of a regular amazon office desk, standing desks such as the UPLIFT V2 can be incredibly beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of using a standing desk.

  • A standing desk can help you lower your risk of weight gain and obesity because, by standing, you automatically burn more calories as compared to sitting. 
  • A standing desk can also help lower blood sugar levels, as sitting after a meal can increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 112%.
  • When you use a standing desk, you are on your feet and are in a sedentary position for fewer hours in a day. Therefore, you have a lower chance of getting heart disease.
  • Standing desks are known to help with posture and can thus help reduce back pain.
  • Standing helps improve mood and energy as you are more mobile. Hence, when you use a standing desk, you are automatically in a good mood and have more energy.

Helpful troubleshooting advice

You can fix practically any issue by following these simple troubleshooting methods.

  1. Check that the cords are connected to a functioning power source. 
  2. Yes, your legs can become restless. You might also unintentionally kick the cables. As a result, be confident that all the wires and cables are snugly linked to their corresponding ports.
  3. Check to see if something is in the path of your desk moving. You can inspect the area above, below, and alongside the desk. Plants and bookshelves are common culprits, but things can get tangled beneath the desk.
  4. Before changing the desk, make sure the cords are neatly tucked away. Lines can also become twisted and in the way under the desk. 
  5. The control box needs to be correctly connected. Check that the wire is pointed out from the control box. Otherwise, it may irreversibly harm the control box, including the leg cable.
  6. If everything else fails, you must reset the standing desk. And this can be carried out in two ways: a quick or comprehensive reset.

How to quickly reset an Uplift desk

It is typically recommended that you rest your new desk prior to setting up your workspace. This would re-calibrate the legs just in case they became misaligned during transportation. 

And a fast reset often eliminates some of the common issues that most Uplift standing desk customers have. Here’s how to perform a quick reset.

  1. Hold pressing the down key till the desk gets in the lowest position. Then release.
  2. Hold down the down button for 10 seconds and release it.
  3. Hold down the down button till the standing desk descends and elevates slightly. Then let go. If the desk doesn’t move, repeat the process. 
  4. The desk has been factory reset, so it is ready to use once it moves.

Should your Uplift desk unexpectedly stop working, you usually only need to reset it. There is nothing seriously wrong with the desk; it simply needs to be adjusted. You may additionally reset the Uplift desk periodically to avoid future problems.

If everything else fails, your standing desk’s manufacturer is going to give a complete reset. And the steps may differ based on the unit or the number of leg frames on your standing desk.

In the case of persistent error codes, for instance, an E08, the desk manufacturer is going to substitute the desk’s motor legs. 

Why did the Uplift desk stop working suddenly?

There are numerous reasons why your workstation abruptly failed you. Some problems are as straightforward as failing to connect it, whereas others require resetting.

  1. Your outlet may be out of power, or you have forgotten to plug it in.
  2. When working, you can be picky at times. Without your knowledge, your feet can unhook the wires.
  3. Electricity fluctuations might cause a standing desk to lose power unexpectedly. When this occurs, the desk auto resets itself when the power is turned on.
  4. If your desk abruptly stops moving and begins moving in the opposite direction. It could have collided with something. The anti-collision feature of the brand is highly sensitive. So, if it’s moving and collides with something, say, a shelf or a plant, it will initially stop and go in the opposite direction. 
  5. The connectors and cables are not securely fastened. Alternatively, you may unintentionally set them free.
  6. The legs might not move in unison. If one of the legs appears to be slightly higher than the other, the desk toolbox will tell the unit to turn off. This is comparable to an automatic action. The toolbox serves as the desk’s brain. It also stopped the motion to avoid harm to the legs or the desk. 
  7. It is possible that there is an overload. If you have exhausted or overtaxed your desk’s carrying capacity, it may stop working while in motion. 
  8. The toolbox is overworked. Your control box can only go through a fixed amount of continuous cycles. It should then rest for a while. When the toolbox has to rest to avoid overheating, your workstation automatically comes to a halt.

Tips to keep the standing desk from failing you

Electric standing desks are constructed of electronic components. Thus, flaws are unavoidable. But that doesn’t imply it must always occur, particularly if your workstation is less than five years old.  

The majority of Uplift difficulties stem from the motor, legs, or toolbox. And while most problems can be resolved with a simple rest, some may necessitate the replacement of specific parts. 

Keep these in mind to prevent your standing desk from malfunctioning prematurely.

  1. Avoid bringing the desk to a halt while it is in motion. Doing so on a regular basis may cause the toolkit to deteriorate.
  2. Avoid overloading your standing desk.
  3. When you receive your Uplift desk, always reset it. Recalibration will benefit your desk even if it appears to be in good operating order.

Basic troubleshooting procedures can spare you a lot of time and effort. You don’t need to contact customer care if you can fix the problems yourself.


How long does the UPLIFT V2 last?

If used with care, most UPLIFT desks, including the UPLIFT V2, can last for at least seven years without needing any repairs. However, the warranty for this standing desk is for 15 years. This means that under warranty, you can get it fixed and use it for even longer.

What can be used to make standing desks like the UPLIFT V2 more sturdy?

Even though the UPLIFT V2 is quite a sturdy desk, it can be made even more secure using glides. These glides fit into the desk columns and help keep the desk stable even at higher positions. It does this by filling in any gaps present between the metal pieces. Therefore the columns become upright and help the desk not wobble. 

Is the UPLIFT V2 standing desk worth it?

Yes, the UPLIFT V2 is an ideal standing desk that you can get. It is quieter than most of its competitors and is also great at adjusting the height and ensuring that it does it smoothly. Furthermore, it also comes with a range of accessories that make the experience of using this desk even better. Additionally, you also get a 15-year warranty that covers any internal issues that may arise over time. 


The UPLIFT V2 is an incredible standing desk that is designed to ensure that your working experience is as comfortable as possible. When one sits at a desk for multiple hours a day, it can get uncomfortable, which is why the UPLIFT V2 is a great option for such people. Additionally, the UPLIFT V2 is incredibly versatile and customizable, which means that you can use this desk for pretty much anything that you want. There are a few drawbacks to this table as well, such as the fact that it is extremely pricey. However, the UPLIFT V2 is also known to last a long time. Additionally, it has a 15-year warranty as well. 

Knowing any device thoroughly before you buy it is a must. Therefore, check out all the features and the pros and cons listed in this article so that you make the best decision for yourself. 

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