Disney Plus Not Working

Disney Plus Not Working?

Movie nights are always fun, especially if you have a bunch of friends over binge-watching a Disney movie. But it is pretty embarrassing if you face issues with Disney and it stops working. In situations where Disney plus is not working, keep in mind that there are a few codes, and the Disney issues can be resolved quickly.

While the support team at Disney plus is indeed catering to any bug or issues they find, if you take a few measures at your end, the problem can be resolved in no time. So let’s look at the seven ways you can resolve Disney issues.

Disney+ Error 39: Streaming on an Unsupported Device


This Disney issue is very easy to resolve; all you need to do is make sure you are using the Disney+ application on a device that supports it. Do not log in on any unsupported device because it may show Error 39 and interrupt your streaming. Once this message pops up, quit the Disney+ application on that device, refresh your device by restarting it, and it’ll start working. 

Moreover, you can also change or check if your HDMI cable is correctly plugged in at both ends. 

Disney+ Error 42: Problems in Connecting with your Service

Another commonly occurring error code on Disney+ is Error 42. This may seem very confusing, but we have the answer to the connection right away. 

Error 42 identifies the issue in connecting your device with the Disney+ service. This could be a server issue at Disney or an internet issue at your end. 

If it is a Disney server problem, then the support team at Disney+ is already working to meet the demand of people streaming altogether. This issue usually occurs when usage is at its peak, especially when a new movie drops or a TV show becomes the day’s highlight. Unfortunately, there is an instant fix other than waiting it out. Now this problem won’t last forever; the Disney team has been working on it for some time, so the next time a Marvel movie drops, you might not face this issue, or you may; we never know. 

The second reason this problem may occur is when your internet connection is not stable enough. This happens particularly when trying to stream in 4K, and the device uses more bandwidth. If this is the case, there are a few troubleshooting solutions for the usual connection. 

You can follow the troubleshooting fixes if your wifi is slow, and eventually, your issue will be resolved. 

  • You can run an internet speed test; any speed above 5 Mbps is perfect for streaming. 
  • Try logging out of all the devices and then log in again. 
  • Refresh your modem by cutting out the power supply and then letting it rest for some time before reconnecting. 
  • Consider disconnecting all the devices that hog the bandwidth from your home wifi, such as video game consoles, mobile devices, and iPads. 
  • Clear your browser’s cache or your web history on your devices. 
  • Check for a firmware update by logging in to your wifi router settings.

Disney+ Error 23 and 43: Logging in or Connection Issue

23 and 43

The two error codes that are indeed a pain for us are Error 23 and 43. In case these show up, you have connection and log-in issues. 

Firstly start by checking your internet connection. If there are no troubleshooting problems and your wifi is working smoothly, try signing out of the Disney+ application and logging in. If this doesn’t work as well, check your billing details. Your subscription charges may not have been deducted. Any of these solutions will fix your problems quite quickly. 

Disney+ Error 41: Overload of the traffic issue 


This usually occurs when the account is logged in from multiple devices, and everyone watches simultaneously. In such cases, you can either ask your friends and family to stop for some time or wait for the device to log out so you can resume binge-watching. 

Disney+ Error 73: Location Availability Issue


Some subscribers have been facing the location availability issue and how they cannot stream in the areas where the application is already available. Firstly, remember that it could be a content availability issue, as content differs in multiple regions. In such cases, if you are receiving the Error 73 issue, the first step would be resetting your internet connection by restarting your modem. But if you are using your phone, you can turn your airplane mode on and off again on your mobile device. If this doesn’t work out, run through the steps below to diagnose your location availability issue. 

  • Check if the content title is available in your region by searching the title on Disney+.
  • Reset your internet device or mobile network connection by turning it off. Wait for approximately 30 to 60 seconds before you reconnect. 
  • Using the IP address lookup tool, you can check where you are currently browsing. 
  • If a VPN runs in the background, close the application, restart it, or change the location to resume streaming. 

Disney+ Error 83: Device Compatibility Issue


One of the most significant issues besetting subscribers is Error 83. If you see this message, your device has a compatibility issue. Fundamentally, Disney+ isn’t cooperating with the particular device you are trying to stream on. This might seem very annoying because if your device is incompatible with Disney+, then how did you download the application in the first place? Different factors contribute to this, and we have the perfect solutions so you can resolve your problem. 

The first thing that you need to try is turning off your device and then opening it again. You may be tired of hearing this solution but cutting the power supply really helps with resolving issues. The next step is to check if your device is compatible with the service to be on the safe side. If you have already tried these steps and aren’t working for you, then the next step is to check if your firmware is upgraded. 

This problem doesn’t occur on newer devices but on old devices such as an old iOS or Android OS or devices that aren’t up to date; it may appear. If you attempt to stream on another device such as the Xbox, Playstation, or Smart TV, you will find software update guides on the manufacturer’s website. In some cases, if your Xbox or Playstation Disney+ application asks for an update, select yes so your application stays up to date. You can also keep it on automatic updates, so you do not have to face this issue. 

If nothing works out and you want to stream Disney+, try logging into another device. A device compatibility issue means the app has a problem with a specific device, so switching to any other computer, TV, or gaming console can help resolve it. Here’s a rundown of all the steps to ensure you can quickly get out of Error 83. 

  • Turn off and on your devices to cut and then restart the power cycle. 
  • Check if your device is compatible with Disney+.
  • Update your device’s firmware.
  • Try logging in to a different device.

Error 86: Blocked Content/ Breach of Terms in Service


If Error 86 pops up, it is a Breach of terms in service, or the account holder is watching blocked content. Check if the account holder is over 18 years old to resolve the problem. If you are using a VPN service, try disabling it and then enable it again. You can also reset the location settings and change it to another region where Disney+ works. If neither of these solutions works, then you can contact the support team at Disney+. 

More Error Codes on Disney+ 

  • Error 4: Payment Issue 
  • Error 9: Log-in issue or payment problem
  • Error 11: Content Availability issue
  • Error 13: Device Limit reached
  • Error 22: Restricted Content 
  • Error 25: Internal Error
  • Error 30: Device resignation issue
  • Error 31: Location issue
  • Error 32: Log in or password issue
  • Error 35: Restricted Content 
  • Error 36: Restricted Content 
  • Error 38: Time settings
  • Error 76: Server overload issue
  • Error 87: Log in or password issue

Bottom Line

In cases where Disney plus is down and not working, we have listed all the codes and how each works. If you have any problems occurring above, there is a list of all the possible solutions and how to make Disney+ work again. Disney+ is relatively new, and the support team is working to fix all these issues so some measures at your end and Disney+ end can together fix. 

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