40 Different Versions of Spider-Man, Ranked!

40 Different Versions of Spider-Man, Ranked!

Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, was conceived by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko in 1962 and first appeared in the Marvel universe during the main timeline on Earth-616. Spider-Man has evolved into one of the most widely recognized and beloved heroes of our time during the previous 60 years.

On Earth-616, the character of Spider-Man was so esteemed or wanted that it was assumed by multiple people other than Parker. Meanwhile, Marvel authors and artists began developing different portrayals of the character that can be found in numerous universes due to his famous nature.

These variants differ in terms of age, race, gender, and personality, in addition to heroism and villainy. Some interpretations, however, have been found to be more intriguing, engaging, or impactful than others. We’ve evaluated the 40 best Spiderman pictures alternate versions depending on how interesting and strong they are.

The All-Time Favorite – Spider-Man (Earth-616)

Spider-Man from Earth-616 is the most well-known and famous variation. Thus, I’ve chosen to highlight him first, though all of the characters in this article are ranked in relation to this version of the famed web-slinger.

A high school student named Peter Parker went to a General Techtronic public exposition and was bitten by an irradiated spider. Soon after being bitten, Peter began to exhibit strange symptoms relating to his agility, senses, and reflexes. When he accepted that he possessed superhuman powers such as web-slinging, wall-crawling, spider-sense, and boosted strength, he resolved to use his abilities to serve others. Peter knew that with tremendous power comes great responsibility after his uncle, Ben, was killed, and he was not going to waste his newfound superpowers.

Spider-Man has faced many foes throughout his career of fighting villains and saving others, including Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Lizard, and numerous others. He won the majority of the time, which speaks something about his ability and strength. However, there are 40 different Spidermans variations on the list below, some of which are weaker and some of which are more powerful than Earth-616 Spider-Man. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

40 Versions of Spiderman

1. Cosmic Spider-Man

Cosmic Spider-Man

Cosmic Spider-Man name, in our opinion, is the most powerful form of the character. Peter acquired Enigma Force during his Acts of Vengeance storyline, greatly enhancing his powers. His skills and abilities became so improved, and his might so formidable that he was given the title Captain Universe.

This Spider-Man variant faced numerous formidable foes and defeated them all. The Grey Hulk, for example, could not survive Cosmic Spider-Man’s attack. Cosmic Spider-Man possessed several remarkable talents, including matter manipulation, flight, invulnerability, and superior spider senses than any other Spider-Man incarnation.

2. Spider-Ham


In an alternate reality, every superhero that most fans are aware of is actually an animal, such as Croctor Strange, Doctor Strange’s crocodile counterpart, as well as Whoopie Goldfish, who is just Whoopie Goldberg as a goldfish.

Spider-Ham, like a few of the other Spider-Men, possesses many of Spider-Man’s abilities, including tremendous strength, web-slinging, as well as the ability to attach to walls. His sole drawback is that he is roughly the size of a little pig, which can be an issue when faced with a humanoid enemy from another universe. He’s nearly invincible, thanks to cartoon physics.

3. The Spider

The Spider

In appearance, this Peter Parker looked like Patton Parnel, except he was more vicious. He has significantly more sociopathic tendencies, and as opposed to using his powers for good, he only used them to destroy others.

The Spider is genuinely set apart from the other Spider-Men by his Venom symbiote. It stayed with Venom during his entire career. The Spider’s skills, along with Peter’s demonic rage, placed him on the same level as Carnage.

4. Peni Parker & SP//Dr

Peni Parker & SP//Dr

Peni Parker is a Japanese counterpart of Peter Parker, who is commonly shown in a manga style. In her origin story, she teams up with SP/dr, a radioactive spider who controls a giant mechanical suit.

The SP/dr suit, like numerous other manga robots, is outfitted with essentially any weapon required by the plot, as well as nearly endless defenses. Few Spider-Men would be able to stand against the odds over her.

5. Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider is an Earth-11638 native who originally appeared in Amazing Annual Spider-Man Comic #38. What distinguishes this Spiderman spider from the others is that he created a gadget that enticed Spider-Man of other Earths with the goal of absorbing their skills. This boosted his skills, but during a confrontation with Spider-Man from Earth-616, he was unable to absorb his powers and was instead stuck in hell.

He was able to escape and develop demonic abilities thanks to Dr. Banner’s assistance. Because his soul had been fused with the spirit of vengeance, Ghost Spider possessed the skills of both Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

6. Spider-Hulk


Spider-Hulk is considered to be one of the most formidable incarnations of Spider-Man. This particular version can be seen in the series Immortal Hulk: Great Power. Because Bruce Banner and the Hulk had separated, the Hulk sought out Peter Parker as a potential human host. This practically implied that Peter Parker retained the entirety of his spider powers as well as the Hulk’s strength, which says a lot.

This character is obviously a cross between the Hulk and Spider-Man, while he also struggles with managing his rage. When this Peter Parker becomes enraged, he goes green and loses control.

7. Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099

The Amazing Spider-Man #365 introduced this Spider-Man variant. Miguel O’Hara is his actual name, and he is a scientist who was employed at Alchemax and experimented with genetic techniques. Because he was compelled to carry out experiments on himself in order to try to cure himself, his genetic code was fused with the DNA of the spiders.

O’Hara developed superhuman strength as well as the capacity to leap great distances. He can also move so quickly that he can leave the body decoy after him, baffling his opponents. This Spider-Man can interact with others through telepathy and possesses canine teeth that exude paralyzing venom.

8. Webslinger


This version of Spider-man first debuted in Avatars: Covenant of the Shield #2, in which the protagonists mostly use swords and sorcery. It’s undoubtedly one of the most unique interpretations of Spider-Man within the Marvel Universe.

This Spider-Man name version is unique in that he did not gain his abilities by receiving a bite from a spider in the lab, as most Spider-Man counterparts do. He accepts it as a reward from the Widow of the Web for his obsession with spiders. The only requirement was that he never utilize his powers for personal gain. However, he violated the Widow of the Web’s condition by using his abilities to save his uncle’s life. The Widow of the Web punished him and turned him into a hideous spider-like beast as a result.

9. Spider-Punk


Spider-Punk has only recently gained notoriety, first appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #10 in January 2015. This version of Spider-Man is from Earth-138 and is embroiled in a brutal fight with Norman Osborn, an evil tyrant who rules the United States and exploits the Thunderbolt Department to feed his nefarious goals.

Spider-Punk was a punk-rock music aficionado who murdered Osborn by beating him up using his guitar. He exploited punk’s power to rally the Spider Army and put a halt to corrupt tyranny.

10. Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man, also referred to as Otto Octavius and dubbed Doc Ock, is a different Spider-hero from the Marvel Universe. Following an odd occurrence in which Otto and Peter exchanged brains, Otto became locked in Peter Parker’s body, while Peter’s mind died in Otto’s body. Otto changed his mind after fully understanding his “enemy’s” goals and agreed to keep Peter alive in his body.

Essentially, the Superior Spider-Man combined Peter Parker’s strength with Otto Octavius’s superior intellect. Even if only for a short time, Otto surpassed Peter as perhaps the most powerful as well as intellectual Spider-Man.

11. Spider Doppelganger

Spider Doppelganger

The diabolical Magus, himself a duplicate of Adam Warlock, created the Spider-Doppelganger, which turned out to be the only monster clone that survived the Infinity War. Spider Doppelganger has all of Spider-Man’s skills but looks like a horrific nightmare.

Doppie had an essential role in the mega-event “Maximum Carnage,” where he turned into Cletus Kasady’s odd pet. Doppie’s Toy Biz figurine from 1996 was particularly impressive.

12. Arachknight


Marvel Spider-Man Comics began combining fan-favorite characters in previously unseen hero combinations. After Gamora gained the powers of the Infinity Stones, she attempted to combine many heroes.

In her attempt to integrate all of the cosmos’ souls with the Soul Stone, she accidentally folds the universe in two, mingling all of the souls and creating The Warp World. The Arachknight was created by the union of Spider-Man’s and Moon Knight’s souls.

13. Spider-Cyborg


In a more futuristic but additionally apocalyptic universe, this Peter Parker received not simply his Spider-Man abilities but also cybernetic modifications. His cybernetic upgrades covered most of his body, giving him stronger legs, additional padding, metallic claws, and better vision.

Spider-Cyborg was essentially a mash-up of Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC’s Cyborg. Unfortunately, the villain Karn targeted him because of the danger that he posed.

14. Six-Arm Spider-Man

Six-Arm Spider-Man

Peter Parker ingested a potion intended to boost his abilities, but it instead gave him four more arms, granting him a total of eight limbs resembling a spider.

While his basic abilities remained unchanged, his extra arms significantly boosted his agility as well as strength, making him a vastly more formidable version of himself, just as the potion was meant to do. He defeated Doc Ock and saved Gwen Stacy’s life.

15. Spinneret


In another universe, Mary Jane Watson had to decide to take on the persona of Spider-Man in order to defend her family. Peter Parker had designed a special suit for her that duplicated nearly all of his abilities. When she used it, it depleted Peter’s talents, particularly whenever they were close together.

Her armor subsequently gained Venom’s abilities as well. Spinneret possesses a combination of the power of Spider-Man & Venom when she is at her peak.

16. Spider-Wolf


There’s not much information regarding Spider-Wolf or its likely origins, but what we know is fascinating. He is from a more gothic universe, where werewolves are believed to reside. This universe’s Spider-Man, known as Spider-Wolf, is certainly not an exception.

Spider-Wolf possesses the strength that comes from both Spider-Man plus a werewolf, making him exceedingly powerful. Recognizing this, the villain Karn, a hunter of Spider Totem, embarked on a mission to defeat Spider-Wolf before the Spider Army could enlist him as one of its most formidable allies.

17. Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon)

Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon)

Unlike the rest of the various Spider-heroes on our list, Spider-Girl obtained her abilities from the “Spider Society,” a mystical group that worships “spider deities.” Anya is an additional Spider-hero to make an appearance in the traditional Spiderman Marvel Universe, which is why she developed most of her crime-fighting activity after Peter Parker’s accomplishments.

Anya’s Spider powers were slightly stronger than Peter Parker’s. They also granted her biological webbing like Miles and Skeletal Flexibility like Mr. Fantastic, which enables her to constrict herself in order to withstand severe assaults. Like crab spiders, she can hide in shadows and become invisible to the enemy.

18. Spider-Man: Reign

Spider-Man: Reign

Peter Parker returns from retirement in this four-issue Spider Man comic book limited series set in Earth-70237 to save New York City from a Venom-related conspiracy. The Dark Knight Returns has been compared to Spider-Man: Reign.

Thematically, the two narratives are similar in that they both return senior heroes after their careers have ended. There are numerous references to the post-9/11 society of threat and control.

19. Mac Gargan

Mac Gargan

When Eddie Brock surrendered the symbiote, it got absorbed by Mac Gargan, who became Spider-Man’s most formidable foe. Gargan assumed the guise of Spider-Man for a time after becoming the new Venom.

He was Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers member and the most evil Spider-Man yet. Gargan desecrated the sacred by giving in to his baser cannibalistic cravings, among other heinous deeds, with his insane comrades.

20. Ai Apaec

Ai Apaec

After the initial Dark Avengers squad went down, Norman Osborn attempted again, this time with a South American Spider God transformed into a six-armed rendition of Spider-Man.

Once the Dark Avenger met the Avengers, however, he had no idea what was going to happen to him. Ai Apaec was soon shrunk down to the size of a small spider by the Avengers and squashed by USAgent’s foot.

21. Man-Spider


In the popular Marvel Universe, Man-Spider was the genetically “devolved” version of Spider-Man created by the villain Magneto and eventually controlled by The Mutate’s leader Brainchild. It’s essentially what might have transpired if a radioactive human bit a spider.

Man-Spider’s abilities were expanded upon in the Animated Series, revealing that he not only had all of Peter Parker’s abilities, he was able to spit acid as well as blast webs from each of his limbs without using any of the web shooters. While Man-Spider lacked Peter’s superior human brain, his physical power propelled him to the top of this list.

22. Blood Spider

Blood Spider

Blood Spider was an evil rendition of Spider-Man who worked for the Red Skull and trained under Taskmaster. Blood Spider was last seen attempting to eliminate the symbiote Venom.

It did not, however, work out. Blood Spider teamed up with villainous versions of Captain America and Hawkeye with the names Death Shield and Jagged Bow to carry out crimes and do evil in the 1990s.

23. Spider-Girl (Betty Brant)

Spider-Girl (Betty Brant)

In place of Peter, Daily Bugle employee Betty Brant was infected by a spider that was radioactive during Peter’s field trip, forcing her to adopt the nickname Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl’s abilities were nearly identical to those of the most well-known Peter Parker, and she was even able to use similar tools to that of Spider-Man because she befriended a Peter in a different universe who supported her in refining her web shooters.

Spider-Girl was famous in her Spiderman comics for having a much deeper connection with Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson compared to Peter Parker. It added to the irony of the situation.

24. Spider-Woman (May Parker)

Spider-Woman (May Parker)

In one parallel universe, Peter Parker (who continued to be Spider-Man) along with Mary Jane Watson finally got their long-awaited “happily ever after.” They welcomed a daughter named May Parker, after Peter’s favorite aunt.

May inherited some of her father’s Spider-like abilities and began using the nickname “Spider-Girl,” later changing her identity to “Spider-Woman” when she got older. May’s Spider abilities were slightly inferior to her father’s because her inherited DNA contained a mix of his and Mary Jane’s rather than pure Peter’s. However, Spider-Woman has proven to be a dangerous foe in her domain.

25. Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited

Marvel Animation released their own alternate rendition of Spider-Man in 1999, following their triumph of Batman Beyond. Spidey was transferred to another Earth by Marvel, where he received a new outfit and met Spiderman characters like the High Evolutionary and Bestial forms of some prominent Marvel heroes.

Unfortunately, it failed owing to amateurish animation and a poor interpretation of the characters. Bestial Electro and X-51, on the other hand, were intriguing.

26. Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir depicts a 1930s-era Peter Parker that also possesses Spider-like abilities. Based in the Marvel Noir universe amid the Great Depression, the version of Spider-Man is similar to the Punisher, with a dash of Sherlock Holmes thrown in for good measure.

Spider-Man Noir has a long tradition of combat training and goes out into city streets to solve crimes. When the crimes were solved, he took it upon himself to bring down the offenders. He prefers to employ fire weapons rather than engage in close combat. He is a talented marksman who knows how to handle revolvers as well as Tommy guns.

27. Hobgoblin


In another dimension, when the Green Goblin assassinated Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker reverted to his darker impulses and eliminated the Green Goblin in retribution. He later abandoned his Spider-Man persona in favor of the moniker “Goblin,” emerging a far more frightening enforcer of his reality.

Although being just as formidable as the Peter Parker fans are accustomed to, his mental state has deteriorated. He first hesitated to become part of the Spider-Verse Spider Army, but when he realized his recruiter was Gwen Stacy from another dimension, he agreed.

28. Spider-Cop


Spider-Cop appears in the hero’s most recent PS4 game. Marvel’s Spider-Man chronicles an older Peter while he defends New York City from bad people on a daily basis.

After developing a rapport with investigator Yuri Watanabe, the two rely on each other for information. Still, Peter is unable to do so without mentioning his different concealed identity, Spider-Cop. Whenever he enters Spider-Cop mode, he lowers his voice to disguise himself.

29. Aaron Aikman

Aaron Aikman

Contrary to the majority of Spider-Men, Dr. Aaron Aikman decided to get involved in the spider experiment as opposed to being bitten by a spider by coincidence. In an experiment, he had his DNA combined with that of a spider, but it didn’t pan out as well for him as it did for the other Spider-Men. As a result, Dr. Aikman had to build a mechanical suit in order to utilize his talents fully.

While Aikman is a deadly foe, he lacks the strength of Peter Parker and the other Spider-heroes. Without the unique outfit, his talents are nearly useless.

30. Lady Spider

Lady Spider

May Reilly, Aunt May’s younger sister, was the daughter of an esteemed researcher in the universe from which she belonged. One day, May crept into her father’s lab and got bitten by a spider he kept there. In contrast to the other alternate Spider-Men, the Spider did not provide her with any abilities, but it nevertheless taught her another lesson: don’t let anyone confine you.

Mary went on to design her own mechanically enhanced Lady Spider outfit, complete with many arms on the back. Despite her mech armor, she does not have the physical strength of the other Spider-Men.

31. Spider-Ma’am


Peter Parker forgot his lunch on the occasion when he was supposed to be bitten by the radioactive Spider in another dimension. Aunt May goes to her nephew’s field trip location and gets bitten by the Spider rather than Peter in an effort to get him food.

Aunt May instantly adopted the persona of Spider-Ma’am and headed out into the streets to improve her area. While she has about the same strength as the traditional Peter Parker, her ancient age and feeble body have retained her on the Spider-lower Verse’s power level.

32. Gerry Drew Spider-Man

Gerry Drew Spider-Man

Gerry Drew was developed by MC2 DeFlaco and Frenz as the son of the first Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. Drew became ill with a rare blood-borne disease as a result of prenatal radiation exposure, which also granted him abilities.

He is determined to take advantage of his short time on Earth and persuades his mother to show him how to utilize his skills best. Reed Richards was on the hunt for a cure.

33. Kang’s Spider-Man Robot

Kang's Spider-Man Robot

When the Avengers first met Spider-Man, it wasn’t the actual Peter Parker, but a robot manufactured by Kang that matched Spider-Man’s skills and nearly took out all of the Avengers. The true Peter Parker appeared and defeated the mechanical impostor, saving the Avengers.

In Marvel Team-Up #4 (1996), the Kang Spider-bot appears again as Timespinner, facing Ben Reilly, the Spider-Clone, and the Avengers.

34. Old Man Spider

Old Man Spider

After Peter Parker died in a parallel version of the Marvel Universe, Ezekiel Sims adopted the role of Spider-Man, which he kept for many years until the events of the Spider-Verse. He was roughly 57 years old when he obtained his Spider-Totem powers. His original aims, after becoming powerful, were to amass great wealth.

Old Spider-Man possesses Peter Parker’s abilities; however, like Spider-Ma’am, he is a little tired due to the fact that he is older. Nonetheless, he is among the most battle-ready Spiderman characters in the Spider-Verse.

35. Spider Moon-Man

Spider Moon-Man

This Peter Parker came from a universe where humans had conquered the Moon. He lived in New Lunar York, which was basically a future version of New York City. Among other similarities to the original Spider-Man, he was bitten by a radioactive spider, worked for the Daily Bugle, and was in love with Mary Jane.

Sadly, Spider Moon-Man ended up being one of the first Spider-Men that perished after the Spider-Verse event, being assassinated by the antagonist Morlun prior to finding out about other members of the Spider-Verse; he was never able to test his strength.

36. Renew Your Vows Spider-Man

Renew Your Vows Spider-Man

She was pregnant when Mary Jane was kidnapped, and an unidentified enemy snatched her unborn child. It was never brought up again. On the other hand, Renew Your Vows presents a reality in which Peter and Mary Jane remain married and raise Annie Parker, their lost-in-our-universe daughter.

Peter teaches his wife and their daughter to be as amazing as he is, and together they create a crime-fighting superhero trio.

37. Supaidāman (Takuya Yamashiro)

Supaidāman (Takuya Yamashiro)

Superman made his début in the first Japanese version of Spider-Man after the Toei Company adapted the TV show for Japanese audiences in 1978. Due to budget concerns, the character’s powers were slightly reduced, as well as Takuya Yamashiro was brought in in place of Peter Parker.

Since then, the character has debuted in comic books on Earth-616 and is best known for summoning the Leopardon mech to fight off bigger versions of the show’s monsters. Superman is less competent than previous vigilante incarnations, although the massive robot enhances his power.

38. Spider-Girl (Penelope Parker)

Spider-Girl (Penelope Parker)

Spider-Girl, Spider-Man’s younger counterpart, is one of the Spider-Verse’s most comical Spider-Men. Penelope Parker uncovered her Spider powers during a school field trip when she was only 11 years old, and she, like all of the alternate Spider-Man, went out onto the streets to fight crime. A strong sense of fairness is constantly present.

While she seems to have conventional Spider-Man skills, she, like Peter Parker, lacks the physical force of the other older heroes. Although Penelope Parker will surely grow more powerful as she ages, she is now one of Spider-verse’s lower-tier heroes for this time.

39. “Golden Spongecake” Spider-Man

"Golden Spongecake" Spider-Man

The only difference between this alternate Spider-Man and the ordinary Spider-Man is that he battles his opponents with Hostess spongy and sweet delicacies. He is from a parallel reality where every superhero fights crime entirely with Hostess Snack Cakes.

This Spider-Man was created in a Marvel Spider Man comic book as a crossover advertisement for the Hostess food brand, but he later became a real Spider-Verse member. While his abilities are amusing, relying solely on Snack Cakes to combat crime comes with its limitations. This alternate Spider-Man perished early in the Spider-Verse comic book event due to the constraints he faced.

40. Spider-Monkey


Spider-Monkey is an alternative to Peter Parker, who, as the name suggests, is a monkey who the infamous radioactive Spider bit. He comes from the Marvel Apes universe, where nearly every human being is now some kind of ape.

While Spider-Monkey possesses nearly the same Spider-Man skills as Peter Parker most people are familiar with, his monkey physique has several limits, especially when battling a human enemy in the Spider-Verse. Furthermore, considering he is a monkey, his IQ is slightly lower. Thus, he is not as skilled at battle tactics as his human contemporaries.

Closing Words

Because Spider-Man from Earth-616 is the most well-known, many people instantly recall him whenever this superhero is discussed. However, there are innumerable Spider-Men swinging and crawling through limitless Earth and different worlds. We hope that you have enjoyed our list of 40 Versions Of Spider-Man. Stay connected to Reviewsed for more movie-related content.

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