Where to watch 'Free Guy' starring Ryan Reynolds

Where to Watch ‘Free Guy’ Starring Ryan Reynolds

You can now watch Free Guy in the comfort of your home through several different streaming services. All Disney Plus and HBO Max users now have access to the irresistible action flick. However, if you aren’t subscribed to Disney Plus or HBO Max, you can also buy the movie for as low as $20 or rent it on Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, and Microsoft Movies for just $4.

Free Guy is directed by Shawn Levy; it features Reynolds playing the lead – an NPC or a non-player character with an underwhelming title of a guy in an open-world video game. Guy wants to change his fate and become the game’s hero after he is self-aware that he is simply an NPC and has to achieve his goal before the developers kill the game. ”Guy” is assisted by the mysterious Molotov Girl, played by Jodie Comer. The duo must also save their virtual world before the main villain, a corrupt developer, wipes the game out of existence.

 The movie has a star-studded cast, including Lil Rel Howery and Taika Waititi. Free Guy is a delightful combination of science fiction and some crazy comedy that will appeal to people of different ages, especially those who love games. There is an added appeal for all the fans of gaming streams and let’s play with the multiple cameos from much-loved video game streamers, including Jacksepticeye, Pokimane, and Ninja.

Deadline reported that “Free Guy” made well over $300 million worldwide within its first weeks of theatrical release. “Free Guy” also received glowing reviews from critics, and it currently has an “80% Certified Fresh” Free Guy rating on Rotten Tomatoes and over 7 rating on IMDb.

Best Online Platforms for Streaming’ Free Guy’

Where to watch 'Free Guy' starring Ryan Reynolds

Wondering where can I watch Free Guy? The top three online platforms for streaming “Free Guy” are Disney Plus, HBO Max, and VOD retailers. The best thing is that you do not have to pay any extra fees to stream “Free Guy” on Disney Plus and HBO Max.

If you’re new to Disney Plus, you would have to purchase its subscription, which costs $8 per month, and you will get ad-free access to the entire library of on-demand content, including “Free Guy.” You can enjoy Free Guy Disney in up to 4K Ultra HD video quality with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound, only if your TV and audio system supports those formats.

HBO Max’s ad-supported streaming subscription starts at $10 per month, whereas the ad-free streaming subscription costs $15 per month. Unfortunately, Free Guy HBO Max is only available in HD video quality and regular surround sound. 

Besides Disney Plus and HBO Max, you can rent or buy Ryan Reynolds Free Guy in 4K Ultra HD quality with HDR (on compatible devices). It costs $4 to rent the movie, or you can buy it for about $20 from VOD services, including Apple TV, Microsoft Movies, Vudu, and Prime Video.

Purchasing “Free Man” will give you the freedom to stream the movie whenever you want and as many times as you wish to watch without any restrictions. If you choose to rent the film, you would have 30 days to begin watching a rental, and once you press play, you would have to finish streaming the movie within 48 hours. 

Free Guy is unfortunately not available on Netflix. We hope and pray that Free Guy Netflix streaming is made available soon.

When did Free Guy hit movie theaters?

Free Guy hit movie theaters on August 13, 2021, in the United States for exclusive screening – a year after its original release date. The movie was initially scheduled to premiere on July 3, 2020, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Free Guy offers an enjoyable theatrical experience, it is ideal for streaming on platforms like Disney Plus and HBO Max. You can easily pause, rewind, and rewatch all of Free Guy’s best scenes as many times as they want on streaming services. 

Other Ryan Reynolds Comedies You Can Enjoy

Other Ryan Reynolds Comedies You Can Enjoy

If you are an avid fan of Ryan Reynolds like us and have already watched Free Guy, then there are a number of other Ryan Reynolds greatest movies that you can also stream or rent online. Whether Ryan Reynolds fans are in the mood for some romance or action or just some Deadpool craziness, here are five suggestions of Ryan Reynolds films you should watch next:

6 Underground: From director Michael Bay, 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds is a thrilling action flick of a rather introverted billionaire who assembles a team of 6 exceptional individuals to take down a cruel dictator after faking his own death. In true Michael Bay action movie fashion, this one also has tons of cool gadgets, massive satisfying explosions, and a car chase that goes on for too long.  

Pokémon Detective Pikachu: Packed with lots of Pikachu cuteness, Ryan Reynolds voiced Detective Pikachu – an elite self-proclaimed “great detective” in a deerstalker hat and a severe attitude to match. 

The film also stars Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, the son of Detective Pikachu’s previous partner and an insurance agent. The unlikely pairing teams up to figure out mysterious occurrences around their city as they reveal a secret conspiracy that also involves Tim’s father.

Definitely, Maybe: A charming 2008 rom-com starring Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes, a 30-something father going through a divorce, is questioned by his curious ten-year-old daughter, Maya, about how her parents met and his life before marriage. Will recounts his life and all the highs and lows, laughs, and heartbreaks. An authentic and hopeful story about love and loss with laughter along the way.

The Proposal: A beloved 2009 rom-com featuring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. If this good-looking duo is not reason enough for you to watch this movie, then the hilarious plot surely will. Bullock plays an ambitious yet pushy New York editor on the verge of deportation. 

To save her US visa status, she gets her assistant Andrew Paxton, played by Reynolds, to pretend that they are happily engaged to be married. This is one of the best Reynolds romantic comedies with genuine humor and charm. The story has multiple laugh-out-loud moments as the lead characters get to know each other and find out that there is more to them than meets the eye.

Deadpool: Deadpool and its sequel Deadpool 2 are hands-down the most successful movies of Ryan Reynolds’ career. Deadpool – played by Ryan Reynolds – is a fictional character in a famous Marvel Comic. Deadpool offers the perfect balance between superhero, love, and action-adventure. It is a heartfelt, raunchy, hilarious, and exciting movie. Deadpool grossed $783.1 million at the worldwide box office.

Closing Words

Wondering where to watch Free Guy movie? Don’t worry! If you have a paid subscription to Disney Plus and HBO Max, you can watch Free Guy without paying any extra fees. Watch Free Guy online free as many times as you want on Disney+ and HBO Max with your friends and family.

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