Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition Brings Back Memories of the Moto X

One of the most creative endeavors seen in phone history was by Motorolla, who released the Moto X, which allowed users to customize their smartphone. The users had the option to choose individual colors and premium materials, like wood and leather, for the rear of the phone and even get their names engraved on the phone. These were all the external changes. However, there were some internal changes that customers could make, such as requesting there to be a personalized message when they booted the phone. 

In 2022, if phone users want such a level of customizability, they have to look no further than the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition, which offers their customers customizability that is on par with the Moto X. Even though the options aren’t as varied as the one Motorolla offered, they are in line with Samsung’s sustainable business model.

The Bespoke Edition is not functionally any different from the standard version, and it does not cost you anything additional either, which is a step up from the Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition that charged customers $100 extra for the custom flair of choosing colors. For their upgraded model, Samsung ditched the additional charge and added more colors to choose from. Now, there are 75 different colors in total, combining the 49 colors available with the Flip 3 Bespoke Edition. 

The Samsung Z Flip series is not the only product that Samsung offers a Bespoke version of. Customers can purchase household appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and more in Bespoke Edition. Even the Galaxy Watch 5 is available in a Bespoke Edition. These variants allow the brand to draw in more customers, who may be attracted by the option to customize their own devices.

The Bespoke Editions have seen a massive upgrade from the first to the second generation and fans hope to see another leap in quality and options with the following year’s models and Samsung possibly offering additional materials. Like with the Moto X, Samsung may add wood, leather, or fabric as a possible backplate option. 

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