Samsung Galaxy Watch will now support faster charging

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch will now support faster charging

Even though the major details of the new generation of Samsung’s Smartwatches have not been released, the recent FCC filings hint at certain upgrades that the public has been waiting for. This update is the fast charging.

As the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 draws near, the FCC filings reveal that there will be three models. 9to5Google found that the models are dubbed SM-R900, SM-R910, and SM-R20. Furthermore, other basic connectivity specifications have been confirmed, such as contactless payments, 5Ghz Wifi, and Bluetooth 2.4.

The biggest upgrade, and the one that will attract the most, is the fast charging speed. These new watches can charge at 10W, which is a massive upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 4, which was only able to support 5W.

The slow charging speed and battery life were the biggest disappointment when it came to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Even though it boasted 40-hour battery life, in real life, they were unable to last even a full day. The bells, whistles, and always-on displays depleted the battery faster than the customers anticipated. Furthermore, the battery life got worse with Google Assistant.

With fast charging, if Samsung fails to fix the battery-sucking features, the users can still recharge their watches without missing out on too much. Another reason why Samsung may be taking steps for a better battery is to catch up with sleep tracking.

Sleep tracking is a popular feature, but with Samsung Galaxy Watch’s battery life, it is difficult for the watch to stay charged till the morning to track your sleep. Samsung has also been expanding its sleep tracking features, and to put those to use, a better battery is needed.

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