Nothing phone (1)

The new Nothing phone (1) may have faster charging than most Samsung phones

The Nothing brand by Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, has not leaked a lot when it comes to its new smartphone. Due to this, many people have been trying to figure out the specs and build of the new phone. Although the Nothing phone (1) will be launching next month, there is not a lot of information on the phone and its specs. 

However, recently released information may have accidentally unveiled the supported charging speeds on this new phone. A TUV certification for Nothing branded charging devices revealed that there will be three different models, which are most likely region variants. These devices will support an output of 45W. 

The charger may also support PPS. Therefore, it will be able to charge other phones as well, including Samsung phones. 

The certification that revealed this information also suggests that the new Nothing phone (1) will support 45W charging at the least. Therefore, there is room for improvement. These specs are not the best in the market, as OnePlus supports 65W charging. However, it is still pretty impressive as many other phones from larger companies like Samsung only support 25W charging. 

Since the Nothing phone (1) will be the first-ever smartphone from the brand, later on, charging speeds could increase. It is also possible that the Nothing phone (1) may be capable of supporting higher charging speeds but have a slow charger in the box. This is not entirely impossible.

The Nothing phone (1) is expected to be a mid-range phone, so 45W is good at that price point. The battery capacity is still a mystery, so no one can predict how well the battery and charging will be until Nothing releases more information.

Of the information available, the Nothing phone will have a Qualcomm chipset, which is most likely the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, or an equivalent sub-flagship chip. Furthermore, the phone will support wireless charging and have a transparent design. However, very soon, at the July 12th event, everything will be revealed. 

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