Samsung’s New Mini 32 Inch Monitor

Samsung’s New Mini 32 Inch Monitor Goes On Sale

Samsung has finally launched its latest high-end monitor. This new gaming monitor, Odyssey Neo G8,  is curved and measures 32 inches. It will be available for pre-order for $1500. Additionally, it will be available to purchase in stores on June 6th, which is when the pre-orders will be shipped as well. 

After the reveal back in January, the Odyssey Neo G8 has generated a lot of hype due to its insane specifications. It has a 240Hz refresh rate, making it one of the fastest refresh rates in a 4K monitor. It is possible that it might be the fastest ever. 

Furthermore, this monitor claims to have a peak brightness of 2000 nits, making it ideal for gaming. The Odyssey Neo G8 will also have support for Adaptive Sync. Thus, you will be able to change the refresh rates whether you have Nvidia or AMD GPUs. This monitor also has a curvature of 1000R.

Similar to the Odyssey Neo G9, released last year, the G8 is a Mini LED monitor, meaning it uses more than a thousand LEDs for the display backlight. You can selectively turn on and off backlights so that the monitor has better contrast. The Odyssey Neo G8 has 1196 local dimming zones spread across the display. 

It is unclear how the new monitor will perform compared to the previous model, but fans hope that the new monitor can display HDR and 240Hz content better than the previous models. Furthermore, having a curved screen on a regular 16:9 display is not common, so the fans are eagerly awaiting to see how it performs. 

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