Amazon Ends the Cloud Camera and Offers a Blink Mini in Exchange

Amazon Ends the Cloud Camera and Offers a Blink Mini in Exchange

The Cloud Cam will be in operation till December 2nd, and the owners can use their cameras and download videos off of it till then. After December 2nd, all the recordings captured by the camera will be deleted, and the hardware will not function. 

Owners who have the Cloud Cam Key Edition will also be unable to connect to their smart locks. As a replacement, they can opt to get a free fourth-generation Echo that can be used to replace that particular feature. 

Amazon reasons that Alexa home devices are in the rage, and the users continue to grow. Therefore, they want to spend their resources and efforts on Blink, Ring, and other tech that will help simplify their user’s life. Due to this, they have decided to discontinue the Cloud Cam and all its companion apps. 

As a replacement, Amazon is offering its Cloud Cam users a free Blink Mini. All the current Cloud Cam owners will be emailed instructions to redeem their Blink Mini. Those who own the Key Edition will be offered the Echo. This email is expected to be sent out before December 2nd.

The Blink Mini being offered will come with a one-year subscription to Blink Subscription Plus. This subscription usually costs around $10 per month and allows access to many Blink features. Without a Plus or Basic subscription, you cannot use any of the features of the Blink Mini. Therefore it is a necessity. Some of the features you get access to include rapid access video and motion-activated recording. 

The Cloud Cam also had a set of features that were only available for those who paid a subscription fee. However, there were many free options as well. Due to this, Amazon has decided to offer the subscription to its current Cloud Cam owners.

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