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HP Pavilion x360 14 Arrives This Summer at an Affordable Price

The Pavilion has always been HP’s budget laptop, and a newer version, in the form of the Pavilion x360 14, will be available with 5G capabilities and will cost $599. HP has also added another laptop to the lineup, the Pavilion Plus. This laptop is a higher-end model and the thinnest Pavilion model that HP has ever released. It is 0.65 inches thick and will cost $799.

The Pavilion x360 14 will now have optional 5G support, provided via Intel’s 5G Solution 5000. The price of the 5G model has not yet been unveiled. However, getting the Pavilion x360 14 with 5G is one of the most affordable ways that you can get 5G on a laptop, as other laptops offering 5G cost upwards of $1000.

Among other perks, the HP Pavilion x360 14 will be HP’s first consumer laptop to have a manual camera shutter. Having this feature in a budget laptop is unheard of.

The Pavilion range has also received an update in the processor department. The new line will include Intel’s 12th Gen Intel Core U-series processors. Furthermore, the Pavilion Plus will also include a 5MP camera with an AI-based noise reduction and presence detection technology. With this feature, the laptop can detect whether or not you are in front of it. This feature is incredibly useful as you can set the laptop to automatically lock if you are not in front of it or if you walk away.

The HP Pavilion, by far, has been the most affordable way that you could access laptop-based LTE. However, those models were moderately slow and could not do much more than basic tasks. Thus, HP fans are excited to see whether the switch to 5G and better processors this summer will make the HP Pavilion line better than its predecessors.

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