The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is Finally Coming

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered is Finally Coming

The release date of the exclusive PS5 game, The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, has been revealed in a leaked video. It is set for January 19, 2024. Interestingly, the game leaked many times. Insider Gaming corroborated what a data miner had first discovered. After the game’s listing was spotted online, the excitement built up until developer Naughty Dog made an official announcement about the remake.

Fans have been keeping a tight eye on the PS5 release; last month, rumors regarding The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered surfaced as a result of hints discovered in an artist’s LinkedIn profile. The Last of Us Part 2 is no longer a closely guarded secret in the gaming world, and fans have a firm release date to look forward to.

A social media promo for The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered by Naughty Dog revealed the game’s January 19, 2024 release date. Beyond improved graphics, this PS5 exclusive adds a number of additional features. A new game mode, an abundance of behind-the-scenes content, faster loading times, full DualSense controller integration, and 4K gaming in Fidelity Mode are all included in the remastered version.

The Last of Us Remastered will feature a unique rogue-like survival mode called “No Return.” Unlockable characters—some of whom have never been playable in a prior The Last of Us game—are part of this creative gameplay concept. In addition, the remastered version will feature unreleased stages that were never finished, giving players the chance to experience early versions of these stages.

Given the history of many re-releases for the franchise, the remastering of The Last of Us Part 2 was not surprising even before the leaks. The Last of Us Part 1 has greatly improved as a result of Naughty Dog’s recent extensive remake of the original game.

There’s a growing belief among some that The Last of Us Part 2’s remaster could represent a turning moment for a sizable chunk of the fan base, following multiple iterations centered around just two games over the previous ten years. Discussions concerning the need for a remake of The Last of Us were already in progress, and some would view the remastering of a game that is three years old as nothing more than a cheapskate tactic. 

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