Pathless Goes From PS5 To Switch and Xbox

Pathless Goes From PS5 To Switch and Xbox

The Pathless was a PlayStation game that was first due to be released in 2019. Still, due to delays, it became a part of the handful of titles available for PS5 owners when the console launched in November 2020. To expand the game’s player base, it was announced that it would also be released on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles in late 2022. These plans were pushed back by developer Giant Squid in December 2022 with the promise that the new date would be decided very soon.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive confirmed in a short trailer regarding The Pathless that the game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series X/S on February 2, 2023. The game will also receive a physical edition through iam8bit, but not much has been revealed regarding it. Fans can expect more information in the coming weeks. 

There is already a physical version of The Pathless available for the PS5 version, so another physical edition does not come as a surprise. However, it is still unclear whether the Series X/S will receive a physical edition. As The Pathless was one of PS5’s launch titles, it received many positive reviews from players. It is a quick game and can be completed relatively quickly. 

Players like that the flowing combat and exploration were well integrated and that the design of the puzzles within the game was quite intriguing. The game’s protagonist is known as the hunter and is an exceptional archer. He can pull off fast and fluid trick shots that allow him to easily take down epic bosses. The players also have an eagle companion that assists them in combat. It also helps you explore various environments.

One of the reasons why the game was loved by so many was because of the voice acting done by Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. Both of them played a huge part in The Last of Us games. In The Pathless, Bailey plays the protagonist, and Baker’s voice is used for the Godslayer, the game’s main antagonist. The game’s soundtrack was also a huge hit and even won awards. 

The Pathless is not the first PlayStation 5 title that is being released on competing platforms. Other indie titles such as Arkane Studios’ Death Loop, Maquette, and Solar Ash have also been released for Nintendo and other consoles.

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