Life is Strange 2 is Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch

Life is Strange 2 is Finally Coming to Nintendo Switch

During the last generation, the biggest new IP that achieved breakout success was Don’t Nod Entertainment, and Square Enix’s Life is Strange. This game was an episodic narrative adventure series that took the gaming world by storm. Last year, Square Enix released the original Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm to Nintendo Switch. It did so through the Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection. Life is Strange: True Colors was also released as a Nintendo Switch game after these games.

The latest addition to these releases is Life is Strange 2, which fans eagerly awaited. The game Life is Strange 2 was first teased back in 2018 through the release of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This revealed the characters and settings for the game even before it was announced officially. Life is Strange 2 occurs in the same universe as the original, but the players are introduced to two new characters. 

Sean and Daniel are the characters that the players have to focus on. Their story revolves around their father’s murder during an instance of police brutality and how the two characters have to escape to keep themselves safe. A lot of the gameplay in the game focuses on moral choices that you, as the player, have to make.

Additionally, these moral choices influence Sean’s ability to protect Daniel, his younger brother. There is also a hint of magic to the game as Daniel has telekinesis powers that he is trying to control. This game has been confirmed for a Nintendo Switch release on February 2nd, 2023. However, it will be a digital release, meaning fans will most likely not see a physical release of this game. 

Life is Strange 2 is often viewed separately from the rest of the series due to the aspect of brotherhood that is the game’s main focus. It also discusses racial discrimination and the politics of Northern America, making it an emotionally powerful game. To date, Life is Strange 2 is the longest entry in the series, as it takes around 16 to 18 hours to bear. 

This game is also a major technical leap from its predecessors. Still, due to the limitations of the Nintendo Switch, players will likely see a graphical downgrade. It will most likely be in line with True Colours’ Nintendo Switch version.

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