A Bigger Display May Be on the Horizon for the Galaxy Z Flip

The latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 was recently launched with a 1.9-inch external AMOLED screen that is used to display widgets and selfies. Although it was a great screen, it offered no significant changes over the one used in the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The two phones were very similar, which is why a new display will be met with much excitement from customers. 

The CEO of the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Ross Young, tweeted out saying that he posted to his Super Followers details regarding some upgrades that they could expect with the launch of Galaxy Z Flip 5. This tweet stated that the upgrades would include a larger cover display over 3 inches larger than its predecessors. 

The external display started out relatively small, but with each release of the Z Flip, Samsung has increased the size slowly. The first ever external display was only a 1.1-inch display, but now, it has increased to 1.9-inch on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The new display is expected to be a considerable upgrade over its predecessor. It will also provide increased functionality when the phone is closed. As Samsung kept the display size the same for the last two models, the new display will be a welcome change.

If Young’s predictions are correct, the panel will have a huge increase in size, meaning it could be 3 inches larger. This will most likely increase the functionality of the device. Although Young predicted the same for the Motorola Razr, it did not end up happening, so this upgrade is still up in the air.

Along with the external display, Young also hints at an upgraded hinge mechanism. According to him, the hinge mechanism will now be much less visible, making the screen look better than ever. Additionally, the improvement of the hinge design will also help make the phones slimmer and more durable. 

Although these changes are pretty exciting, there is no confirmation of any of these changes. No renders have been leaked, which means that customers will have to wait for leaks or for an official announcement from Samsung itself.

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