The Galaxy S23 Ultra Has Insane 200MP Cameras

The Galaxy S23 Ultra Has Insane 200MP Cameras

There is only a week until Samsung hosts its massive Galaxy S23 launch and reveals the official design and features of its brand-new S23 series. However, before the company can reveal the phone, many leaks have emerged that show precisely what new features the series will bring. The latest leak comes in the form of hands-on photos and videos that show off the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its impressive 200MP camera sensor. 

These photos and videos were revealed in a series of tweets from a retail store in Nicaragua that already has the Galaxy S23 Ultra in stock. Seemingly an employee has been posting images and videos of the retail boxes that show off the colorway, design, and more. The videos posted by the employee also show off the zoom capabilities and some of the camera specs. 

The camera viewfinder also shows off the S23 Ultra’s massive 200MP resolution. This revelation means that Samsung will likely unveil its ISOCELL HP2 sensor. Alongside the impressive sensors, the phone will also be able to record 8K video at 30fps. This feature has been highlighted as the main attraction of the sensor by Samsung.

Another thread showed off the colors of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which have been revealed numerous times in the past. However, seeing the retail boxes further confirms the seemingly soft color scheme that Samsung took for their new series. 

Posting videos and images of this unreleased device on the store’s Instagram account was risky. Still, given that the launch is not too far away, the boldness is not too surprising. There have been so many leaks in the past that almost none of the information released by the store is brand new. It simply confirms what previous leaks and experts have speculated.

Although almost everything has been revealed, to see proper explanations and all of the phone’s new capabilities, you will have to tune in on February 1st.

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